Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Pray for Sherry

Please be praying for a friend in bloggy land.  I know most bloggers have heard about this, but other friends and family that read my blog might not know about it.  Never hurts to ask for more prayer!

You can read Beth's blog here
You can also read more info here

Beth's cousin, Sherry went for a run early Saturday morning and never came home. They found her shoe, but that is it.  

Please pray for answers and that God would direct the investigators to clues and any leads that bring them to answers.  We pray for Sherry's family and friends as they go into their 6th day with no answers.  We pray that God would bring them great comfort during this tragic time.  We pray that Sherry would be found safe and unharmed.  

This is also a reminder to all of us runners or anyone who is out and be AWARE of your surroundings and tell people where you are going.  Be safe!  


Cindy said...

this story is so horrible...i've been checking beth's blog daily to see if there are any updates.

Ewa said...

I've been sharing her updates on FB in hopes that maybe, just maybe somebody missed the original post. I often run solo...

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