Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday, TRI training DAY! Swim-Bike-Run

If the above picture is a sign of triathlons to come...then I'm a happy camper!

Friday these gals and I did our first TRI training of the season.  We SWAM, BIKED and RAN!  I would highly suggest this to anyone who is doing a tri.  Getting used to transitions and what you need and don't need is a HUGE help.  At times I feel I worry more about the logistics of a race than the race itself.  I need to know details of how to get to and from point A-B...and with a TRIATHLON it's very important...transitions can make or break your race time. 

The weather was not ideal but great for training.  It had rained all morning and a bit on our bike ride which was good since race day could be a wet one.  Better to have trained in rain than not!  The temperature wasn't bad and even a little humid. Praying for clear skys and sun on June 16th and July 8th!

Suited up and ready to get in the water!  A way better experience during this open water swim.  I was calm and felt way more confident than last week and I used the tools I learned last weekProof that the more OWS I do...the better race day will be.  Oh and body glide totally helped with the wetsuit this happy I remembered.  It will now stay in my wetsuit bag!

T2 took way longer than it should have.  I need to work on this.
Off for 10-miles on the bike

Our turn around point...I love riding out here!
I love that there our hills on this ride which help me learn to climb! 
Flat trails are nice but not great training.

No pictures of our run, but we did RUN!  It was a great, short run and I know I could have done more. Running after biking makes me think of when I'm dreaming and I'm trying to run, but I get no where...that's how it feels.  It's a very strange feeling!  I also find that I'm out of breath quickly into the run, it does get better after a mile or so...but that is interesting to me.  I'm trying to learn how to pace myself better.   More training is still needed but I like when I finish a tri training and know I could have done more. 

Cleaned up and ready for some lunch!
Swim .25 miles
Bike 10.5 miles
Run 1 mile

My sweet Grandma made us lunch and dessert. Perfect after our training! THANKS,'re the best! My dad was going to kayak and bike with us, but he hurt his shoulder so he couldn't, bummer! But he was there to help us with timing our transitions, getting our bikes ready and getting us supplies if we needed them.  THANKS, DAD!  Loved having you there...YOU were a HUGE help!

My garmin was dead so the swim and run are estimates.  We took our time since this was the other 2-gals first time doing a tri training like this.  They did great and are such fun training buddies!  Our time wasn't bad which makes me excited to see how we will do on race day.  Looking forward to more tri training days like this and RACE day!  Can't wait!

Triathlon question?  How do you pace yourself in a TRIATHLON?
Do you race hard for as long as you can or do you hold back a bit so you have energy for the run?  I tend to want to push myself hard, but not sure I should be doing that.  It seems like when I don't push the bike too hard, I have more energy for the run. 
Figured more of you experienced triathletes could help me with this.


ajh said...

I have the same question about the pacing. Good for you for the training you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've never been to your blog before! It sounds like you're going for your first tri! That's so exciting! I'd love to do a tri someday...but first I have to learn how to bike and swim!

Lea said...

A triathlete doesn't have a good swim and a good bike followed by a bad run. If you have a bad run, you went out to hard on your bike/swim. So very true! Pace yourself and only lots of training and tri's will help you figure out that pace. Distance of the tri also plays a factor. The first goal is always just to finish.

Ricole said...

Do you have wetsuit recommendations? Short or long? Sleeves or no sleeves? I got one for my birthday but think I will exchange it but not sure what to get!

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