Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did someone say RnR Seattle?

(Sooooo, um yah... it's been a while since I have been around here, but I felt like it was time to come and dust off the blog and write a little something. Not much, just a little...)  Back to the title of this post...

Did someone say Rock-n-Roll Seattle?

I think so!  Just look at some of the titles of bloggers posts and you would know that Rock-n-Roll Seattle is totally happening!  We are in the thick of it people and it is GOSH DARN EXCITING!  Do you know all that is going down in the next 72 hours...A LOT! 

We are so going to rock, Rock-n-Roll Seattle
Totally stoked about the Expo tomorrow even though, Diana and I did a little run through this afternoon with the kids! RnR Expo's never disappoint, but who am I kidding...the handful of races I have done...this is by far the biggest and best.  There is a ton of stuff to see and check out and that is the reason I'm going twice!  It works for my personality because I hate to be rushed and really don't want to miss anything. 

Diana and I in our first race...ok, not really.  Marigold and Georgia stole the show!

Friday morning...the plan is to meet Tall-Mom and Blonde Ponytail for a little carpool up to Seattle where we will meet Kerrie, Chelsea and more peeps at the expo and have some lunch to prepare for our dinner in the evening...totally sounds about, friends, expo, shopping, food, friends and more food!  Really...does it get much better? it doesn't.  Can't wait to see you too Amanda and Stacie and anyone else I'm leaving out....There is going to be so many great people to see!

So my plan...oh my plan for RnR!  Well let me remind you that a handful of months ago I registered when there was a 24 hour discount for this race...and it happened to be the same day that Tall-mom and I spectated (swam) the Portland of course I registered for the full because, why not?  I was totally pumped after spectating a marathon and figured I totally should run another 26.2 miles for fun!  Um...hold up, no...don't think I want to do that again just yet.  So I'm registered for the full, but after coming back to the reality of training and time and I just want to run the HALF RnR because I love the half course.  I'm not running for time, but a PR never hurt either!  So who knows what will happen when I get out there, but I'm running with some dear friends, going to enjoy it! 

Really excited to finish, relax and cheer friends on as they finish their run and CONGRATULATE ZOE and KERRIE as they finish their first FULL MARATHON!  It's all fun and all EXCITING.

Can't wait, can't wait!  Now it's time to sleep...

Diana just finished a half while carrying her 2 girls...AMAZING!  Talk about multi-tasking!
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