Friday, June 29, 2012

RnR Seattle Recap

Thursday-Saturday...FUN!  Another Mother Runner house party kicked things off on Thursday, Friday was the expo that included a wonderful bloggy meet-up,  then it was dinner at, Chelsea's house to sleep and then RACE time...followed by more bloggy meet-up and back to Chelsea's.  Fun weekend that wore me out all this week...WORTH every minute!

"Another Mother Runner" Evening...
A great night to kick of the festivities with Sarah and all know who I'm talking about, but if you've been living under a rock you can check it out here!  It was a fun night and I finally picked up their new book, "Train Like a Mother".  

Expo time...oh yah!
The expo is always fun!  I Love spending time shopping and getting cool stuff!  I actually got some SWEET headphones to review and will be telling you about it soon!  You will probably want to read that post and get a pair for yourself that I would love to gift you!  A few companies I always have to stop by: Nuun, and RazzyRoo Headbands!  I also found a few new ones that I will continue to visit: SnuggBuds and Run Pretty Far.  

Prep the night before and morning of the race...

13.1 Miles!  This recap is all over the place, 
so bare with me!

No Garmin, No Worries!

I need to do this more for numerous reasons!  I didn't care, just ran with my friend Julie...though she did have on.  Usually I get mad at myself in races when I'm not beating any previous times and setting records for myself.  Taking off the Garmin took all that away!  I had no idea what my time was until I checked the next day from the computer...great strategy because it would have bothered me and I would have questioned what I could have done better...which is so silly because...

Guess what...I just ran 13.1 miles (I'm trusting RnR distance is accurate since I wasn't wearing my GARMIN, LOL), that's a half marathon and I should be proud of it!

I really wasn't expecting anything fabulous since my focus has not been only running, I'm a TRI girl with a TRI that's kind of where it's at... my heads at and clearly my legs too!  Any kind of speed that I possessed last year due to weight loss and lots of running has taken a break...bummer.  I guess less running doesn't make you faster?

I was worried about the new course because I loved the old one...very few hills and a majority of it was
along the water. New course...not like that!

It was fun to be in the same corral with so many friends!  It makes starting 13.1 miles way more fun when you are in a mess of friends.  We are getting better with how to coordinate that.  For next year, if you haven't already registered...make your goal time 2:00 hours and then we can all be together like a big, happy FAMILY!

The new course was way better than I had imagined, the first few miles were down (yah down...BEST DAY) the streets in Seattle, we ran past NUUN (very refreshing) then it was through that not so great part of town and the major hill was around mile 5 and was a big one, but once you started running up, you were half way there and then there was a MAJOR down hill which was harder than the uphill...and I like downhill, but I don't like feeling like I am going to fall!  Luckily no fall for me!

As we were splitting from the full marathoners the 1st Male Leader for the full was coming by with the pacer truck...awesome!  I tried to hitch a ride with the pacer truck, but no such luck...I was stuck to run with my own legs...darn'it!

Oh and I forgot to tell you, around mile 3, my ankle/shin started feeling...uh, not so great!  Nice...really?  Then by mile 9 my hip started to hurt!  This had never happened to me and with my Olympic Tri, 2-weeks away and Ragnar Relay in a was time to be smart and tell Julie to run ahead while I took a walking break.  It was hard, but honestly the best thing I could have done.  I let her fly and she did!

Better to be SMART than regret it while in pain later.  I haven't walked in a half for a while and I know I could have pushed through, but the minute I started walking my hip had some relief and then I got to feel the blisters forming on my was so special!  I ran and walked and it was nice to enjoy the views and see friends run by!

My hip was feeling way better and then it was time to climb the last hill to the finish line...yah, a friggen HILL to the finish...what's worse is the marathoners had to do the same!  NO FUN for you!  It wasn't all that bad and before I knew it I was SMILING for the camera at the FINISH line and snatching my award medal for my 4th Rock-n-Roll Seattle and my 7th HALF MARATHON!  As far as my time goes, it wasn't my BEST or WORST and with walking a bit at the end, I'm fine with the final results!

 A few highlights...(a few will be repeated from above):
  • Starting with my friends in CORRAL 11
  • Having a Brooks VIP Potty Pass, it's TOTALLY worth it!
  • Having the professional race photographers take lot of pictures of our bloggy meet-up prior to race
  • Not being nervous
  • Seeing friends that I haven't seen forever around mile 2-3
  • Drinking some nuun at the nuun headquarters, THANKS NUUN!
  • Talking to Julie about how I got her into running and then realizing she has kept me running...that's cool!
  • Seeing, Jamie in the first mile of her 2nd marathon...then seeing her finish and not limping when she came to meet-up with us...SWEET!
  • Seeing another friend around mile 11-12 and trying to catch up to say HI!  I never did until the finish line...but she for sure helped me push harder and run faster!
  • Only having to run 13.1 and not 26.2
  • It didn't rain!
  • Having friends finish their first HALF....HOLLA!
My friend, Julie ran her first HALF marathon and did amazing!  She allowed me to slow her down so we could do it was a great day!  Two years ago I helped her start running and during this half she helped me keep going!  Funny how the tables can turn sometime...isn't it great!

Teach people to run, 
so they will help you continue to run!

We had a wonderful time staying at a dear friend's house, Chelsea who is the most amazing HOSTESS!  Food, coffee, bathrooms...yah...see...she is AMAZING!  She drove us right to the gear-check!  She knows how to move around Seattle...and we are GRATEFUL!  She was also on the course trying to get people wasted, to run faster with mimosa's and taking all the gear we didn't want arm warmers!  At the finish line she had more beverages, peanut butter m&m's and orange slices!  Yah, friend a race girl could have!  Then we went back to her place and she made us lunch...yes, I have already reserved her place for June 2013!  So fun!

*Oh and please check out some my friends who joined me for RnR Seattle and blogged about it:
(Thanks Lauren for putting this list together, I added a few more)

Thursday, June 28, 2012 & Brooks Girl's Night Out!

I love weekends like this one!  So much fun stuff going on, so many friends, events, pictures, good food...really, who wouldn't love it?

A major highlight was going to for a GIRL'S NIGHT OUT hosted by both, and Brooks Shoes!  I knew it would be fun but had no idea all the special things these great companies would do for us.

OnlineShoes has a killer view of the Space Needle and Lake Union...BEAUTIFUL!  And after the crazy traffic and rain getting there (should've been a 7 minute ride, but ended up taking 45 minutes) was a relief to be welcomed by the wonderful ladies and Brooks Shoes!  Plus goodies sitting at each of our seats and food ready to go...PERFECT!

It was a small group of 15 bloggers and we got the VIP treatment!  Great crew of ladies, might I add!

We were presented with some amazing Brooks information about the direction they are going with Marketing and an amazing presentation about their current shoes and the science behind them.  A highlight was seeing a sneak peak at some shoes that won't be out for a while! You will be thrilled with what's coming, keep an eye out!  

A few of the shoes we checked out:

The first two are part of the Pure Project!  I have owned Pure Cadence since November and they are my favorite shoes!  I loved my Brooks Adrenaline's (and still do) and didn't think I could ever wear a shoe like the Cadence, but was shocked to find them extremely comfortable, very supportive and now I never want to take them off! 

Experience a joy ride for the senses when lightweight design meets killer comfort in the PureFlow. For runners who love the feel of free feet but count on cushion to go the distance, this shoe strikes the perfect balance. Breathable on top, flexible underneath, and altogether awesome looking.

Light on materials doesn't mean light on technology with the PureCadence. Experience the liberating feel of lean, lightweight design with stability innovations like a reinforced heel that cradles the foot, and landing zone pod that encourages a midfoot strike. And for all you shoe geeks, introducing the Internal PDRB, a soft density ramp strategically placed in the midsole that guides the foot through a smooth and stable transition.

This twelfth iteration of our most popular shoe is all about taking what’s great and making it even better. Adrenaline junkies can expect the same revered fit and feel with added upgrades like more mesh for breathability, a friction-resistance heel, and a crash pad that encompasses more strides.

Go ahead, spoil your feet. Slip them into the perfectly plush, incredibly balanced, Glycerin 10. We’ve designed the forefoot with enhanced flexibility for an effortless toe-off in every step. An updated saddle hugs the unique shape of your foot, while a full-length Brooks® DNA midsole customizes cushion to your individual stride. A luxurious ride from heel to toe, your feet will feel like a million bucks.

The Ghost 5 is so supremely smooth and impeccably balanced, it’s scary. We took the best of the award-winning Ghost 3 and 4 designs, built in new innovations, and then merged it all with striking colors and patterns. This shoe hits the sweet spot for a wide range of Neutral runners with a finely crafted Caterpillar Crash Pad and anatomical Brooks DNA.

Here is the sneak peak of the SECRET SHOES...shhh, don't tell anyone I showed you, Ok!  

And they let us take home a few, SWEET, AMAZING things...We were shocked and totally STOKED to get 2-pairs of Brooks Shoes...I needed a new pair of Cadence and Adrenaline's...PERFECT!  Thank you Brooks Shoes and  Can't wait to WEAR THEM!

We also got a VIP Potty pass, which if you ahve been to know how nice it is to have this pass!

To say we were happy would be an understatement...just look at us...or at least Zoe and Kerrie...and all the shoe box's!

Great night...Thanks, Mel for getting this going!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU... and Brooks Shoes for hosting this FUN night for us ladies!  

More to come about this wonderful weekend...Race Recap next!
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