Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tri-Training and FRIENDS

Dilettante Sprint Triathlon is SATURDAY!  It's going to be a great, first triathlon of the tri season.  Looking forward to it.  Can't wait to get my feet wet in this whole TRIATHLON thing.  Looking forward to learning a lot during so that I will be more prepared for REV3 Portland, next month.

People have been asking me how my training has been going and I'm never sure how to answer that.  The truth is that I never feel prepared and always feel like I could've done more.  I picked out a training plan, put together a calendar for that training plan and now its in a stack of papers that I put away while I was cleaning before company came to my house...weeks ago and haven't seen it since.  Yah, GOOD GOING!  I'm more of a person that loves putting a plan together but rarely follows it.  VERY glad that I decided to go for an olympic distance and not a half ironman.  Clearly I'm not ready for the training commitment!  Who knew?  Last time I checked...that was the whole reason I wanted to sign up for the, that kind of backfired?  I talked about it, HERE and HERE and really HERE!  I'm sure everytime I train for something I will always think I could have done more.  I could have pulled out the bike trainer more, ran more miles and practiced eating carbs for race day...actually if that last one counts...then I'm very well trained...Nutella and graham crackers...yah, we're good in that department. 

Cheers to less focus and still having fun? 
Green iced tea, light ice, light water, no classic! 

So now I'm hours away from my first TRI of the summer and I'm still stoked!  Clearly I will be able to do it and I think I will really enjoy.  There are times in life where we can be REALLY focused and other times, not so much and either's still a WIN-WIN!  I'm active, I'm enjoying what I'm doing and I'm loving the training time with friends.  Way more opportunities to hang with friends when you SWIM, CYCLE and RUN...

Speaking of FRIENDS...

Don't you love when someone talks you into something that you wouldn't have done?  I do...and I love to do it in I talk people into JOINING me for fun things, like marathons and triathlons.  Doing anything with friends is always going to be WAY more fun than doing it solo....don't ya think?  Yah, see...told ya!  This is Maggie and she was the first one that showed interest in doing the Dilettante Tri (Thanks FB) and so it began...we talked some our mutual friends into joining us...(evil voice...."bahhaaa, my plan is working perfectly" now back to nice voice)

Our last BRICK workout and of course a Dilettante Mocha
is a must to celebrate our Dilettante Tri TRAINING!
I'm so excited that we have a crew of friends coming to the Dilettante Triathlon.  Most of the gals who I begged, roped into asked to join me have never done a triathlon before.  Not that I'm experienced or anything...I have done ONE sprint triathlon...that means I'm basically a PRO, an ELITE...yah...I think so!  MMM...k then so glad we are on the same page now.

There she is...5-Mile Lake...I heard it's freezing, but I have my
super awesome, warm wetsuit...I'm not scared!
It's been great to get together for bike rides, open waters swims and the fun RUN after those.  We even got a private TRI-Training with my Master's Swim Coach this week...(and you thought I was joking about being a PRO) which was great for my friends to learn some tips and skills for swimming and transitions during the triathlon. 

Even the bikes enjoy being together!  See I told ya...WIN-WIN! 

Don't you think it time for you to TRY a TRI? 
Yah, I think so...I mean, why not?  Look how much fun this is?  Your jealous, but you don't have to be...just join us!  Bike jerseys are actually cooler than running shirts!  Clipping in is really cool and wetsuits are like spanks...totally flattering! 

Let's DO this!


ajh said...

Have a ton of fun!

Stephanie said...

Love ya Jill!! Thanks for roping me into this adventure! Let's do it!!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I wish I was better about training for tris. I totally love them, and the sprint is so my thing (I have a hard time staying focused on anything for more than a hour an a half) It looks like you are having a ton of fun, which yes, this is what it is all about! Hopefully, we will be able to do one together!

Ricole said...

You're going to do SO SO SO SO SO great! Next year I'll do it with you! I forgot why I didn't register - because we have Father's Day weekend plans with the father in law. I can't wait to read EVERYTHING about it! KILL IT!

Jamie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope your triathlon went well :)

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