Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Beauty of FALL!

There really is no time like fall!  It's beautiful here, even though it's cold...you really can't beat the blue sky, the sun shining and all the amazing colors.  I love it. 

We got a little warm from all our running!

Before I begin...

I love kindergarten!  Not for reasons you might think...or maybe for exactly the reasons, you think!  Mothering is not always easy and the longer I'm a mom I feel like it takes a while to settle in.  That probably sounds kind of funny?  But your kids constantly change, QUICKLY which makes you feel like you cannot settle in at times.  Well I finally feel like as the kids have gotten older and I am settling in...Max is almost 6 and in school all day and Cole is 3 has pre-school 3 days a week.  This has allowed me some time to myself and great alone time with Cole.  Realizing that I have a short 2 years before Cole is in full day kindergarten...I'm realize I need to make our time count!  Ok...with all that said...it made today so much fun.  Trying to do something fun on the days, Cole is not in school has been fun.

So today I wanted to workout but didn't want to take him the the gym so I decided we would walk.  I really didn't think it would last more than a block or so...but I set my sights high...like a walk to STARBUCKS...yah, well that's 2 or so miles away, but hey why not head in that direction and see what happens? 

Well I was lucky, not Starbucks lucky, but way further than I would have thought. The best part is we ran...it was...as Cole would say "AWESOME".  He ran fast and up hills.  By the time we got to the gym to say hi to friends...I said, Cole, we have to walk back home too...Cole's response..."No, we have to RUN home".  We played on the playground and walked through the skate park, had a drink from the water fountain...then it was time to "Run" back.  The walk/run back was a little tiring for the 3 year old so we had a little piggy back ride part way...but no complaining which shocked me.

We were walking by an area with tons of tree's where tons of birds hang out...

Me: Cole, can you hear all those birds?
Cole: Yah, they are talking to their moms.
Me: Oh, really?  What are they saying?
Cole: They are asking their moms to help them go potty.
Me: Oh wow!  What else are they saying?
Cole:  They are asking for snacks, but their mom says No!

Running up a BIG hill!

Cole wants to take a picture...Nice job!

Love the view of Downtown

Downtown Tacoma...


"Take my picture, mom"

Oh, who doesn't love to swing?

Almost to the gym!

Wish I would have realized my camera lens needed to be cleaned...all my pictures would have been this clear.

It's days like this that I really appreciate simple moments!  I'm so happy that we can have fun while burning some energy! It's a WIN-WIN!!!


track coach and adorable wife said...


Fruit Fly said...

Fall is definitely my favorite season! It feels so calm (aside from non-stop racing and football games) and it is really pretty! Your bird convo is totally adorable!

Kerrie T. said...

Creating great memories!!!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ahhhh........I love seeing al these pics!!!!!! So homesick. Will I ever not feel homesick?

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