Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I think I'm scared of running?!?!?!

Yah, it's true!  I'm scared of running!  What?  Why do I say that you ask?  Well it's not that is scares me but, let me give you an example.

Been running with a friend of mine on Sunday mornings!  She tells me Friday that we should run Saturday since it was supposed to be nice out.  Well, I haven't run for a week so I was a bit uneasy about slowing her down!  Lame...yah...it is! I didn't really respond to her about joining her and then Friday night, snuggled into the couch enjoying a nice glass of white wine...I got a text from this friend...saying "Should I assume you aren't coming or what"...Well shoot, now I have to make a decision and I know I should go but the idea of getting up early, being cold, not being able to have another glass of wine...it was all enough for me to get out of the run.  I explained my reasoning to her with, I haven't run in a week!  She kindly responded with...I don't mind if we run a slower pace!  Shoot...no way out now!  Ok, ok...I will go.

So the reasoning for my title!  Why am I so uneasy about something I know I can do?  What's up with that? (just had "What's up with that, What's up with that" SNL skit in my head)!  I get worried I will slow someone down, I hate that I haven't been running as much as I want to!  Fear totally set's in!  So lame, but do you get what I'm saying?

Like running a race!  I seriously worry about it sometimes?  The more I run races, the less I get like this, but with longer distances I do usually worry about my performance, which is normal...I know!  Running my marathon, I was totally scared even though I had run 25 miles for my longest run for the specific reason of knowing I could do it! 

Nice, matchy outfit!  This could be used for a future race?!?!?! 
The good news is...I ran that morning!  Best run!  It was beautiful!  I love running in the FALL..the air is crisp and you don't get so hot wearing long sleeve!  It's AWESOME!  Plus running with a friend makes all the difference.  Why do I put off running? Why? 

A major highlight...trying out my new Brooks! 

Brooks PureCadence...this is what Brooks says about them:

Lean construction fuses with a responsive fit in the PureCadence. For Guidance to Support runners, this shoe delivers more support through smart, streamlined features such as a wider Nav Band that’s locked in to the medial strike pod. A reinforced heel counter secures the foot and the internal PDRB helps prevent overpronation. The PureCadence gives runners who need more stability the chance to experience the feel of a natural foot strike with a lightweight, breathable shoe.

For their trial run...they were AMAZING!  I have been trying to run on the balls of my feet when I go up hill and these shoes had way more cushion than my adrenalines.  So far I'm in love and excited to see how they continue.  Plus they just look cool and different than what I have been running in for the last few years.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Beauty of FALL!

There really is no time like fall!  It's beautiful here, even though it's cold...you really can't beat the blue sky, the sun shining and all the amazing colors.  I love it. 

We got a little warm from all our running!

Before I begin...

I love kindergarten!  Not for reasons you might think...or maybe for exactly the reasons, you think!  Mothering is not always easy and the longer I'm a mom I feel like it takes a while to settle in.  That probably sounds kind of funny?  But your kids constantly change, QUICKLY which makes you feel like you cannot settle in at times.  Well I finally feel like as the kids have gotten older and I am settling in...Max is almost 6 and in school all day and Cole is 3 has pre-school 3 days a week.  This has allowed me some time to myself and great alone time with Cole.  Realizing that I have a short 2 years before Cole is in full day kindergarten...I'm realize I need to make our time count!  Ok...with all that said...it made today so much fun.  Trying to do something fun on the days, Cole is not in school has been fun.

So today I wanted to workout but didn't want to take him the the gym so I decided we would walk.  I really didn't think it would last more than a block or so...but I set my sights high...like a walk to STARBUCKS...yah, well that's 2 or so miles away, but hey why not head in that direction and see what happens? 

Well I was lucky, not Starbucks lucky, but way further than I would have thought. The best part is we ran...it was...as Cole would say "AWESOME".  He ran fast and up hills.  By the time we got to the gym to say hi to friends...I said, Cole, we have to walk back home too...Cole's response..."No, we have to RUN home".  We played on the playground and walked through the skate park, had a drink from the water fountain...then it was time to "Run" back.  The walk/run back was a little tiring for the 3 year old so we had a little piggy back ride part way...but no complaining which shocked me.

We were walking by an area with tons of tree's where tons of birds hang out...

Me: Cole, can you hear all those birds?
Cole: Yah, they are talking to their moms.
Me: Oh, really?  What are they saying?
Cole: They are asking their moms to help them go potty.
Me: Oh wow!  What else are they saying?
Cole:  They are asking for snacks, but their mom says No!

Running up a BIG hill!

Cole wants to take a picture...Nice job!

Love the view of Downtown

Downtown Tacoma...


"Take my picture, mom"

Oh, who doesn't love to swing?

Almost to the gym!

Wish I would have realized my camera lens needed to be cleaned...all my pictures would have been this clear.

It's days like this that I really appreciate simple moments!  I'm so happy that we can have fun while burning some energy! It's a WIN-WIN!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm ALIVE...I'm Alive!

Wow, it's been a long time! I think I started my last post this same way? It's funny when you don't blog...you feel like you have nothing to say and so much to say all at the same time.

For now here is a quick update about whats been happening around my hood...

Our summer was packed with a ton of fun things!  We got to enjoy some great family time in Osoyoos, BC and the boys and I went to the Oregon coast a couple times.  Had some fun at RnR Seattle and the You Go Girl with all our bloggy friends! 

*Sub-2...Yeah, I did it! RocknRoll Seattle Half 1:59:14.

*Max started Kindergarten!

*Cole started Pre-school
*Cole is potty trained, woot-woot!

*Loren and I spent our 10-year Anniversary in Kona for 10 days! Best trip!

*We had an amazing family trip to Osoyoos, BC in July!

*July trip to Gearhart, OR!

*August trip to Gearhart, OR!

*Max learned how to ride a bike...

*Ran Ragnar relay for my 2nd year and improved my times, big time!

*Ran my first Mud Run, Dirty Dash with Chelsea

*Ran You Go Girl for the 2nd year with "Team Will Run For Ice Cream"

More to come...but at least this will get us started!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did someone say RnR Seattle?

(Sooooo, um yah... it's been a while since I have been around here, but I felt like it was time to come and dust off the blog and write a little something. Not much, just a little...)  Back to the title of this post...

Did someone say Rock-n-Roll Seattle?

I think so!  Just look at some of the titles of bloggers posts and you would know that Rock-n-Roll Seattle is totally happening!  We are in the thick of it people and it is GOSH DARN EXCITING!  Do you know all that is going down in the next 72 hours...A LOT! 

We are so going to rock, Rock-n-Roll Seattle
Totally stoked about the Expo tomorrow even though, Diana and I did a little run through this afternoon with the kids! RnR Expo's never disappoint, but who am I kidding...the handful of races I have done...this is by far the biggest and best.  There is a ton of stuff to see and check out and that is the reason I'm going twice!  It works for my personality because I hate to be rushed and really don't want to miss anything. 

Diana and I in our first race...ok, not really.  Marigold and Georgia stole the show!

Friday morning...the plan is to meet Tall-Mom and Blonde Ponytail for a little carpool up to Seattle where we will meet Kerrie, Chelsea and more peeps at the expo and have some lunch to prepare for our dinner in the evening...totally sounds about right...coffee, friends, expo, shopping, food, friends and more food!  Really...does it get much better?  No...no it doesn't.  Can't wait to see you too Amanda and Stacie and anyone else I'm leaving out....There is going to be so many great people to see!

So my plan...oh my plan for RnR!  Well let me remind you that a handful of months ago I registered when there was a 24 hour discount for this race...and it happened to be the same day that Tall-mom and I spectated (swam) the Portland Marathon...so of course I registered for the full because, why not?  I was totally pumped after spectating a marathon and figured I totally should run another 26.2 miles for fun!  Um...hold up, no...don't think I want to do that again just yet.  So I'm registered for the full, but after coming back to the reality of training and time and I just want to run the HALF RnR because I love the half course.  I'm not running for time, but a PR never hurt either!  So who knows what will happen when I get out there, but I'm running with some dear friends, going to enjoy it! 

Really excited to finish, relax and cheer friends on as they finish their run and CONGRATULATE ZOE and KERRIE as they finish their first FULL MARATHON!  It's all fun and all EXCITING.

Can't wait, can't wait!  Now it's time to sleep...

Diana just finished a half while carrying her 2 girls...AMAZING!  Talk about multi-tasking!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday!

A few of my latest pictures that I love...and had to share!
My running crew!  We rock it every FRIDAY...HOLLA
Does it get any sweeter?

Our "Snack"

I love my new mug for my morning green tea...don't you?

My BF and I at one of my fave spots!

Cole in my cute swim cap ( Diana got me) and his true love, baseball!

My favorite Ranger, Max...posing per his request after T-ball pictures.  How cute is he?  He is such a sweet boy!  Oh and is now a registered kindergartner!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Evening Run over the Narrows!

I love where I live, on a SUNNY DAY!  Yah we get a lot of rain, but when the sun is out...it's A-Mazing.  Chelsea was coming to T-Town (Tacoma) for the weekend and had 8-10 miles on the schedule and needed a T-towner to do it with...that's where I came into the picture, or should I say the RUN? Well you know what I mean!  After a rainy week I was thrilled when Saturday turned out looking like this!  Don't let the clear sky fool you though...it wasn't WARM at all, but I will take the SUN with cold any day over rain.
The Tacoma Glass Museum!

I live over there...can you see it?

Met Chelsea at her mom's house where she grew up!  Got to meet all the dogs and then we were on our way.  It was fun to chat since I hadn't ever run with just Chelsea.  We ran by her high school and then onto the same trail I had run when I ran the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon a few years ago.  I didn't realize we were going to run over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge...that was cool.  If you ever get the chance to do that...do it.  It wasn't that windy until we turned around to go back over the bridge.  The views were spectacular with the sun and the clear sky's!  Neither of us had brought are cameras...bad bloggers, we know!  They are etched in our minds now!  We headed back home and faced a hill that I didn't like when I ran the Narrows Half, but this time it wasn't as bad since I knew what to expect. 
After our run!  The best part of a run!

We chatted the entire 8 miles about running, family, food and everything else there is to talk about!  We passed another school of Chelsea's...her preschool!  Wow that seems like forever ago!  How cool to grow up in the same place your entire life...I love that.  Before we knew it we were a few blocks from the house and we pushed it all the way to the end.  It was a great evening for a run. 

I was a little worried I wouldn't make it to run since it has been a busy few days and I don't typically run in the evenings and I was tired, but I'm so glad I did.  Thank goodness for friends and running with them because I don't think I would be running much at all lately.  I'm always more happy after a run with friends and time you get when you run with them...great way to get to know each other more! 

We can tell who didn't have to drive home!

Hmm...WE really are THAT AWESOME!

Silly face...

THANK FOR A GREAT RUN Chels! Awesome job on a DISTANCE PR! You are going to do great at the RnR Seattle Half Marathon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Envy!

If your a runner you can totally understand, especially if you aren't reading this from BOSTON!  Any runner knows the significance of BOSTON!  It's not just a CITY but a place you dream about as a runner.   I never thought about The Boston Marathon much before I became a runner, but the minute I was a runner I read about it, watched the Marathon live for the last few years, I'm addicted.  Through out the year I think about it and wish to be there, but as it gets closer and friends start talking about it and posting pictures of Boston...I really get BOSTON ENVY! 

I'm so excited for my friends running tomorrow morning and can't wait to Cyber STOCK them!  Amazing how you can be so anxious for people while they are running a marathon and that will be me tomorrow.

GOOD LUCK, MEL!  So excited for her and thrilled she is in BOSTON right now! 

There are so many more out there...GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!

Chelsea and I decided we are for sure spectating next year!  It's on...who's coming with us?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"My Run"

Waiting for the movie to start! 

The best part of the evening was hanging out with my friends/running buddies.  We always have some good time and many laughs.  We met up for dinner before the show and caught up on all our lives happenings and then headed over to the movie.  The movie wasn't as great as I hoped it would be but I was still glad I watched it.  Funny to see what people wore for running in the late 90's which I didn't realize was so long ago...but after seeing all the crazy styles in the movie it was a little confusing because it seemed like it was from the 80's.  I graduated high school in 1997 and to me it seems like a few years ago...guess not!  As a runner you feel like you know some things about running...what to wear, what not to wear, what to eat, what not to eat and so on.  It was shocking to see what this guy wore and what he ate or didn't eat for that matter!  Maybe times have changed?  Maybe I think I know a lot about running and I really don't?  Just funny to watch some things.

This mans journey is incredible and all that he set out to do.  I love when people go after something that they are passionate about.  He did something he believed in and made it happen.  It was such a difficult thing to do day after day!  Wow!  He ran for a cause and brought attention to something dear to his heart.  I think a lot of us our passionate about something but are never sure what to do with it or how to go about it.  I'm always inspired when people go "AFTER" it!  They don't just sit and dream about it, but they MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

KerrieJamie, Chelsea, Mel and ME!

Oh and by the way...all those ladies in that picture are running the Seattle RnR!  In case you were wondering!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Here we are again!  Oh yah...it's Friday!  I was so unmotivated today to run and was so happy I had 4 other ladies to get me out for my run.  Having a group to run with really changes things for the better.  Don't you all agree?  Ok I won't go on and on since my last post was all about running with my running group!  But I did have to show you the fun pictures from our run.  We missed our friends who couldn't make it this week.  Our plan was to do 5 or 6 but at the end of our run we had ran over 7 miles and that is not an April Fools joke! 

Some very wet shoes!  So grateful that these feet take me so far!

We clean up well!  Me and D (Diana) after our run after we were all cleaned up!  A little different then our after run photo when we were soaked!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh what FUN!

Running with friends is always fun, but running with a group of FRIENDS, FANTASTIC! Who knew? I had no idea what a great time it would be. Our Friday morning running club continues and is growing. We had 8 great gals this last Friday who ran and it was a great run, even though it was a tough, hilly course! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Yah, that's right! How many times have you said that on the tough part of a run? Too many times to count? Remember my, "I love where I live" post...that's the course we ran. It was another beautiful day for this run and again got to appreciate the amazing views with some fun gals. The hills are killer for the last 2 or so miles...straight up, oh WHAT FUN!?!?! A hard is always BETTER with people running it with you. Added an extra mile at the end for a 6.25 mile run! Good time had by all...well I hope by all!

Was so happy to have my dear friend, Jamie run with us.  It's been forever since we have run together!  Missing our runs together!

On Sunday I had some FREE time,  WHAT....FREE time!  I always get anxious with my free time and can never decide what to do since it so rarely happens!  I did a variety of things and one of them included a walk...run...walk...oh we will just run with Gracie, our dog.  It was so much fun!  I haven't taken Gracie out for a long time and was a little worried how she would do so we stayed close to home and did some laps.  She did great and it was so enjoyable!  We did 2 miles and then I did a little more after dropping her off at home.  I did a 3 mile run with her today and she did great.  It's great having her with me while I run and I know she loves being outside.  I love that she smiles...can you see how happy she is in the picture?  Cracks me up! 

I trained for most of marathon SOLO and now...the solo thing does not sound fun to me at all.  What has happened.  I used to prefer to do all my running solo and was scared to run with people...now it's all about the people runs!  I love it and it makes my runs so much more enjoyable with friends, a group of friends or my Gracie girl!  What fun!

Please feel free to join our Friday morning runs if you want!  We would love to have you!  But beware...we don't live in a FLAT running community so consider it a great Hill training run.  I love what Kim from (Just) Trying is for Girls said after running with us last year..."If you have a name for a hill, it's probably not a good hill"  And that is sooooo true! 
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