Monday, January 30, 2012

My January Challenge...

Can we go a month not EATING out?

Can we go a month not buying Lulu Lemon, Lucy, honey any extras?

No, but really have you checked out Lucy Perfect Core Pant here?  They are amazing!  Honestly they are the best pants ever...they hold you in right where I want and need to be held in.  I have had the black for a while and got the heather gray a few months ago...I live in them!

Ok...see that's my problem!  I love something and I keep getting more!  When will it stop?

We don't live high on the hog, at all!  But we do spend money.  Does that make sense?  We don't go on vacations and if we do it's cheap, like we use miles for our flights, stay at a friends place or something like that to save money.  We don't buy cars we can't afford or big ticket items (well, except for when I decide I need a bike for tri's, but that's for should be a tax-write off.  Don't ya think?).  But we always seem to go through our monthly cash.

Loren is the cheap-skate, the clearance rack purchaser and would never dream about shopping at Nordstroms.  He isn't a saver, but isn't someone to ever pay full price.  I am not a HUGE spender, but for sure justify way more than I should and spend more than I should on clothes, boots, shoes, boots...ok, so you see the problem?  I'm glad we aren't both spenders, but it would helpful if one of us was a saver!

Before I was married I kept great track of my money.  Wrote my bills out on the first of the month and then used whatever I had left over, which was not much.  Getting married changed all that due to two people using the same account.  It was hard to predict and track what we were spending.  I used to use MONEY software which I LOVED.  It tracked everything and it told me when a bill was due, if I overspent and much more. I loved the end of the month/year reports.  Oh it was ORGANIZED and pretty.  It was very time consuming and when we had kids...I could not keep up.

The problem is, if we have money we spend it, we eat out, go to movies, I might purchase a lulu top which blows anyone's account and so on!  Oh and have I mentioned, I'm not a cook...I never know what to make for dinner or if I do, we never seem to have what I need in the house.  Which made picking up dinner on the way home so justifiable!  It all adds up and quickly... grab teriyaki to-go, stop for pizza, grab food when we are running errands, grab lunch with a get the idea. My kids started asking to go out-to-eat all the time...that bothered me and it was time to re-evaluate.

January is usually a slower month for Real Estate so I told Loren...lets see if we can go a month without eating out and without buying extra' stuff we don't need.  **Note to SELF...don't pose a challenge like this and then in the same month decide you are going to do triathlons.  You will be frustrated that you can't buy many things that you NEED want.

To others this might seem like a breeze, but to us...this would for sure be a challenge. I wasn't entirely sure we could do it, but I wanted to do it.  I knew if we would be better than nothing.  This also meant I would really have to think about preparing dinners ahead of time (THANK YOU PINTEREST & KRAFT FOODS!)  A few days after we agreed to do this, I got invited to dinner with friends?  Ahhhh, how can I miss out?  Well I decided to pass on dinner, but felt like next month we would have to address these type of situation...but I really wanted to stick to our plan.

I know...your on the edge of your seat, aren't you!  The anticipation...DID WE DO IT, DID WE DO IT!

Well I have to say, we KNOCKED it out of the park.  There were a few things we couldn't control, like our  trip to Vegas for hubby's company meeting, lunch when my mom was in town and a ice cream after Cole's school program.  Other than that, we shocked ourselves and honestly it wasn't that hard.  I didn't even think how much healthier it would be fore us too.  Eating out typically is not ever going to be as healthy...all the fat and sodium.  That was a bonus, I'm pretty sure I dropped 20 pounds...ok, no, no I didn't...but it was still much healthier, I do know that.

I didn't buy any new clothes, oh shoot...I did buy 2-boat neck t-shirts in Vegas...but that was pure necessity and we were on vacation, but that WAS IT!  No Lulu, no Lucy, no running tights, shoes or socks!

It really made me think about things way more than I typically would.  It opened my eyes to how much money we waste.  How much money we could be saving just by being more conscious about what we are spending.  Isn't that a concept?   

I think we are going to keep doing it, but give ourselves a budget for dinner out with friends, date night, special occasions.  I think we will really limit when we eat-out as a family.  Maybe pizza night once a week on the weekend or something.

All-in-all this has been a great challenge for our family!  I'm proud of what we did and wish we had thought about this earlier.  We are committed to paying of our credit card debt this year and this will sure help us if we can stay focused!  Sometimes just being more conscious about something can make a HUGE difference.

Do you eat out?  
Are you more of a saver or a spender?
Do you pre-plan your meals?  
Do you even cook?

Oh how I wish money really did grow on TREES!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

11-Random Things... friend at Racing with Babes tagged me for the FAMOUS-Random- 11-things!  You've been waiting for me to play, right?  Right!  Ok, first things first...RULES

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

My RANDOM-11-things:

1.  When I was little, maybe 4 or 5 I was skiing with my dad and we were on the chair lift and I almost fell off, like hanging off.  My little hands held on while my body and ski's dangled from the lift.  My dad was desperately trying to pull me up!  Very scary!  That was my last time skiing until the year 1999.  I haven't done much since's really not my thing.  As you can see...I live life on the EDGE!

2.  I met my husband in 1995, while we were in high school.  We went to separate high schools and he was 2 years ahead of me.  I worked at an espresso cart and he worked in the store where the cart was kept at night.  He would help me push the cart in at night!  Seems like a different life...all those years ago!  

3.  I'm left handed

4.  I laugh at really, I think I'm funny sometimes!

5.  I think I have pretty feet.

6.  I grew up with my dad and brother until I was 8 years old when my dad got remarried.

7.  I knew what day my boys were going to be born.  Well I wrote down a day that I thought they would be born on...months before they were due and BOTH of them were born on the actual dates I had written down.  (pretty sure I could be a payed psychic?)

8.  I used to work for AFLAC and I am still licensed to sell insurance in the State of Washington!  Lucky me...I know...AFLAC! (can you hear the duck right now?)

9.  When I was little I loved to clean my room for FUN and set-up real life scenes with my cabbage patch dolls...sitting at a desk writing, playing with a  stuffed animal...yah, I was very creative!  I wish cleaning was still as fun!

10.  I bought my first house at 19.

11.  I love, love Vacation!  Probably because I'm LAZY and lazy and vacation go very well together!

Racing with Babes questions:

1. Birthdays. Love them or hate them. Why?

LOVE them!  Always LOVE them!  It's a great day to feel loved on and the only day I can say I want to have some ME time and it's totally acceptable and assumed!

2. Get your purse/gym bag: What are the first five things you pull out?
Purse... chap-stick, gum, brush, wallet, phone.
Gym bag...ipod, heart-rate monitor/garmin, water bottle, phone, book

3. What is the one meal you can make better than anyone else?

That's a toss-up!  Beef Stroganoff and Meat Loaf.  SUPER easy and SUPER yummy!

4. You get one wish. No restrictions. What is it?

That my kids would never be hurt or harmed!  Always safe and protected! 
Never having to worry about money would be very nice too!

5. Cake or Pie?
Pie...of course

6. What's your secret talent?

I can move my ears!  Can you?

7. Early bird or night owl?

Night owl

8. Biggest pet peeve?

People who play mind games and are dishonest!  Honesty is significant!

9. What's your favorite weird food combination? (i.e. ice cream and pickles)
When I was a kid the only way I would eat rice is with ketchup!  I love baked potatoes with ranch dressing! 

10. Which would you choose? No social media for a year or no working out for a month? Why?  
No working out for a month!  I could give-up facebook and twitter and have for the last few months.  But I couldn't give up email, reading blogs for an entire year.  A month, yes...a year...that's too long.

11. What are you sending me for my birthday?

A subscription to Triathlete!  If you want it?

My Questions:
1. Sugar or Salt?
2. How did you meet your significant other?
3. If you could LIVE any where, where would it be?
4. Whats your guilty pleasure? Something you enjoy doing in your free time.
5. Would you rather be a singer, actor or dancer? 
6. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
7. Beach or Snow?
8. What would be your dream job?
9. A life lesson that has helped you?
10. What would you do with a million dollars?
11. Best childhood memory?

Because so many people have been tagged...this is a OPEN to all!  You could also just answer my questions in a post!  Would love to read what you write.  Let me know!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can I be an IRONMAN? No, REALLY?

Do I have to be a good marathoner to even think about doing an IRONMAN?

Is it crazy to think I need to be a good, fast runner to even go after an IRONMAN?  Many triathletes seem to have come from running.  And it seems that they are great runners with great times and they have ran numerous marathons.  And...those are not my stats.  I have only run 1 marathon...and it didn't go GREAT, but I did it.

Is that enough?

Who knows if I will really ever get to a FULL IRONMAN?  It's would be pretty amazing to achieve a FULL.  But I know I can do a half IRONMAN, with training.  I really want to make it happen and do as well as possible.  I feel like if I'm training for the other sports I will become a better runner as well...which will help.  Maybe I should run another marathon?  Maybe more halfs?  What do you think?

If you read a blog long's amazing to see the transformation of the bloggers, friends around us!  You get to know their story which is awesome as you see it unfold daily.  Seeing where people have come from, where they are now and where they are going is so inspiring and encouraging.  Some have progressively gotten faster the more marathons they have ran and are now training for an IRONMAN, others did average in a marathon but were really strong swimmers or bikers and got better with each sport as they trained for their IRONMAN and then there are the elites that are just insanely all things!

Having ran numerous half marathons, 1 marathon and 1 sprint triathlon...not sure where I fall in there...well probably none.  You are probably thinking to yourself... why is this crazy lady wanting to do an IRONMAN if she has only run 1 marathon?  The only thing I can say is...I think it would be a pretty AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT/ACHIEVEMENT and WHY NOT, WHY CAN'T I?  I have thought about running another marathon but then decided I would rather focus on a triathlon!  Maybe an IRONMAN is too much?  Maybe I won't ever do it?  Maybe I will do a half and way can I do a full IRONMAN?  Or maybe I will do a half and be driven to do a full?  Who knows?

I have no idea what the future holds or how I will feel once I train and complete my triathlons this summer.  I'm not even going to guess.  I'm assuming I will love it...more so at the finish line.  I will train for what I can and push myself and enjoy the journey.  I might only make it to a half?  I might make it to a full!

Either feels awesome to be moving towards something I have wanted to do for a long time.  When the impossible becomes possible...the victory is sure to be sweet!

Something that keeps coming to my mind as I read peoples journey to an IRONMAN is that everyone who has done an IRONMAN...they had to start some where!  They started and went after a goal...a dream!  All I can do is try, set a goal and go after it...I can't worry about what I might not be able to do...or all the details that get in our way that try and stop us...

All I can do is start!

To Be continued...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

All of these pictures my mom took while she was here watching the boys, while we were in Vegas!  They had a blast playing in the snow, missing school and enjoying having Noni all to themselves!

Donut maker from Christmas works great!  These were YUMMY!

Bath time was fun...not off to bed!

I love my little buddies!  As they get older life gets a little easier (in some ways)...
  They make me laugh by saying the funniest things! They are cuties and I love them! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1-2-3, BATHS!

1 shower after masters swimming...
1 shower after teaching swimming...
1 bath because I was cold....before bed!

And all of that within 10 hours!  Yep, that's how I roll...I prefer baths if I can!  And no...I don't take ice baths...not my thing!  That was one nice thing about Vegas, the BIG bathtub that I could soak in.  I'm always ticked with my friends who have big tubs and say things like "Oh, I never use it"!  Are you kidding me?  Why did you buy that house then? Ok, I know there is more to a house than the bathtub!  Loren and I always say that our next house HAS to have a big tub!  Why don't you use your big tub?  Why...please use it for those of us who can't?

Um, yah this would be PERFECT!  You think these people use their tub?  Yah...I think so!

And yes...Starbucks too!
Trust me...if it was safe to blog and take a bath...I would be writing this from my bathtub!  After the gym, I come home set-up a snack for Cole and get the bath going, I bring my cell, my home phone and sometime my listen to Pandora of course...and/or read blogs!  I make phone calls and text...yah I'm totally that PERSON!  HAHA!  My friends all know it too! I want to be useful with my time, relax and not be rushed...I think I'm totally normal?  No, No, you don't think that's normal...well, not really sure what to say now!

In other, more important, useful news...

One of the reasons I love blogging is because of all the people you meet through it!  Well maybe "Meet" isn't the right word, but you get to know people from their blogs and comments, which is FANTASTIC!  If you are lucky you actually do get to meet some face-to-face!

I found Carole's blog recently HERE and she happens to be a triathlon coach...SWEET!  I have found a lot of new triathlete's been awesome.  Isn't blogging great!  So much great advice, feedback and encouragement in the blogging world, it's full of some AMAZING resources!  It's the best! Carole was sweet enough to email me some great YOUTUBE video's on swimming!  Thanks Carole for the links!

Thought I would pass them on to you...

This is the first video to watch to help eliminate the "dropped elbow" -- the #1 problem most swimmers experience.  Look how Karlyn helps you get the high elbow and the "catch".  Use of the vasa trainer or simply using a flat bench at the gym with soup cans in your hands can be helpful:
Then this video for catch up drill.  I like this for 1-arm drill visuals too:

Maybe they will help you too.  I have never even thought of using youtube for video's on swimming?  I tried to work on this during my swim workout...very useful!  I love that people take the time to send you helpful and useful information!  Thanks Again, Carole!  

Question time...
  • Do you prefer baths or showers? That's not weird to ask?  or is it?
  • Have you ever used YOUTUBE for tip and/or tricks with something?  Maybe even a workout?
I do remember one time locking the keys in our office and I checked youtube out for a video on picking a lock, very useful!  You never know what you will find on the Internet!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Next stop...Vegas Please!

I love vacation!  Love it...

What I don't love...not knowing if I will be able to leave for my vacation. 


As you have heard, read, seen from national news, we had quite the Winter Blast this last week.   It happened on the morning we were leaving for a 4-day trip for my husbands annual company meeting.  GREAT!  Seriously I have never seen it as bad as it was.  I even doubted what the weather man was saying because they can make things bigger than life and we see nothing.  But they were right, this time.  At midnight....there was no snow and by 2am the snow had fallen and was at least 4 inches thick and still coming down.  The problem we had was for a 7:30 am have to get to the airport so early and they don't clear the roads until at least 5 or 6am!  Our friend was going to drive us but with the unpredictably of the weather and the early hours, we sucked it up and payed for parking! 
Headed out from our house!
This would be I-5 Northbound!
Right before that car up ahead.. did a 360 in front of us...NICE!

Who's excited to be up at 3:30 am so we can get to the airport?  We are ...clearly!  I did get to enjoy a wonderful black/white mocha from Dilettante!  If you have never had have to try anything they have.
Coffee, ice cream!  It's the BEST!  
Never seen anything like this before!
De-icer...aka ICEMAN!
And hours later...we are in sunny weather!
First stop...
Later that night...Gelato please!
Do you know where we are?  You guessed it...Hoover Dam!
Of course I spent the entire visit and remainder of the day sharing Dam jokes...I make my self laugh.  
Arizona and Nevada
Yah, I'm a sweet photographer!  Well I think so! haha...


My friend Molly.  Our husbands work together and they were busy the entire time so we got to hang out!
This just seemed funny?  Not a sign you see everyday...if ever!
Did I mention where we stayed?  Tropicana!   Don't be's not a place I would stay again.  That is where the company meeting was so not like we had an option.  But was FREE which is the best price for me!  So I'm can't really complain.  They have recently remodeled, but it has a ton of crazy smells in there...and not good!  Even if you remodel, I guess that doesn't solve everything?  Bummer.  

Sums up our day!
Beautiful sunset while enjoying a YUMMY coffee at The Coffee Bean!  Kind of ticked because I had the best CARAMEL LATTE there, so GOOD! But we don't have one in Washington!
So sad, but probably better for my waste line!

English's!  Such a sweet restaurant.  This is a cod slider...yum!  And yes those are french fries in the slider.  I like to eat very healthy...if you couldn't tell from my pictures.  I would have shown a picture of the full meal, but I was a little embarrassed that my friend might wonder why I'm taking pictures of my food.  There wasn't time to explain...we had a movie to get to. Obviously I wasn't to worried about taking the picture when she was on the phone!
Finally a night to hang with my HUBBY!
They rented out Gameworks on the strip for our last night.  I felt so bad that Loren had to be in meetings all 3-days, but it was nice to be able enjoy our last night doing something fun.  We had a great night, dancing and hanging out with everyone!

My husband works with some fun people!  Had a great time with them!
Trump Tower!  Sweet Hotel and SWEET View!  Had no idea how nice it wold be.  Our friends stayed another night so we barged in  helped them get settled in before we had to fly out.

So I guess Southwest Airlines and Vegas winds don't work well together.  Delayed flight...numerous gate changes!  Getting caught with water in my water bottle...There was nothing easy about either of our flights!  But we finally made it home!
Max made us a little surprise!  So sweet to come home too!  I love homemade gifts!
Like I said...I love vacation, but Vegas in not my desired destination.  I know a lot of people love it, but for me...not my scene.  I love hanging out by the pool and enjoying warm weather, but January is not warm and the pools are closed, so relaxing by the pool didn't happen.  Vegas is cheap to fly and book a hotel, but it stops there.  The food and anything extra is so expensive.  Plus I don't gamble and party until the early hours...yah maybe I'm getting old, but I LOVE my sleep.   The vacation was great for relaxing, sleeping-in, meeting the BEST CARAMEL LATTE EVER, taking baths in a big tub, reading and hanging with friends.  I also fit in a few workouts, but I couldn't use the locker room unless I wanted to pay $18...really?  You can use the gym as part of your stay...but the locker room was additional!  The spa lady acted shocked, when I acted shocked!  Maybe I'm weird for thinking that was crazy?

With all that said...

Little getaways are great no matter where you go, so great for couples.  I love reconnecting and having time together...there is nothing better!  We had a great time and made some fun memories!      

Where do you like to vacation?  

Do you like to stay BUSY on vacation or just RELAX?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Throw my Magazine away? Are you crazy?

As you know...I'm bike shopping!  I have been visiting some of our local stores and have been looking at Scott Bikes and REI happens to be the only place around here that carries them.  I decided to go check them out but figured I would call ahead to make sure they had some in stock and they did!  My brother-runner met me there so we could check them out.  There must have been a mis-communication because once we got to REI, they didn't have any Scott Bikes in Stock.  How did that happen?

Either way it worked out.  Checked out the few bikes they had and the sales guy talked to me about clip-in pedals and shoes, aero bars and all the other fun, EXPENSIVE, stuff.  You thought running was pricey...biking is a whole other level!

All was not lost...because as I was leaving a saw this magazine and it just felt totally appropriate to purchase.  And it will probably be something I NEED to subscribe to as well.  Have you checked this out?  It was great...imagine talked about Swimming, Biking and RUNNING...all in ONE magazine.  Who knew, haha?

Picture below...This is what I did at work...not bad for an early morning, day at work!  I could get used to this.  For me to have some quiet time to's pretty sweet and I'm soaking it up!  Oh and this was the day I didn't have time to go to Starbucks before my 5:30am shift because 10 minutes of extra sleep was way more worth it.  So instead of my grande, NF Latte...I settled for caffeinated water...aka the GYM coffee.  Did the trick, but I much prefer the Starbucks me crazy!

See how helpful this magazine is...I love little tidbits like this below!  

Remote tote...for whatever you need it to be on your Trainer!
This was another day...pretty tough...LOL?  No, not really!
I have been getting Runners World for a while now and love it and am totally stoked to read the Triathlete magazine on a regular basis.  I always keep my magazine just in case?  I hate the idea of throwing them away...and I actually just took a few older magazines with me on a trip and read them in their entirety.  Who knew there was so much great information in them.  It's amazing what you learn when you read them!  

  • What magazines do you subscribe too?  
  • Do you keep your magazines?  
  • Do you ever re-read them?  

Coming up this week...Some Vegas pictures and I'm totally pumped to review some awesome products in the next month.  I can't wait to review what H20 Audio sent me...swimming while listening to music...WINNING! Click here to check H20 out...

Thursday, January 19, 2012


1.  FYI...Apparently you still need BODY GLIDE while riding the bike trainer!  Who knew?  Clearly not me?  I like to share my "lessons learned" with you all so you can listen...and learn!  Don't say I didn't warn you!  One bike ride you might think...not a big deal?  But you never know what the next ride will bring.  Consider yourself warned!

2.  Focus!  Focus is a great thing.  I can't believe how happy I am working at all 3-sports.  I never get bored and I'm running around loving every thing I'm doing.  I have yet to sign-up for a Tri.  Still waiting to figure out what the best Tri would be to do around here.  Either way I'm training...very causally, nothing official yet.  Just getting warmed up with all of the sports.  I love that I can bike at home!  I love that switching everything up makes me look forward to the next activity and to be in the moment!  Looking forward to my bike purchase and then I will probably register for a few races.  I am working on spreading my purchases out, which is not easy.  The purchases for this sport is never ending!  I have to watch my wallet!

Back-pack, Back-pack!
This carried his mobile EEG.
3.  Personal note!  My youngest son, Cole was diagnosed with Epilepsy in November.  He is 3-1/2 and we were shocked at the events leading up to this diagnosis because I had no idea he was having seizures and swore he didn't have them until we witnessed two within a 10-hour period when we were at the hospital.  When he was diagnosed I was shocked to have so many friends and family come forward with stories of people they knew who have epilepsy.  There is many forms of epilepsy and luckily his is one that we hope he will grow out of.

I mention all of this because I'm sure some of you might know someone who has epilepsy or you might even have been diagnosed and maybe can help.  They have prescribed him Keppra and I'm worried they are having side effects.  He get angry, throws fits, hits and gets so mad.  The side effects mention anger, irritability and a long list of other things.  The problem is, Cole is 3-1/2 which is a VERY tough time as far as attitude goes.  Is it the meds or his age?  I have heard that Keppra can cause anger issues and have heard a few people on the same medication deal with this.  I figured I would ask and see if any of you have feedback or ideas?  I hate the idea of trying all types of medication?  Luckily we have seen no seizures since he started the keppra, but we weren't really seeing them before either.   We meet with our neurologist at the end of the month and will get more information then.  Thanks ahead of time for any tips and/or feedback you might have!
Playing can't keep Cole down! 
Clearly very effected!  Watching tv, gifts and visitors, yummy snacks!  What's wrong with being in the hospital?
We called this...his Avatar.  It was the EEG reading his brain waves.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heck Yah, I'll help you!

Friday was the day, the day to do both a swim and a run.  Fridays won't usually be a swimming day, but due to holiday and being out of town...I wanted to get in an extra swim.  But I also wanted to run with a couple friends.

I was stoked when a couple dear friends asked if I could help get them ready to run RnR Seattle!  Heck, yah I will.  Always excited to help people reach their goal.  Bummed that RnR is changing their course since I knew it like the back of my hand.  I can't imagine it could be more flat than the previous course.  We will see?  Having the start and finish at the same place will be VERY NICE.

Anyway...Friday was the day.  My swim was great!  I am getting used to my new stroke...a little change can feel like a HUGE change in the pool and I'm finally getting used to it.  Got out of the pool a few minutes early to make my running date.  Had to wash the chlorine out of my hair and dry it since running in 36 degree weather would NOT be smart in wet hair.  Being a girl can be annoying sometime...

Rachel and Jody...we have some good times!
Met up with my friends and we were ready to go.  We took it nice and easy and I was so impressed with both of these ladies determination and drive!  They are so ready to train and run their first half marathon.  It was a beautiful, COLD day and we enjoyed the great views and catching-up.  It was all about the running and our plan for the half.  Can't wait to see them through their training and to watch them CROSS the FINISH LINE of their first HALF MARATHON!  Go LADIES!

We ran the turkey trot route which is mostly flat and then a huge hill at the end.  It's a great course to train on...and a perfect 5k! Boo-yah...

After our run!  I know they weren't thrilled with taking another picture, but we have to document the journey!  Come on!  Oh and the pool behind us is where I lifeguard!  

Good luck ladies, going after your dream!  
It will be an amazing journey that you will never forget.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hanky Panky

So not running related!  I hope this isn't too personal?

But I have to share this funny story that happened last week.

It has to do with my skinny jeans!  I don't know about you, but I never wash my jeans after I wear them only once.  I don't think I'm alone?  I usually take them off hang them or let them lie where they fall, folded of course...(yah I'm a neat freak like that, can you tell, LOL).  We were getting ready for church and I wore my skinny jeans!  Picked them up and put them on, put on my boots!  Ready to go!  We were in a hurry.

When I got my skinny jeans I was hoping that they would be tighter around my knees so there wouldn't be a lot of jean material gathered and bunched up above my boots.  Isn't that what skinny jeans are all about?  Well mine seem to be looser than I would like and it kind of drives me crazy.  I felt like they weren't doing it as much on this specific day...weird?  Sometime that happens...looser on one day and not as much another day?  Who knows why.

So here I was...sitting at church... listening to the sermon.  (I have a hard time staying focused...I move, I look around, any sudden movements I look at that too...It must be annoying to sit behind me for any extended period of time)

I start looking at my jeans and feeling the extra jean behind my knee...frustrated that they aren't as tight as they should be...wait, what is this I feel...not extra jean!  Something is stuck behind my knee, in my jeans...above my boot.  I don't think it's a sock...oh yah...that's what it hanky panky's from the day before! (And no, it was not the pair I was wearing)  Awesome, I walked to the car, walked into church and I had a bulge behind my knee...that I didn't notice at all, nor did I feel!  I was laughing is what I call it.  I had to get out of there before anyone saw me.

In the last prayer before church was over, I excused myself and ran to the bathroom.  I was laughing at myself.  I couldn't believe I had no idea this happened and that I couldn't feel it.  Well shoot, if those jeans had been tighter in the knee...I totally would have felt it! 

*Note to self...make sure the skinny jeans are tight around your knee's...or that your Hanky Pankys from the day before have been put in the laundry!!!  I'm still laughing!!!

Has anything like that ever happened to you?  Please comment or I'm going to be more embarrassed!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A piece of HUMBLE PIE?

A piece of HUMBLE PIE?
I guess I needed a piece of that pie?

Though I would have rather eaten this piece...

Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake, BEST cheesecake, EVA!

But instead...I got a piece from here!  
There she lane I started in!  Nice, huh?

In good news I finally moved up after putting in a couple weeks in the slower lane.  I'm not complaining at all.  It was a great place to start and I loved my lane.  I will actually probably visit every now and then.  

I was stoked for the challenge and to speed up...and good thing...because I GOT IT! I wouldn't say I am cocky about my swimming abilities, but I will say its the sport I'm best at and sometimes when you are good at something, you think you are GOOD.  But then you swim with others and realize that maybe I'm not as GOOD!  I was so bummed that I had forgot my heart-rate monitor because my heart-rate was up the entire swim.  I was out of breath and being challenged in a new way.  I was trying to make sure I kept good form, correct strokes, while keeping up with the people in my lane.  Then the people in my lane put fins on and I had none!  Do you know how hard it is to keep up with fins when you have NONE?  Take my word for it...hard and impossible.  I couldn't keep up.  I'm not sure how I feel about using fins?  What are your thoughts?  Do you use them?
Here is the speedy culprit!
I like the idea of just using my body?  But maybe I'm missing something and should look into it.  I have also thought about purchasing swim paddles.  Read below on what they say about them.
Strokemakers were engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders.

The paddles improve your stroke in the following ways:
• They increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery.
• They strengthen swimming specific muscles as well as muscles used in water propulsion.
• The holes and flexible design of the paddles improve the swimmer's feel for the water.
• The paddles exaggerate to the swimmer both correct and incorrect movements.

Yah, I think I need to get those!  What do you think?  Have you used these?

My first day in a faster lane was exhausting and awesome all at the same time.  I started out nervous and anxious and ended with a lot of calories burned and the confidence that I can do this!  Masters Swim has been great for me because I'm improving on my stroke and efficiency. Duh, WINNING!

I'm very excited to be pushed past my comfort zone!  It's nice being the fastest person in the slow lane, but I learn way more being the slower person in the fast lane!

Where would you rather be? 
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