Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the Honest Scrap Award goes to....

Racing with Babes tagged me with an Honest Scrap Award (not quite sure what that is, but I figure I'm scrappy, so I'll take it.) Accepting requires me to answer the following 10 questions:

1. Best Meal Ever: How to pick...I love, love Mizithra at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Might sound lame to some but I have gone there since I was a kid. I probably don’t love it as much as I used to, but I love the memories. I love the whole meal…bread, salad, mizithra and the ice cream at the end. I also love Salad and Garlic bread anytime…all the time.

2. Best Sleep Ever: Recently I had a great night sleep and I don’t think I moved the whole night. Running makes you sleep so well. I love when I am able to wake up on my own and not by my 4 year old! Sleeping without interruptions for a straight number of hours after having a baby is PRICELESS and the BEST sleep.  You forget how important sleep is.

3. Best Cup of Coffee: For sure…Dilettante! They make chocolate and make the BEST MOCHA’s. Black & White is my FAVORITE! So yummy!

4. Best Romantic Moment: When my husband asked me to Marry him! He took me to my favorite place and asked me. We felt like kids… we were so excited!  A close second...Going to Orcas Island for our 5th Anniversary.  We went to the Best B&B, The Inn on Orcas Island.  Just a great weekend for the 2 of us.  Loved it.

5. Best Childhood Memory: Driving in the car with my dad with music blaring and singing our HEARTS out. Loved it. Loved the music and the memories with my dad.

6. Best Moment of Your Life: I think finding out I was pregnant and hearing his cry when he was born. Totally made my cry when I heard him for the 1st time…nothing like it. I still remember that moment like it was yesterday.

7. Best Moment of Revenge: When I decided to let God deal with it his way and not try and do it myself!

8. Best Thing Someone Has Done For You: Love and Honesty. There are key people in my life who have loved and been honest with me in hard times which directed me to better paths.

9. Best Thing You Have Done For Someone Else: Loved them…then birthed them! There are probably a few more, but this one takes the CAKE!

10. Best Life Changing Moment: Finding out I was going to be a Mom. Another is when I decided to find in JOY even when life isn’t easy. It’s all what you make of it.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Challenging, but GREAT!

2.26.10 Stats:
Miles: 12.01
Pace: 10:43
Time: 2:08:40
Calories Lost: 1577
Challenging, but GREAT!  I went to bed feeling a little uneasy about the next morning due to getting Max to school and having a enough time to get in my 12 miles. I had a couple routes planned out and hoped things would work out and it did. My husband took Max to school so I could get to the gym early to drop Cole off and I could get my run in...Without rushing. I was going to be on a new route which made me a little nervous not knowing if the hills would be as big as I remembered. It was a longer extension of my usual running route. I LOVED IT! It still had some hills but I think it was as flat as I am going to find around my house. The weather was drizzly and cold but not pouring rain. It's hard to tell when it's raining with my bondiband and my great socks. I started feeling tired around mile 9 but it was still a lot easier than last week’s 10 miler which made me feel really good. I ran a few repeats down some roads so I wouldn't have to run up NICE hill. I think I need to map my run to always end before that hill. I got to finish my run right at the base of NICE hill and walk up! I loved finishing my run with a long walk to stretch my legs out. I got back to the gym with an hour to spare before picking Max up from school so it was nice to sit, stretch and relax. My sweet friend waited for me at the gym after her workout was done which was so nice. Plus I could give her my FULL report. She knew I was going on a new route and she worries about me. I can't believe how much better I felt on this run. Coming off a hard 10 miler last week and not feeling well...I was worried, but everything went well and I couldn't be happier.

Done with 12 miles...Feels so nice to be DONE!

2.25.10 Stats:

Miles: 4.01
Pace: 9:35
Time: 38:26
Calories Lost: 522

  Mile 1: 10:17
Mile 2: 9:39
Mile 3: 9:39
Mile 4: 8:45
My run went really well. I had taken 2 days off due to not feeling well and I couldn't not do something 3 days in a row. I had very limited time, but my dear friend came over to watch the boys so I could get a quick run in. I wanted to see if I could hold a good pace for the entire run and I did. I liked that I actually had 2 miles in a row that were the same time because that never seems to happen. Felt good and was very happy to see my work payoff.
864.87 - 16.02= 848.85 miles left to run in 2010
I really need to get some recovery socks. As soon as I was done running my 12 miles my legs hurt and I wondered if those socks would help...I think so. I bought a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 and I can't wait to try them. I am so sad that our Brooks outlet is no longer in SAD! I was relying on them to get my running shoes at a great price. Luckily I had a coupon at Road Runners that saved me $15 so it helped. I also bought a fuel belt. I was going to buy one last year, but someone had suggested the handheld instead. I think both are great but for long runs I don't want to hold it. Looking forward to trying out my new goodies.
Old Shoes...                                                              


After my movie review yesterday I got to watch another movie that I have been waiting to watch and it was actually brought up by Ewa at RunningBunny

Saint Ralph -  Ralph (Adam Butcher) is a typical teenager with atypical questions, the largest of which concerns his mother. She's fallen into a coma, and the 14-year-old has set his sights on winning the 1954 Boston Marathon in a makeshift barter with God to make his mother well. His teacher, Father Hibbert (Campbell Scott), wants to encourage his dream, but in doing so, he goes up against the reserved, ever-realistic Father Fitzpatrick (Gordon Pinsent).

My Thoughts: Loved it!  GREAT ONE to watch!  Would definitely recommend it to you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Too tired, but maybe I can interest you in a MOVIE?

I'm too tired to report on my last two runs.  I will do it tomorrow sometime.  I have had 2 great was a 4 miler and then I had my longest of the year today...12!  They both went well.  I will do a full report tomorrow.

Thought I would leave you with a few movies that I have watched the last few weeks.  They are about running and if you are like get a little consumed by what you are doing...RUNNING and you want to get your hands on anything that has RUNNING in it.

Here are a few I have watched recently:

Spirit of the Marathon - Six runners from vastly different backgrounds train for the 26.2 miles of glory that comprise the famed Chicago Marathon. Along the way, filmmaker John Dunham provides an informative account at the centuries-old race. Vintage film clips and thoughtful interviews fill out this heartfelt portrait, which also includes appearances by legendary runners such as Dick Beardsley, Paula Radcliffe, Bill Rodgers, Toshihiko Seko and Grete Waitz. 

My thoughts...I love documentry's!  This was a great one!

Chariots of Fire - Two very different runners -- hotshot Jewish Cambridge scholar Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross) and rigid Presbyterian missionary Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson) -- compete for the British team in the 1924 Olympics, facing intense pressure and complex personal tests of faith. Hugh Hudson directs this edifying 1981 Best Picture Oscar winner, which is based on a true story.

My thoughts...Love that it's based on a True Story.  Great movie to watch but it's REALLY slow!  Glad I saw it, but not sure I will watch it again.  There are some great lines that make you think.

Run for Your Life -  Filmmaker Judd Ehrlich's documentary recounts the fascinating life and work of Fred Lebow, the eccentric founder of the New York City Marathon whose love and passion for road running sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Featuring archival footage and candid interviews with Lebow's family, friends and contemporaries, Ehrlich paints a vivid portrait of a man who transcended his own shortcomings to become the figurehead of the sport he loved.

My thoughts...I liked it.  Great to hear the history of New York City Marathon.

Marathon Challenge - A baker's dozen of self-professed couch potatoes are put through the wringer to become long-distance runners -- and ultimately compete in the Boston Marathon -- in this thought-provoking "Nova" special that puts a fresh twist on reality television. In addition to tracking the would-be athletes' progress over the course of a nine-month training regimen, the program also educates viewers about what's going on inside their bodies.

My thoughts... I love watching people achieve something great and this group did.  I cried as they crossed the finish line.  So EXCITING!  It was a good one.

I love watching documentary’s...Could you tell?  My husband came down one night and laughed because I was watching another "Running" movie.  I can't help it...

Have you watched other movies that are based on running?  I know there is a lot out there.  What have you liked?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Figured I would try and get 6 or 7 miles in if I could. I have to be back to teach swimming lessons at the gym and I only have a small window of time to get a run in. I decided to go on one of my favorite routes but that means it would take me a ways from the gym and I was hoping I would have time to walk up nice hill. Well from the time I woke up Monday morning I was TIRED which is never a great sign for running but figured I would get out there and run. I was off mentally for some reason...figured because I was tired. I also think my legs where still a little tired from my long run...who knows. I struggled most of the way and also was running late which never helps things so I really had to push it in the end of my run and RUN FAST up NICE HILL!!! I felt like I was booking up NICE hill...felt strange but realized I should try and do that more often. Amazing what being late for something will make you do. I am a punctual person and hate being fact I like to be a few minutes early to things so I can relax. I love getting to the pool early too so I can swim laps which feels so good after a run. Unfortunately that didn't happen and I had to hurry and get my suit on. Do you know how hard it is to put a swimsuit on when you are sweaty...IT'S HARD.

Felt tired and moody after my run which is not good when you have to teach swimming to 3 & 4 year olds. Hope I wasn't too mean yesterday! I just realized I really need to plan better because a rushed run is never good and I think that is one of the reasons I was a little moody.

2/22/10 Stat's:
Miles: 6.54
Pace: 10:18
Time: 1:07:19
Calories Burned: 852

871.41 - 6.54= 864.87  miles left to run in 2010

I think I am getting sick which is NO good when you are training for a marathon.  Hoping it will pass  I also I have been a little sore in my legs and foot and I'm praying that it's nothing. I am so scared of injury and getting sick because of what it will do to my running.  Praying I am fine and it's nothing major.  Not sure I will be able to run today...thinking if I'm not feeling good I should try and relax.  Why is it that when you can run you don't want to as much, but when YOU CAN'T RUN you REALLY WANT TO!

(Read below for another race report from Sunday)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great RUN with my MOM & Drove the MARATHON course!

My mom wanted to get another run in before she left.  Figured it would be a great run for me and for her to feel better about our run since Friday wasn't as great as we had hoped.  The first mile of our run was a little hard since it's uphill, but after that it was great.  It was a beautiful sunny day here and was soaked up the rays!  I had a great 4th mile!  We had a fun and I'm looking forward to running with my mom when we go to Portland in a couple of weeks.

2/21/10 Stats:
Miles: 4.01
Pace: 9:53...GREAT!
Time: 39:36
Calories Lost: 524

Mile 1: 10:33 Uphill
Mile 2: 10:12
Mile 3: 10:05
Mile 4: 8:43...WHAT!!! FAST JILL! 

875.42 - 4.01= 871.41 miles left to run in 2010

See how sunny it is...LOVE IT!
4 Miles moms pinky got cut off in the pic!

ROCK AND ROLL MARATHON SEATTLE! My mom and I always like to drive the course if we can and we could so we did. We knew what the front half is like since we ran it the half last year but had no idea what to expect for the 2nd half. It's hard to drive a running course so we did the best we could. I CAN'T BELIEVE how far 26.2 miles is. You think you know but you really don't know until you drive 26.2 miles or run them! Course seems ok…Not huge hills but there are some. We have to run through tunnels which isn’t my favorite thing to do. I keep thinking how weird it will be to actually have my feet touching the roads on busy streets that I have driven my whole life. My official training for the marathon started this last Friday...Feb. 19th so we are in full swing training NOW! Only 18 weeks to go!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A good day for a RUN doesn't always mean a good RUNNING day!

A good day for a RUN doesn't always mean a good RUNNING day!  I learned that today!  Again I am humbled by...Running.  My marathon training called for a 10 mile run today which I was anxious to do since it would be my FIRST double digit run in for the year.  I was feeling good since my long runs have been going well.  A few changes to my schedule and route were made due to my mom visiting and Cole not feeling 100%. 

A few thoughts and lessons learned today:
  • When I set my mind to something like a route and a schedule...and then it does affect my run!  (Lesson Learned...EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in RUNNING)
  • For the FIRST time in my life, that I am aware of...I have a normal cholesterol level!  High cholesterolruns in my family and every time I have been tested doctors have been shocked by my high numbers.  I haven't got it checked for a few years.  Last week I got it checked and it has gone down 60 points!  I can only assume because of the RUNNING!  Praise GOD...this is so exciting to me!  I can't even begin to tell you!
  • When you are excited about something (like the above) don't change your route for a good view if it means going UP major, NEW, unplanned HILLS! (Lesson Learned)
  • It was beautiful here today!  Best day of the year.  Warm, sunny and CLEAR so I wanted to run with a view of the water!  Danger...Danger...Don't run on a new route with major hills when you are running your first 10 MILER of the year!!! (Lesson Learned)
  • Walking is not bad...especially when it allows you to finish!!!
  • After a hard run...IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER next time!
My run was going great until I changed my route and went a new way so I could have a view of the was so pretty.  The great part is it was down hill, but a reminder that many downhill’s have an uphill too.  I know my way around but when you're in a don't realize the hills or how BIG they are.  I was going at a great pace and was taking my Cliff Blocks, which were working great.  I felt like my pace was fast and thought...I am doing well and should be fine.  Then I hit an unexpected HILL and knew I had some good size ones coming up.  A few of the hills where steeper than I had assumed, I did ok until I couldn't run up the last one anymore.  I was about half way through it and had to walk for a few minutes.  I had a side ache that wouldn't go away and had to push through it.  I finally made it through my 10 miles and know that the next weeks long run will go better.
Running has a way of humbling you on certain days.  I know that but I am reminded of it on certain days.  It's great marathon training because I am sure that when you HIT THE WALL while running a MARATHON you have to overcome it...MIND over MATTER!  I took today as reminder that the marathon will be tough and I have to work through it to FINISH!

2.19.10 Stats:
Miles: 10
Pace: 10:49
Time: 1:48:05
Calories Burned: 1288


2.17.10 Stats:
Miles: 2.09
Pace: 9:48
Time: 21
Burned: 287

My mom and I before our run...She didn't want to wear the bondiband how it's supposed to be worn!

887.51 - 12.09 = 875.42 miles left to run in 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

"You're Not a RUNNER...You wouldn't Understand!"

That's what I said to my husband after he asked me "Why are you wearing that?"...referring to my cute, green bondi band, though I don't think he would describe it as cute!  I tried to explain it to him but if you aren't a runner you don't get how great it is!  They say running is a cheap sport...Ummmm I would beg to differ!  Running can be cheap but if you want to do it long-term and do it well and comfortable...well then it is going to cost you.  There are so many great things out there for runners.  A few are obvious...Garmin, iPod, shoes, socks, running tights, running jacket, hat, etc....
  • What is something different, something out of the ordinary that you don't hear about much that you have been surprised by that has helped your running or at least made is nicer, easier?
These long weekends are nice, but make me delay my running until mid-day.  I wanted to go out this morning but we made plans and so I got ready knowing I really needed to get a run in later.  We ended up not going out due to nap time which was fine but I hate getting ready and then going for a run...seems a little backwards, but that is my life right now with our kids at their ages.  I was happy to get a run in and not miss it.  Weather was nice, but cold.  I can't wait until it warms up because it makes RUNNING OUTSIDE so NICE!  I know many of you in other parts of the country have it bad right now with all the snow.  I can't believe how many of you have been running in the snow!  You are awesome...that is something I have not had to do.  Looks fun, but COLD!

2.15.10 Stats:
Miles: 5.01
Pace: 10:27
Time: 52:21
Calories lost: 655

892.52 - 5.01 = 887.51 miles left to run in 2010
Total miles for 2010: 112.49

Here is one of the reasons I RUN...My youngest son, Cole!  He found his brothers goggles and likes to wear them around the house.  I think he looks so cute and funny in them...I keep taking picutres!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love to RUN!

I love to run!  That's how I felt on my run this afternoon!  Of course that was during a small decline.  It seems when it's down hill...even a little it's so nice and that's when I always think to myself "I love to RUN"...not always the same thought when I am running UP a hill!  Actually it's the very opposite feeling, but let's stay positive!  I haven't run during the weekend due to sitters, busy schedule and it just couldn't happen, but today was my lucky day.  A few weeks ago my long run was 7 miles and it wasn't that easy.  I had just started running seriously again after taking some time off and was doubting if I could get into it again.  Training is everything and gives you so much confidence as a runner.  I had a great run that was easy and it even included MILE LONG HILL and NICE HILL.  It's amazing what a difference a few weeks can make!  Will I feel the same way when I get into my high miles for marathon training?  That is the BIG question?

2.14.10 Stats:
Miles: 7.05
Pace: 10:17
Time: 1:13
Calories lost....917!

899.57 - 7.05 = 892.52 miles left to run in 2010

Ok so I like pictures and since this is my running blog I post pictures of myself after my run!  Plus I really wanted to show you my cool BONDI BAND!  This was the first time I got to wear it on a run and I love it more than I thought I would.  I wasn't sure what I would think, but have read so many GREAT reviews about them I thought I should try one out and NOW I'm sold!  It's nice having a light weight, not too tight head band that covers my ears!  I love fun, new running products!

Friday, February 12, 2010

"I am a runner" and some thoughts!

2.12.10 Stats:
Miles: 9
Pace: 10:27
Time: 1:34:08
Calories Lost: 1172...LOVE IT!

908.57 - 9 = 899.57   miles left to run in 2010

I didn't realize it until I did this calculation that I have RUN 100 Miles as of today!!! How exciting...Less than 900 to go for 2010.

Some thoughts:

• I really don't enjoy running up "NICE" hill for my last mile!

• I love, love my running feet weren't wet at all after my 9 miles in the rain, but my shoes were soaked...Love them. Didn't realize how important good socks were!You don’t realize how significant good running gear is until you are running in certain elements. Today I am thankful for GREAT running GEAR! Money well spent!

• It’s amazing on your long run days how you have to mentally JUST DO IT because if you think about might not do it. Especially when it's raining...such an easy excuse not to, but when you live in the NW you really can't let that be an excuse.

• Excited for a yummy Valentines dinner tomorrow night and love it more since I burned over 1,000 calories on my run.

• Love that my jeans are LOSER!!! Oh running I love you!

• Love when my long run is complete for the week.

• Having to worry about time and getting back from a run WILL make you run faster!

• Taking a hot bath afterwards...priceless.

"I'm a RUNNER!" That's what I told the nurse at my Dr's appointment yesterday when I was I was asked "Do you exercise" ...My very quick response..."I am a runner" kind of just came out without thinking about it. Did she really need to know that I am a runner? Probably not, but since I am a high disclosure kind of she knows..."I am a RUNNER! I thought to myself...I am a runner! I might not be a fast runner compared to others, or one that will WIN races, but for me I am a runner. Of course I would have loved to go on with my race history and my first marathon coming up this year but she probably didn't need to know that. Sometime's I feel like it's hard to hold it in because I still can't believe I am going to run my FIRST, FULL MARATHON! I think it's totally cool and I am totally scared and excited.

I just laugh at myself sometime!

1. Do you ever feel the need to tell strangers about your running?
2. Do you feel proud of what you have done and what you are going to do when it comes to running?

My sweet friend, Megan bought me these SOCKS…I am so excited about them! I have some of the best, dear, kind friends who are so supportive of me and my goals! It means so much to have people encourage, coach and pray for me during this time! Megs and I used to run together…she was a great running partner but last year she injured her back. She is the one who talked me into my first race…Race for the Cure’s 5k in June 06. We had a blast and I hope to run with her in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tour of HILLS! "Nice" Hill included!

Meet Mile long hill!  It's a nice, LONG...about a mile and twists around...this is the beginning!

Me...2/3 done with Mile Long Hill!

Oh and here is the start...of "Nice" Hill...about .80 mile long.  "Nice" Hill meet my bloggy friends!


And it turns to go up's the steepest hill around my area...I think!  Straight up is what it feels like.
Me feeling good at the end of my run...had a successful, unplanned date with "NICE" hill and felt good.

2.9.10 Stats:
Miles: 7.50
Pace: 10:39
Time: 1:19:51
Calories Burned: 976

916.07 - 7.50 = 908.57 miles left to run in 2010

I really wanted to do 7 miles but wasn't sure if I would get all 7 done with my route...but I did.  I was at 6.90 when I came to the start of "Nice" hill and realized I would have to run "Nice" hill and didn't want to stop in the middle so figured I would run the entire thing and was glad I an extra 1/2 mile in.  Felt great the whole run which was a lot better than Monday's two runs. 

I have started bringing my phone if I run for over an hour just for safety but realized after looking at mom vs. marathon's blog that I could take pictures while I run...GREAT IDEA!  It was great to take my mind of hard hills as I took fun!  I am a picture GAL so it works great for me.  Another really fun way to document my journey!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow, not enough time!

Getting out of the house with 2 boys in the AM can be difficult. I teach swim lessons on Monday's and Wednesdays in the morning which makes my timing more crucial! I try to get to the gym and get a run in before but sometimes things just don't go as planned. With kids you need to expect the unexpected. We finally made it to the gym but with very limited time for me to get a 5 miler in so figured I would do what I could. I headed out and started my my garmin...HELLO Garmin are you there? No response! I charged it and took it off the charger the night before and who knows what happened but it didn't want to stay on. Then I was panicked because I have to be back in time for swim lessons so luckily my ipod was kind enough to time me. I ran as fast as I could and did what I could.

Stats for 2.8.10
Miles: 2.5
Pace: 9:11
Time: 23 minutes
Calories Lost: 336

Seems like a fast pace to me but with time and distance I guess that's what I came up with.

Stats for 2.8.10 (2nd Run)
Miles: 3.56
Pace: 10:19
Time: 36.42 minutes
Calories Lost: 466

Since I didn't get the run in that I wanted in the AM I decided to do more in the afternoon. This was my first time running twice in one day. I could tell my legs where tired, but still had a GREAT, FAST first mile but then I stomach felt yucky and I don't think I had left enough time in between my snack and my run. Had to cut this run shorter than planned but glad I made it to a total of 6 miles for the day!

Total Miles for 2.8.10....6.06 Miles

922.13 - 6.06 = 916.07 miles left to run in 2010

Close to 100 miles for the year!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Trophy Cupcake = 8 miler...

Before I start I wanted to say THANK you to Saundra for the awesome $25 gift certificate to Nike. This was one of the first giveaways I have entered and I won...and I won something I love. I am a total Nike gear person! Fun to get something in the mail that is needed!!!

2.5.10 Stats:
Distance: 8.06
Pace: 10:29
Calories Burned: 1042

930.19 - 8.06 = 922.13 miles left to run in 2010

Yesterday my friend, Andrea and the boys and I went up to U Village. It's a great shopping area with fun places for all ages, great shopping and fun stuff for the kids. We go there a lot and have a few them is to get a cupcake at Trophy Cupcake...they are so yummy. My selection yesterday was Samoa! It truly was the BEST cupcake I have had! I knew it probably wasn't the best choice since I was running 8 miles today but hey I was running 8 miles so I could eat it.

Had a great run! It didn't start raining until my 8 miles were done and I started walking up "Nice" hill! Loved that my Garmin was charged and could give me my numbers today. Nice to have my long run behind me and looking forward to 9 miles next week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/3/10 Stats:
Distance: 4 miles...I was shocked that I did more than 3!
Pace: 10
Calories Lost: 530

934.19 - 4 = 930.19  miles left to run in 2010

I think my totally time was 40 minutes but the treadmill went to cool down and wouldn't tell me the total time...annoying! I hate not knowing my exact numbers. Oh well! I decided to run inside because outside didn't seem like much fun and figured I could do some speed work. I shocked myself and ran at a 9:14 pace for a little under a mile. I was surprised how well I felt running at that pace. That's why I am curious to know if I was under 40 minutes...I will never know!

2/2/10 Stats:Cross Training
20 minutes of Rowing, Elliptical & Cycling
30 minutes of Weights

I think I am really going to enjoy my cross training day. Mixing it up a little is always nice.


Endurance Isn't Only Physical - Running Skirt Saturdays (ends 2/9)
Tall Mom - Recovery Socks (Ends 2/10)
Racing with Babes - race day staples (ends 2/7)

Monday, February 1, 2010

All the things I think about on a run!

Stats for 2.1.10:

Distance: 5 miles
Pace: 10:46
Time: 53:51 minutes
Calories burned: 651

939.19 - 5 = 934.19  miles left to run in 2010

I think about so much on runs and think about what I will blog about but of course when I sit down to write...I can't recall all the great thoughts! One thought I do recall however is how much running like having a child! Yes it's true...the idea of running sounds fabulous just like the idea of getting pregnant sounds WONDERFUL! But then you have a few contractions... (bad running days) and you wonder...what have I done! Then you finish a run and you forgot ALL about the pain and feel AMAZING and can't wait until the next time you run! I can't help but think about the road ahead of me...26.2 miles and I really wonder how I am going to do it. It sounds great but I know it's going to push me to a place I have never been....without an EPIDURAL!

Another thought that is funny is how people will say how in shape I am because I run or they say they don't want to run with me because I am a "runner" and I have ran half marathons and done a triathlon! If they really knew the truth...just because I run and have completed some great things by NO means makes me better. It shocks me how impressed people are of running and how scared they are to do it themselves. I love that people are impressed and think it's amazing that I do it...just don't ever tell them THAT ANYONE can do it. Our secret! The truth is...IF I CAN DO IT...ANYONE CAN DO IT!  When you put a goal out there, focus on something...a lot can happen.

It's fun to see the responses of people when you run! Do you have that happen to you?
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