Friday, February 12, 2010

"I am a runner" and some thoughts!

2.12.10 Stats:
Miles: 9
Pace: 10:27
Time: 1:34:08
Calories Lost: 1172...LOVE IT!

908.57 - 9 = 899.57   miles left to run in 2010

I didn't realize it until I did this calculation that I have RUN 100 Miles as of today!!! How exciting...Less than 900 to go for 2010.

Some thoughts:

• I really don't enjoy running up "NICE" hill for my last mile!

• I love, love my running feet weren't wet at all after my 9 miles in the rain, but my shoes were soaked...Love them. Didn't realize how important good socks were!You don’t realize how significant good running gear is until you are running in certain elements. Today I am thankful for GREAT running GEAR! Money well spent!

• It’s amazing on your long run days how you have to mentally JUST DO IT because if you think about might not do it. Especially when it's raining...such an easy excuse not to, but when you live in the NW you really can't let that be an excuse.

• Excited for a yummy Valentines dinner tomorrow night and love it more since I burned over 1,000 calories on my run.

• Love that my jeans are LOSER!!! Oh running I love you!

• Love when my long run is complete for the week.

• Having to worry about time and getting back from a run WILL make you run faster!

• Taking a hot bath afterwards...priceless.

"I'm a RUNNER!" That's what I told the nurse at my Dr's appointment yesterday when I was I was asked "Do you exercise" ...My very quick response..."I am a runner" kind of just came out without thinking about it. Did she really need to know that I am a runner? Probably not, but since I am a high disclosure kind of she knows..."I am a RUNNER! I thought to myself...I am a runner! I might not be a fast runner compared to others, or one that will WIN races, but for me I am a runner. Of course I would have loved to go on with my race history and my first marathon coming up this year but she probably didn't need to know that. Sometime's I feel like it's hard to hold it in because I still can't believe I am going to run my FIRST, FULL MARATHON! I think it's totally cool and I am totally scared and excited.

I just laugh at myself sometime!

1. Do you ever feel the need to tell strangers about your running?
2. Do you feel proud of what you have done and what you are going to do when it comes to running?

My sweet friend, Megan bought me these SOCKS…I am so excited about them! I have some of the best, dear, kind friends who are so supportive of me and my goals! It means so much to have people encourage, coach and pray for me during this time! Megs and I used to run together…she was a great running partner but last year she injured her back. She is the one who talked me into my first race…Race for the Cure’s 5k in June 06. We had a blast and I hope to run with her in the future.


Anonymous said...

I thought I saw your comment, but it isn't there- thanks for the email and for stopping by though!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
Good job on your nine miler!! I love looking down at my garmin and seeing all of the calories that I burned during a good run:) Keep it up!! Have a great dinner tomorrow night:)

Kerrie T. said...

It was pouring BUCKETS today. Good job getting out there. I really hope it stays away for the Million Incher. But if not, oh well. More to write about. LOL!

(I only found out about the run because of Mel; I don't know where she found it.)

You need to run with us sometime!

ajh said...

Great pictures on your blog. I love to tell anyone who will listen that I am a runner. I still can't believe it myself!

Anne said...

When I reach the point where I'm getting ready to run a marathon, I have a feeling I'll feel like telling strangers :) ...for now, I'm still a little shy about telling people I'm a "runner" and will be running my first half-marathon.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Jill you weren't driving when you took that picture were you?? Okay now I sound like your mother.

Great job on your 10 miles. I finally took a rest day today. Littlest is sick with a cold and i had to work all day so ugh I had to take a rest day. I was kind of hoping to pull 100 miles this week. Just to see if I could. Crazy with a big race 20ish days away.

Gee I can talk about myself. Sorry.

You are right about good socks! I love the 26.2 socks.

When is you marathon? Happy training! I am off to tally up entries for the giveaway.

Happy Valentines Day!

Rookie on the Run said...

Ha! I totally relate to your post! I like to tell people that I'm a runner. I often feel like an imposter when I do, however. I catch myself and I think, "I'm a runner?! Yes. I am a runner. How the heck did that happen?"

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I told my dentist that I'm a runner and about a marathon I was training for. Well, he seemed interested! ; )

Congrats on running 100 so far!

Miglena said...

congrats on the 100 miles! a friend of mine blogged that running makes her feel like she has a second personality, one that she is not revealing to others but one that makes her feel like she has a secret weapon... here the link to that post (she is a writer) … I personally feel like i have an affair... every time I am getting ready go for a run I have the butterflies...

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

i love those socks! They are too cool!
and i love your disclosure to the doctor! I can tell how proud you are of yourself! it is so awesome! You are doing great! Oh and of course she needs to know you are a runner! Everyone NEEDS to know! =)

I need to catch up on your blog! What marathon are you training for?

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