Thursday, September 30, 2010

Important Business or 3 Things Thursday!

There have been a few things I keep forgetting to tell you...which I'm sure you can all appreciate...

First...I LOST my first toenail!  Yes, yes it's true!  I had a blister under my little toenail after my marathon and it was slightly black...I kind of liked it (that's not weird at all, right...RIGHT!) because it's the simple things, like losing a toe nail that make you feel like a real runner.  This did happen a couple of months ago...but I just forgetting to tell you the EXCITING news!

Second...917 miles!  Yah you read that right...I'm almost to 1,000 miles for 2010.  I have strictly only counted running for my miles.  I am so excited and I think my goal will be to hit 1,000 by the end of October.  Thanks Mel, aka Tall-Mom for this challenge!  It has been so much fun to track my mileage and I'm shocked that I'm actually going to achieve it.  Putting a goal out there that seems unachievable is so much fun to overcome and actually do it.  Goals to push us to go somewhere is so beneficial.  Running a Marathon proved that...but running a 1,000 miles is very exciting too!

Third...I think I am one of the shortest in the bunch. I know I'm not tall, but I don't think I'm that short either...but after looking at so many of the pictures from last weekend...I feel SHORT!  Seeing people in the bloggyworld, through their really have no idea of there height.  You were all probably thinking I was like..6'4" or something...right?  Ok so maybe not, but this weekend I felt short.  Can I get a WOOT-WOOT for short runners...anyone, anyone?  Calling all SHORT, bloggy runners!  I am actually 5'4-1/2"...if you were wondering and wanted the facts!

I realized in my last post I didn't mention how AWESOME it was to meet so many bloggers.  We have a great bunch of local bloggers and they are pretty amazing.  At our bloggy dinner Saturday night we went around the room and made introductions and it was so great to hear from everyone and hear some of their personal stories.  Thank you for all of you who were able to make it.  I hope we can do more of those in the years to come.  I hope to be able to talk to more of you and get to know you better.  So when is the next race?

Speaking of...

PORTLAND MARATHON!!!!  I'm thinking of heading down to Portland to see some of you who are running.  Is there a dinner planned?  I thought I read something about something happening?  Is there anyone else spectating?  I would love to be a part of anything that is happening.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Go Girl...Race Report

I think I will start with the race...instead of trying to capture the entire weekend into one post.  But I do need to say...Meeting Tonia and Kayte was a major highlight for the week.  Hanging out with girlfriends the entire weekend was so much fun.  I'm so grateful to my husband for taking over so I could do this...such a fun weekend.

Jump...I learned from Mercer how to do this better...

Serious Team Picture!

Silly ladies...So fun!

Ok, Ok...back to the I said I would write about...  For some reason, my mind and body where not looking forward to running this race. Not sure if it's because I had an unexpected week off from running or because my lower back was really hurting? Who knows, but I wasn't feeling good about it.  Coming off a PR can be hard too because you’re not sure if you can get there again and/or beat it.  I was however looking forward to running the race with a bunch of friends who would be there! That was exciting to me, plus the fact that it was a local race 20 minutes from my house...SWEET!  Jamie and I had planned to run this half together, after her 17 miler she started having some leg issues and was taking some time off. Kim graciously invited me to join her and Kim for a sub-2 which I thought I would shoot for, but after the mental aspect and back pain...I just didn't know what I was going to do. Last minute Jamie decided to run...yippee. I was happy to have my friend and running buddy to run with. We decided to take it easy since she was still with her leg issues, but really wanted to run. Jamie picked me up Sunday morning and we headed over to T-town (Tacoma) to meet up with the rest of the ladies. Parking was very easy and Diana (our awesome TEAM CAPTAIN) had picked out a perfect meeting place (Tully's) which had a nice bathroom so we didn't have to wait for honey buckets, SCORE! We met up with the rest of the "Will Run for Ice Cream" team and chatted and took pictures. It was so much fun having such a huge group doing this race. Go TEAM! We headed to the start line and Jamie and I took our positions in the middle of the 9 & 10 minute pace groups. I had no expectation. We chatted with our friends and then we were off. I felt tired pretty quickly...yah I didn't think it was just body wasn't in the mood. We made our first turn-around and got to see everyone in the out and backs...that was fun. Jamie hated the fact that her leg was holding her back...even though she was still kicking butt, she hated people passing her! We totally made up for that in the  major hill that took us to Wrights Park...THANK YOU HILLY, neighborhood training. This park is not the safest and it will probably be the only time I ever run around it...but it was nice. It was a trail and was muddy, but was a nice change from the road. The downhill wasn't nice on Jamie's knee so we tried to take those easy. I was still tired, but just kept going. I wasn't looking at the watch much by that point. We had started out faster than we had wanted but were starting to even out now. Around mile 6 we turned on the iPods and I took a honey stick and zoned out. I totally had to go pee, which hasn't ever happened to me in a race. I stopped at mile 8 or 9 and went quickly...good thing I did. I ran out and saw Jamie up ahead and raced to catch up. Even though so many of us listen to our iPods during's so nice having someone beside you to run with. It helps me so much...left to myself it would be so easy to stop and walk or not push it as much. We did the turn around to head back and I was so happy to be headed to the finish. I thought we were passed mile 10 and almost to 11 when I looked down and saw we weren't even to mile 10 yet...that wasn't so fun. I needed something to drink and got some Gu Brew at the last water stop and that didn't sit well in the stomach (hate having stomach issues), but it had tasted so good I could have gulped a few cups...good thing I didn't! Mile 12 seriously seemed to TAKE forever.  I knew we were almost done...but my body wanted to be done!  Those are the times you have to start playing tricks in your head to keep going. I saw the finish line and I sped up...ran up the last little hill passing a few people and took the SHARP turn to the finish and SPRINTED to my 5th Half Marathon glad to be done and to have my 2nd best TIME.  For not expecting much and not feeling great about the race...I was thrilled with my time!

You Go Girl Stats:

Bib#: 123
Miles: 13.10
Time: 2:06:33
Pace: 9:40
Overall: 177
Division Place: 28/120

Jamie and I before the start

Some of my team members...AWESOME!

Norpoint Gals!  These gals all go to our gym and live in my neighborhood.  Local races ROCK!

Back of the crowd

Front of the crowd

Some of our team at the finish...So nice to be DONE!

Kerrie, the Birthday GIRL!  Happy Birthday Kerrie!!!!

Finish line (partial)team picture...

Read some of the other race reports and/or posts about the weekend from some of our team member...


*Please let me know if you posted and I missed it...I will link you in. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

You Go Girl...

...Well that's what I have to do right now...Go, swim lessons so I don't have time to post.  I have so much fun stuff to share and pictures to post.  I am exhausted from an AMAZING, FUN weekend that I'm sure you will be reading all about from all of the You Go Girl recaps.  We partied from early Friday morning to Sunday!  It was a blast and honestly I am really sad it's all over.  I had looked forward to this weekend for a long time and now it's gone.  It was so fun meeting Tonia and Katye!  We had a ton of fun touring Seattle, eating at amazing places and just getting to know each other in real life.  Tons of laughs...

Here are most of our team members from "Will Run for Ice Cream".  Great team...

Until time to swim.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a FRAUD!

...Well at least I feel like one sometime! Reading other running blogs and talking to other runners, it seems like everyone LOVES running ALL the time.  It's easy to think that the 20 milers you read about...sounded so easy.  I don't want to burst your bubble...but I have to be honest...I don't always LOVE running, in fact there are times that I feel like I have more BAD runs than GOOD runs.  Running never comes easy to still doesn't.  Even after training for a marathon, running my 4th half marathon and PR' still doesn't come easy.  Running is not always something I want to do, I would rather sleep, eat and watch TV...all at once than run.  I want to sleep in, have coffee with my friends and lounge in my PJ's all day instead of lacing up my running shoes. 

After a week of not running and knowing I had a half marathon to to run I knew I needed to get a run in.  During my 4 mile run that turned into 7 miles, I realized that running has totally changed for me, as I am sure it has for most runners.  I started running to lose baby weight and then continued so I could eat the food I wanted and also to stay SANE, while raising 2 boys!  This might come as a shock to some of you...but I don't love every step I take in my runs or every breath I take to continue the run...what I do getting out the stresses of the day...(lets be honest) of life.  I feel in control when I run, especially when my life at times seems uncontrollable.  I do it to overcome the very thing I always thought I couldn't do.  Every step, every breath...I am overcoming something that I couldn't do before.  I try to remember, it doesn't matter how long it takes me to get I look (but it does help when I like my cute outfit), it just matters that I finish!  I get embarrassed when people are in ah and impressed with what I do, because's just me...Running!  It doesn't seem like a big deal if I can do it, because if I can do it...anyone can do it.  I think people who want to run but don't because they are scared, would be shocked at what they could do if they just started.  We all started some where, right!

Was looking for a picture for this post...this one seemed perfect.  In the first mile of my FIRST marathon!  Great memories!  Setting out to do something I never thought I would!
I will say that the part about my run that I do when I FINISH!  There is no better feeling, ever...even after a hard run.  Just the simplicity of going out and getting it done is enough to carry you to the next run!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Running in the RAIN!

Oh my gosh...I just went a WHOLE week without running...shhhh...don't tell anyone!  Ok, ok...that cat's out of the bag.  It wasn't my plan for that to happen, but with going to the ocean, kids and just never happened.  After a FAST from running I decided to let today be the day that I broke that fast and went out for a run.  I was excited to try my cool, new, blue... Nike shirt out and I LOVE IT!  The first mile was BRUTAL!  Mile one wanted to remind me why it's good to NOT take a week off, but the rest of the miles were SO needed and felt AMAZING.  Thought I would go 3 or 4, but of course I went further.  The rain was coming down and I was loving it.  Running in the rain never sounds fun, but I have to say that some of my best runs have happened in the rain!  It's strange...I know, but there is something great about it!  Of course you need to have good rain gear to make it all work.  Funny how that was one of my reasons for not running this last week and today I loved my run because of the rain...oh go figure...I hate to run on hills and I hate to run on flat...what are you going to do...Tomato, toma(h)ta....Potato, Pota(h)ta!

I went a week with no running and with no blogging, but boy do we have a busy week coming up!  You Go Girl FESTIVITIES start next week!!!  Who is EXCITED...I am, I AM!  Hope my unplanned week off doesn't ruin my run?  Either way it's going to be a great race...regardless of my finish...just fun because it's local and a TON of friends will be running!  Can't wait, can't wait.

And because I have no running pictures...but I know you want some are some cute ones from our week at the ocean!

Oh my cuteness!

Love this pic!

The path with my cuties!

Max and I with our boots!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Totally honored...

Bloggy world is so fun.  I got an email from a Jodi at Run Jodi Run who asked me if she could spotlight me this week...I was totally honored and excited.  Thanks Jodi for asking was fun to think through all the questions and write it all down.  Jodi spotlights someone each Thursday so feel free to look at the other people she has spotlighted and also read my interview HERE.

Thanks again JODI!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A last minute HALF MARATHON=PR

Who knew that a last minute half marathon would be my day to PR!  I honestly had no plan of PR'ing...I'm more of a "just go out and enjoy the run, kind of gal", but since Mel gave up her chance to PR to run with me so I could PR...I figured I should take her up on it.  Plus it would be our first time running together and on our run we also realized it was our 4th half marathon!  It was such a fun morning from the meet-up all the way to the drop-off!  FUN DAY!

We met up with Amanda and Jess, who were running the 4 mile run.  Thanks to Amanda for driving and taking away all the nerves that Mel and I get for races since we are nervous nelly's and want to get to races way before start time.  Actually we were very calm, which made it even more enjoyable.  Since running my FULL marathon, half's don't make me as nervous and this was a flat course so it wasn't anything I was scared of.  The race started near the Winerys in Woodinville, which I have never been too.  It was a very low key, smaller setting than some of the races which is nice and helps keep the nerves away.  It was fun to run into Shelby, a local blogger.  We took some pictures, registered for the race, stopped for a potty break and then started the race

Registering so we can be LEGIT!!!
Mel, Amanda and Jess before the RACE!

You know who we are!

Because this is what we BLOGGERS DO! 

Amanda getting ready!

I  didn't get the left knee memo...

Shelby, Mel and I...local bloggers are so fun!

In front of us!

In the middle (When my PR was 2:10)

Behind us...
I was really looking forward to running with Mel, since we never have enough time to just chat and what better place to catch up than over 13.1 miles.  She was a great coach and we were running at a great pace.  My plan was to run the first 2 miles at a fast pace, since you end up doing that anyways, then slow it down until the last 2 miles, but we actually ended up running the same pace the entire time.  It was fun to run by the end of the Burke-Gilman Trail, where I ran a few of my LONG runs and see where it connected with the Snohomish River trail...I had always wanted to see where that was, perfect timing.  ***Some of you know that I struggle with stomach issues on my long runs and I have been trying to figure out what fuel I can use to not let that happen and today was the day to try some honey sticks that I had purchased at Pike Place Market.  It's small and natural and worked great.  I took it around mile 5 or 6 and it never bothered my stomach at all.  I have never really struggled with stomach issues on half's but gu's and stuff don't make me feel good so I was so glad that this didn't cause any issues.  I might have found my ANSWER.*** 

(I never get action shots while running...THANK Mel for taking these...always fun to see action shots)

Action shot...Mile 9 or was it 8?

Adjusted the clothing at the end of mile 8 or 9

Love this SHOT!  About to enter MILE 10

As we turned to up to the University of Washington Bothel campus we saw the leaders of the pack flying by and boy they were flying.  Wish I could have headed back that way with them, but we had a few miles to run before we got to that point.  We came to the one MAJOR hill in the course which was about 150 feet to climb, we picked up our knees and used our arms as momentum and made it up.  We got a few compliments in the next few miles about our matching outfits and our amazing RUNNING SKIRTS, love them.  It was warming up so we had to take our long sleeves shirts off, which is hard to do when your running and you have to take off your garmin and iPOD, but after a few minutes of wresting and my great coach holding my water, it was a success, really...since kids nothing is easy...even taking of a shirt off!  I love the part of the race when you are headed back, I put my iPod on so I could keep up our pace, music really helps me and since I typically start to lose my go-power around mile 10...figured it was time to plug-in.  It was perfect and it helped me keep up our pace.  As we were getting through the last few miles and I looked at my watch I was thinking that I might really be able to PR.  ***My current PR was 2:10 and that was my 1st half, my 2nd was 2:15 and my 3rd was 2:16 so I really didn't think I would be able to do much...from the pattern of my prevous time I should've ran a 2:18 or so!!!***  I was feeling good, in fact the entire run I had felt GREAT, I mean...I was tired, but not miserable and I was really enjoying the run and having my friend beside me who was helping me meet a goal that I didn't think I could meet.  That's what makes running so great...constantly surprising, even ourselves! 

We ran into our friend Shelby as we came into the last 2 miles.  I met Shelby when we ran our first marathon at Seattle Rock-n-Roll.  She is a sweet gal and it's so great running into friends at races.  I knew I could push through the pain for 2 more miles...EMBRACE the PAIN because it will be over and I will be happy I pushed it once I cross that finish line.  It was great to pass mile marker 12 and I was so excited that we were getting so close.  We came up to the back of the Brewery, where the finish line was and I knew it was just around the corner.  I tried to keep up the speed asI followed Mel up that slight incline as we turned the sharp corner...(the last mile always seem to last FOREVER) and I saw my friend and her husband walking back to their car...that was fun and random.  A little ways to go and we turned the corner to head to the finish line and saw Amanda and Jess waiting for us...

Almost there...

This is almost the exact moment where I told Mel...I am dying...I guess I lied!

...we ran and were almost done and I told Mel...I'm dying...she told me I was strong and I we ran around and saw the finish line and it said 2:02...Mel looked at me and said....Lets beat 2:03 and we sprinted, raised our hands together and crossed the finish line for an amazing 8-min PR!  It seriously made me want to cry when I saw 2:02...I was thinking I would come in at 2:08 or something like that...but to cut that much time of my PR...was AWESOME and to enjoy it and feel good the entire run was even better.  I never hit a wall or felt an ounce of doubt enter my mind, I never thought I couldn't do it...I just kept running!  It was so much fun running with Mel, FINALLY!  She allowed me to run at a pace I could handle, but also pushed me to keep it really helped.  THANK YOU MEL!  It was a great, FIRST, RUN together.  You really helped me and I sure appreciate it, FRIEND!

This race was fantastic for many reason, It was fun to do something with Amanda, since she will be moving soon, the race was very well organized and the volunteers where so GREAT and in such fantastic spirits, the people running where nice, the course was very well marked and it's fun to see the new sites.  I loved our outfits, it only cost me $25....since I didn't buy the t-shirt, it was a very good size race as far participants go and wasn't too big, plenty of water stops, easy parking and plenty of port-potties at then starting/finish line area...none on the race route, that could have been dangerous!

I still can't believe I PR'd and now that might make me re-think my plans for the You Go Girl!  Jamie and I are running it together and maybe we will run with Mel and Tonia and go for a sub-2!  WE will see, that will be a different course, but you never know what can happen.

And the sweat to prove my new PR

I love to sit after a PR


I have said it before and I will say it again, running with friends is so much fun.  This whole bloggy thing has shocked me and continues to amaze me because of all the friendships I have made with old and new friends!  I can't explain it...but it's amazing. Some people think blogging is silly and/or a waste of time, but it's days like this, when your bloggie friends are there cheering you on, pushing you, CONGRATULATING you on a BIG PR day...that others could never understand...Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and your Woot-Woot's on Facebook, daily mile, texting and means a lot to me.  It's the little things that make a huge difference...THANK YOU

It's fun to think that Mel and I started in elementary school together and went all through school together, but we were not near as close as we are now and that's all  because of running!  Who knew that all those years ago she would get me to a PR...  Life is sweet! 

Always a highlight after a half marathon with friends!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

You're a runner when...

...A friend asks you Saturday about running a half marathon on Monday and you can't stand... not to do it.  Mel asked me about doing the Super Jock-n-Jill Half Marathon and I was hoping it would work to do it...just had to sell it too hubby!  Well, he went for it and now it's time to get my race gear together and head up North in the morning for a last minute half marathon.  Excited, not just because it's flat, but because Mel has offered to pass up a PR opportunity to run with me.  THANKS MEL!!!  That's a great running buddy and friend.  This will be our first time running together and it is sure to be a fun time.  We are meeting Amanda and driving up together.  I love meeting up with my running buddies and going out there to run races together.  It's a major highlight of this bloggy, running world and I LOVE IT!  Though if you have been reading my blog for know that.  My goal since my marathon has been to be "HALF READY" at all tomorrow we will see if it hold true. I think it will though since I have been training with my dear friend, Jamie for her marathon and we have been doing double digit runs each week.

Time to get my last few items together and get some sleep for a fun, labor day half marathon.  Chat with you on the other side.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Sleeves...Give me a break!

I just don't have time to post or am I just too tired too post?  I do have some exciting things to share.... I  won a great giveaway from Shelly...WOOT, WOOT... I have been tagged on some awards that are going around BLOGGY LAND (thank you to those that have tagged me...I did see, just haven't gotten around to doing it) and some great runs with some great friends.  All good stuff!  The downside is I have a ton of laundry to do, life is starting to get "FALL" busy with school and swim lessons starting next week.  How am I going to do it all?  Being back in a routine will be nice, but it's just hard to thing about when I have been FREE all summer!  All I need is a house cleaner, a chef...for only 2-4 nights a week and a part-time nanny!  Is that too much to ask?

Oh and another thing...and it's not great!  I woke up Tuesday morning and it was POURING rain.  I figured I would try and make a short sleeves happen, but after seeing the 55 deg. temperature outside I went to the DARK side...and put on a LONG sleeve...oh man, yes I actually typed that!  A long sleeve shirt on the last day of August!  What is wrong with this picture?

Chat with ya later....
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