Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Open Water Swim - SKILLS

Amazing day for a mile long swim!  I miss this place!
Sunday I swam a mile in Lake Tapps!  The more I swim in open water, the better it gets.  My breathing has slowed way down to the type of breathing I do in the pool.  I'm more comfortable and I think I even like it, which is good since I want to focus on triathlons.  The first 1/4 mile felt like a mile, but after was smooth sailing swimming.  My dad and husband kayaked beside me which made it easier to just swim and not worry about a boat or seadoo running me over.  I have been keeping my eyes shut under water...yes, I'm weird but depending on the lake...I don't want to see the bottom or fish and closing my eyes just solves that problem.  I swam .5 mile in 15 minutes and 1-mile in 32.  I felt great at the end which makes me realize I can push a lot harder. Can't wait to see what Saturday will bring for my FIRST sprint Triathlon of the season.  (I know you're sad, but there are no pictures of me in my wetsuit this post)

I worked on a couple techniques...

Pulling my legs (no kick) which made me seem to move faster...but not sure if it really did.  The wetsuit makes gliding and no kicking amazing...the pull you get is unreal because your legs just float!  You don't want to do this for the entire swim because you want to blood to keep flowing to your legs.  It's nice to do a little bit so you can save your legs for the bike and run. 

Ahhhh....I love my wetsuit. 

SIGHTING is for sure something to work on, which is a technique of lifting up your head so you can stay on course.  It's important you know where you're going so you don't waste energy swimming off course.  Also be careful because you don't want to strain your neck.  I prefer to breath and then look, but you can also look and then breathe...try it yourself and see what works best.  I only have my goggles above water when I look forward to sight.

To practice, pick something distinct and obvious to focus on like a orange cone/buoy, boat...

Start swimming and every 4-6 strokes, SIGHT!  It is for sure something you need to practice and it does get easier.
Here is a visual to help...

There are numerous ways to sight and you just have to practice and figure out what one works best for you.

This guy gives some GREAT open water swimming tips!


There is a lot of great tips for open water swimming.  I won't go on and on...because that would get way too long.  More too come!
We were at my dads to celebrate FATHERS DAY since he will be out of town this weekend.  Max was super excited to go kayaking with him, but my dad decided it was a great time to have Max try it himself.  I was a little nervous...Max was too, but I knew everything would be fine.  MAX did AMAZING!  It was so fun watching the two of them out there...
Dad and Max

Dad waiting for Max to load up

Off he goes!

Great day to kayak

This is where I grew up! I swam all summer and miss living the LAKE life!  It's great to see the boys enjoying it like I did.

Great day for a swim, great day to kayak...
AWESOME day to be with family!

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ajh said...

I am going to bookmark this so I can refer back to it when I can swim again. i love the thought of not having to kick all the time! Today was going to be my first OWS.
It must have been scary to have your son kayak alone but it sounds like he did well.

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