Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Go Girl...Race Report

I think I will start with the race...instead of trying to capture the entire weekend into one post.  But I do need to say...Meeting Tonia and Kayte was a major highlight for the week.  Hanging out with girlfriends the entire weekend was so much fun.  I'm so grateful to my husband for taking over so I could do this...such a fun weekend.

Jump...I learned from Mercer how to do this better...

Serious Team Picture!

Silly ladies...So fun!

Ok, Ok...back to the I said I would write about...  For some reason, my mind and body where not looking forward to running this race. Not sure if it's because I had an unexpected week off from running or because my lower back was really hurting? Who knows, but I wasn't feeling good about it.  Coming off a PR can be hard too because you’re not sure if you can get there again and/or beat it.  I was however looking forward to running the race with a bunch of friends who would be there! That was exciting to me, plus the fact that it was a local race 20 minutes from my house...SWEET!  Jamie and I had planned to run this half together, after her 17 miler she started having some leg issues and was taking some time off. Kim graciously invited me to join her and Kim for a sub-2 which I thought I would shoot for, but after the mental aspect and back pain...I just didn't know what I was going to do. Last minute Jamie decided to run...yippee. I was happy to have my friend and running buddy to run with. We decided to take it easy since she was still with her leg issues, but really wanted to run. Jamie picked me up Sunday morning and we headed over to T-town (Tacoma) to meet up with the rest of the ladies. Parking was very easy and Diana (our awesome TEAM CAPTAIN) had picked out a perfect meeting place (Tully's) which had a nice bathroom so we didn't have to wait for honey buckets, SCORE! We met up with the rest of the "Will Run for Ice Cream" team and chatted and took pictures. It was so much fun having such a huge group doing this race. Go TEAM! We headed to the start line and Jamie and I took our positions in the middle of the 9 & 10 minute pace groups. I had no expectation. We chatted with our friends and then we were off. I felt tired pretty quickly...yah I didn't think it was just body wasn't in the mood. We made our first turn-around and got to see everyone in the out and backs...that was fun. Jamie hated the fact that her leg was holding her back...even though she was still kicking butt, she hated people passing her! We totally made up for that in the  major hill that took us to Wrights Park...THANK YOU HILLY, neighborhood training. This park is not the safest and it will probably be the only time I ever run around it...but it was nice. It was a trail and was muddy, but was a nice change from the road. The downhill wasn't nice on Jamie's knee so we tried to take those easy. I was still tired, but just kept going. I wasn't looking at the watch much by that point. We had started out faster than we had wanted but were starting to even out now. Around mile 6 we turned on the iPods and I took a honey stick and zoned out. I totally had to go pee, which hasn't ever happened to me in a race. I stopped at mile 8 or 9 and went quickly...good thing I did. I ran out and saw Jamie up ahead and raced to catch up. Even though so many of us listen to our iPods during's so nice having someone beside you to run with. It helps me so much...left to myself it would be so easy to stop and walk or not push it as much. We did the turn around to head back and I was so happy to be headed to the finish. I thought we were passed mile 10 and almost to 11 when I looked down and saw we weren't even to mile 10 yet...that wasn't so fun. I needed something to drink and got some Gu Brew at the last water stop and that didn't sit well in the stomach (hate having stomach issues), but it had tasted so good I could have gulped a few cups...good thing I didn't! Mile 12 seriously seemed to TAKE forever.  I knew we were almost done...but my body wanted to be done!  Those are the times you have to start playing tricks in your head to keep going. I saw the finish line and I sped up...ran up the last little hill passing a few people and took the SHARP turn to the finish and SPRINTED to my 5th Half Marathon glad to be done and to have my 2nd best TIME.  For not expecting much and not feeling great about the race...I was thrilled with my time!

You Go Girl Stats:

Bib#: 123
Miles: 13.10
Time: 2:06:33
Pace: 9:40
Overall: 177
Division Place: 28/120

Jamie and I before the start

Some of my team members...AWESOME!

Norpoint Gals!  These gals all go to our gym and live in my neighborhood.  Local races ROCK!

Back of the crowd

Front of the crowd

Some of our team at the finish...So nice to be DONE!

Kerrie, the Birthday GIRL!  Happy Birthday Kerrie!!!!

Finish line (partial)team picture...

Read some of the other race reports and/or posts about the weekend from some of our team member...


*Please let me know if you posted and I missed it...I will link you in. 


abbi said...

Great race...I've loved reading everyone's recaps of this race!

Marlene said...

Good for you pulling off a STRONG half (2nd fastest, woot!) when you sooo weren't feeling up to it. And I agree, running with someone is the bets - even if you don't even talk!

k2323 said...

So glad Jamie decided to run this one! It was neat to watch you really kick it in at the finish. So, maybe, next time, you'll run with me too?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are a Half Marathon STUD! I am going to steal your links, THANK YOU!!


I'm super thankful that your hubby took over so that you could hang with me all weekend! You rocked this race without even trying!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Yes, local races are the best! Congrats on another great half marathon finish even with the hills and mud!

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