Thursday, April 29, 2010

20 Miler...That WAS HARD!

I guess new distance when you get into longer runs never really comes easy.  I did it...I am done with my FIRST 20 miles ever and now I am be done.  I ran the first 10 solo and then met up with my mom for the last 10.  Can't wait to write more...

20 miles done and now I get to enjoy me weekend.  Woot...woot.

Actually I have a weeks worth of runs to post.  I had a few great, FAST runs that I will tell you more about later.  Until then....Enjoy my....I am tired and in a little pain PICTURE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

18+ Miles and still Smiling!

Resting on the grass after running 18.22 miles...
Wow that was a GREAT run. It didn’t start out that way but it ended well. How can a PR day not end well, right? The first few miles I was a little out of it, my stomach hurt and the idea of having to run until 6 pm (started at 2:30) was getting to me. I quickly had to change my outlook and focus on this step and this mile and not worry about the rest. I was so happy to not have to run the entire way solo. My friend Diana asked me to run 9 with her today which worked out great. I would run 9 solo and meet her for the last 9. Breaking up a run does wonders on the MIND. Knowing that I had to 9 was great and running with her for the last 9 would change it up and keep my mind off the fact that I had already done 9.

Not fun stuff:
  • Running up “Nice” hill at mile 9.
  • Running “Mile-Long” hill twice. Could I do it at mile 13?
  • 18 miles, new mileage always makes me nervous.
  • At mile 11 I hit a mini-wall…Mental…Had to get through it and I did.
  • I had to skip my chiropractor appointment to get my run in…Would my HIP be ok?
  • Why does the last mile seem like 3?
Great Things:
  • Diana encouraged me up my 2nd date with “Mile-Long” hill of day at mile 13, which was so helpful and funny because I was encouraging her last week up the exact same hill.
  • Feeling some hip pain at mile 4 but it quickly went away…THANK GOODNESS!
  • Breaking up a LONG run makes a HUGE difference.
  • Running with a FRIEND who is running a distance PR is AWESOME.
  • Having energy at mile 17.60 to run a little faster to finish….feel so GOOD!
  • Finishing 18.22 miles and having me cell phone to post my success on Facebook…PRICELESS

So happy to be done.  We both distance PR'd!!! NICE!
Diana and I finished our run and rested on some grass before walking up “Nice” hill to get back to the gym to pick-up our kids. I cheered and yelled that I just ran 18.22 miles…I like to share my JOY! Long runs with friends is such a HUGE help to me…I can’t believe I waited so long to do it. One of the great things about running a distance like this is that it’s really allowing me to realize that I will and can run 26.2 miles. Knowing that after 18 miles I have 8.2 miles left…I can visualize that and before I really couldn’t. That really makes me value my training more and more.

Oh yah...that girl just ran 9 miles...furthest run ever!  You rocked it DIANA!  So proud of you!
I am so excited that I have my long run done before the weekend. I can go out with my husband tomorrow night without having to worry about my food intake for my long run and I don’t have to get up early Saturday….I am sleeping in! Getting the run in early…PRICELESS!

4.22.10 Stats:
1st Half (solo):
Miles: 9.22
Pace: 10:31
Time: 1:36:56
Calories: 1130

2nd Half (w/ Diana):
Miles: 9
Pace: 11:07
Time: 1:39:59
Calories: 1100

Miles: 18.22
Pace: 10:48
Time: 3:16:55

Thank you feet for getting me through 18.22 miles!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running Books? Help?

I am getting ready to purchase a few books on running, some training, some fun running books and would love to hear what you have read.   There are a ton of books out there and way to many to figured you could help!

I am looking at getting a few of Jeff Galloways books:
Marathon You Can Do It 
Galloway's Book on Running

And also:

Run Like a Mother

What have you read? What have you enjoyed?

Fun run with a Surprise at the end!

Wasn't sure where to go or how far to go...just started running. I was still feeling excited about my Monday evening run. The start of this run felt so much better then my first run on Monday, THANK GOODNESS. Got to run Mile Long Hill and Nice Hill...NICE! Right when I was ready to finish my friend Diana was just starting her run so we ran for .5 together. Great way to finish a run and get a little more mileage in.
4.20.10 Stats:
Miles: 5.67
Pace: 10:02
Time: 57
Calories: 781

Mile 1: 9:36
Mile 2: 9:35
                           Mile 3: 10:54 (Mile Long Hill)
Mile 4: 9:24
                   Mile 5: 11:12 (Nice Hill)
     .67: 9:24

I have been trying to figure out all week when I could run my 18 miler this week. Another full weekend of family get togethers for birthdays, anniversary’s and T-ball which was making it really hard to fit my run in. I was thrilled to get a text from Diana this afternoon asking me to run 9 with her tomorrow. So the plan is that I will run the first 9 solo and then meet her so she can run the last 9 with me. I am so excited that I don't have to run 18 all by myself. Yippee for friends who are training too!

Monday, April 19, 2010

You've Been SERVED...Case of the MONDAYS!

My running has been redeemed! The weather here has been amazing and I figured I should take advantage of it and try another run. I have done two-a-days a couple times and they went well so why not try again. I needed to finish the day out with a decent run and I did. It was an amazing run and when I finished and saw my time I couldn't believe it. I wanted to jump and yell with excitement but instead I just walked home with a HUGE smile on my face! This was so needed after this morning’s run. I guess breakfast for dinner was a GOOD thing! Oh and the fact that I got to wear my tank top for the first time this year was AWESOME!!! The longer days are making me HAPPY!

4.19.10 (run 2) Stats:
Miles: 4
Pace: 9:04
Time: 36:17
Calories: 502

Mile 1: 9:37 (Hill)
Mile 2: 9:01
Mile 3: 9:13
Mile 4: 8:28 

Somone is having a CASE of the MONDAYS!

Yah that would be me. I knew I needed to get a run in today since my last run was my 16 miler on Friday, but me mind was not into it. I was hoping it was one of those days that my mind and body were not feeling the same way. Got the kids to the kidsclub at the gym and got ready to go and I started my run and I was TIRED...what...I just started how can this be? I figured I would go 15 minutes and if I hated it then I would just head back.  At 15 minutes I still wasn't feeling it which is strange because usually after a mile or two...I start feeling better but not today.  I should have brought my would have been a good day to have it.  I was at 1.5 miles and I figured I would go 2 and walk back to the gym. I walked up a hill and then ran a little and made it back to the gym. How can I run 16 miles and then have a hard time getting to 3? Hmmmm....not good. Was it the food I ate? Yah maybe...What a doughnut and mocha for Sunday breakfast doesn't help?
I think a big problem for me is FOOD. I love food, its comfort and fun for me. I am a total sweet tooth and it's hard to control sometimes. I get really snaky at night and just want graze. After the kids go to bed I just sit on the couch and relax with food and TV. I have a problem! I run to stay sane and relax after the kids go to bed each night so I can have some down time. When you are running a lot you get hungry and need to eat for fuel, but it's so hard to balance when food is a struggle to begin with.
What do you do while training? Do you just eat what you want? Do you watch what you eat all the time? Or just when you have a long run planned? Maybe you are a healthy eater all the time? I can get the exercise in now I just need to get the food down.

I hope today was just a case of the Mondays and I will feel better. I do think the lack of healthy nutrition is playing a roll with my energy and I haven't been taking my vitamin D like I usually do. When you are losing so many calories it’s easy to eat whatever, but that can defeat the purpose of what I am trying to do! I need a pick me up. Hope an evening run will help a little...we will see!
Approximate Stats:
Miles: 3.5
Pace: 11
Time: 38
Calories: 415

Friday, April 16, 2010

16 Miles…Done!

I was looking forward to my run with Kerrie this morning and got everything ready the night before so I could get the kids up, dressed and fed…(Maybe not in that order) so we could get out the door and to the gym to meet Kerrie at 8:30. When I woke up and checked my phone I had a message from Kerrie saying that she was sick and she didn’t think she was going to make it. Felt bad for her. Being sick is no fun especially when you have a marathon to train for. Hoping she is doing better this evening and can get her long run in later this weekend. I had to go at it alone this time. Normally this would not be a big deal since I have done all of my long runs on my own, until last week. Now I think running long runs with friends is way more fun. I had to mentally find some motivation to do it. I felt tired from the start of my run, but luckily the sun was shining which makes all the difference.
  • I split my run into 4, 4 mile segments to break-it up.
  • Tried to go slower so I could enjoy the run and be stronger at the end. Going slower is hard to do.
  • Took me about 13 miles to get into gear…
  • Miles 13 & 14 were fast and I felt good. Maybe going a little slower did help because usually I am so tired at the end of my long run.
  • Why does the last mile seem to last FOREVER?
  • How am I going to run 18 next week?
  • The first 8 miles seemed to go slower than the last 8…the last eight seemed to fly by.

To get my 16 miles in I have to do a loop. I ran into one guy twice and when I saw him the second time he looked at me and seemed surprised. I thought to myself…That’s right buddy I am running 16 miles today…he must be so impressed, right? When we finally got closer he asked me if I had done that loop and with a big smile “I said yep, I am running 16 miles today” Knowing that he would be BLOWN away…well he actually didn’t seem to care at all and wanted to know how many miles that loop is. Um…don’t you want to know how far I am running? I told him I thought it was for 4 or 5…but wasn’t exactly sure. Maybe he didn’t hear me right…SIXTEEN MILES? Oh well…I am impressed and think it’s totally cool that I am running 16 MILES…even if strangers aren't impressed.

Get Better KERRIE so we can run 18 next week!  

4.16.2010 Stats:
Miles: 16.01
Pace: 10:59
Time: 2:55
Calories: 1976

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheering my friend on for 8 MILES!

My friend, Diana who I have mentioned before is training for her very first HALF MARATHON. I am so excited for her and was thrilled to be able to run with her while she ventured out to conquer her furthest distance, 8 miles. We decided to run a great route of out and back, but this did include “Mile-Long Hill”. It was raining when we got to the gym but slowed down to a drizzle while we ran. The first part is nice because it’s downhill, but then we go straight up “Mile Long Hill”. We took it slow up “Mile Long Hill” and did it…it was exciting to see her run all the way to the top with no stopping. Way to GO DIANA. She has 2 girls that are 11 months apart…The oldest is 2 so she is one BUSY Mama so we don’t have a ton of time to sit and talk so running is a great time to chit-chat and catch up. It was so much fun to run with her and help her achieve her DISTANCE record. I realized that running my own distance record is amazing, but just as amazing is helping a friend run her furthest distance. This whole running with others is so ROCKING MY RUNNING WORLD…I am getting addicted. We finished our 8 miles and high-fived and hugged because we were both thrilled that she did it.
Running has truly changed my life in so many ways and watching someone else get the running bug and go after a goal of running a half marathon is so exciting. Being a part of someone’s training and helping them get there is so rewarding. Some parts of running are no fun and then there are the parts that are great….they are life changing and keep you going. Those are the reasons I run…for those times and days that are life changing that make you want to keep running. Running a challenging hill, running further than ever before, beating your time…it’s all so rewarding.
4.13.2010 Stats:
Miles: 8
Pace: 11:05
Time: 1:28
Calories: 1005
4+4= 8....SWEET!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Solo run...

I love this route! It gives me 3 great hills to train on. It’s a perfect out and back to my gym. Keeps me challenged with the hills but allows me to enjoy the sites. It’s fun to run the same route and compare times.

Miles: 5.20
Pace: 9:49
Time: 51:04
Calories: 656

Mile 1: 9:37
Mile 2: 10:03
Mile 3: 9:33
Mile 4: 10:10
Mile 5: 9:59
Lap 6: 8:10

Saturday, April 10, 2010

15 with a FRIEND! So FUN!

I have to be honest; I usually prefer to run on my own. For many reasons…The first being that I am not that fast and when I run with people I start to feel insecure about my running…yes I am being honest., Second…I am a people pleaser so if you’re faster than me I will try to keep up so I don’t slow you down, Third…It’s “ME” time and I don’t get much of that at this stage in my life, FOURTH…I run out of energy and it’s harder to STOP when someone is with you (this is probably a GOOD thing), FIFTH…I get tired and it’s hard to talk when you’re tired. Those are a few reasons I have been nervous to run with people.

That being said I think I am starting to change my thoughts on this.  Training for a marathon makes you re-evaluate some things and this is one of them. When you are running so many miles each week you need to CHANGE it up a bit to keep it FUN and running with friends really CHANGES it up and makes it way more FUN. I have been running with more people in the last couple months, even people I really didn’t know that well, but this has turned out to be so GREAT and better then I would have thought. I am a people person so it has been so FUN to get to know new people over runs, catch up with old friends and just enjoy a running buddy from time to time. I still enjoy my runs by myself but running with others is a TREAT.

Bloggyland is GREAT! I have gotten lucky enough to meet some COOL local BLOGGERS! Kerrie being one of those cool bloggers who I got to meet when we ran Mercer Island together a couple weeks ago. We each have boys around the same age and we love to swim…look how much we have in common already!!! Plus if you read her blog you know she is FUNNY and I love FUNNY! I knew we would hit it off. She is a ton of fun and a sweet GAL!

Kerrie and I emailed earlier this week and decided to get together since we both had to tackle 15 miles. She had a great trail that she knew about which I was looking forward to since I always have to run on the busy, boring roads, well except when I trail run for 18 miles!?!?!? We met early (7:30am) which is rare for me. It was COLD…wow it was COLD! The trail was pretty and the SUN was shining which was so NICE. We had plenty to talk about since we really haven’t had a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. I love how running brings new friendships! The miles past quickly as we talked about kids, family, running, life and more. We were doing great with time until we hit the end of the trail and we still hadn’t hit 7.5 miles so we had think on our feet and we decided to head over to a school with a track and run around the track to get to 7.5 miles.
We high-fived as we hit our half way point and headed back. More people were on the trail by this time which is always fun to see. When the SUN is out in Washington…everyone is out and about…even if it’s only 37 deg. It seemed as if we were getting closer to the end but we still had a couple miles to go and sure enough we ran up the last hill and made it to the trail head with a 1.5 miles left to go…WHAT…how did that happen? We had to run on the road to get the rest of our miles in which is no fun. I like to run back to my car and be done and I don’t like being teased. Oh well…when training for a marathon…EXPECT the UNEXPECTED.
We ran 1.5 miles and finished. So glad to be done but WOW that went by fast. Running by myself 2+ hours seem to go sooooo sloooowwwww. Running with Kerrie, the time FLEeeewww by. It’s hard finding a running buddy that runs a similar pace! It was a Great 15 miles and it will be fun to have a friend to run with for more of my long runs. Great run, Fun TIMES!

Laying down so we can REST!

After coming off of a hard LONG run last week it was NICE to have a GREAT Run today. I felt good the whole way and had energy which is such a good sign. When the run was done I still felt good and wasn’t wiped like I usually am after a LONG run. A confidence booster for my MARATHON for SURE! Hope my next week long run is as good. Running with friends for LONG runs…WAY BETTER!

And we are DONE with 15 miles!  SWEET!

Totally forgot to put my STATS for this RUN!
4.10.10 Stats:
Miles: 15.13
Pace: 10:43
Time: 2:42
Calories: 1918

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catch up TIME!

Time to play catch up for my last couple weeks of runs!  I created this blog to log all of my runs so I don't like to miss out on one... so here they are!

March 30, 2010
Miles: 4.05
Pace: 10:07
Time: 40:59
Calories: 525

This was SUCH a beautiful run. I had come off of 3 days with no running and I had to squeeze a short run in. I had just gotten to my mom’s house and she told me about a hilly run right by her house. It was the CUTEST neighborhood that was all BEAVER CLEAVER houses...loved it. Thank goodness for STARBUCKS because I had to make a stop in the middle of my run...sorry TMI but hey if you’re a runner you appreciate and nice, clean bathroom that isn't plastic...Am I right? This run had 4 very good size hills with a big one at the end that made me get to the very TOP before Garmin would show 4 miles! Nice!

Big Hill at the end!  Looked WORSE in did! 

Back at my moms...ready to relax.

Waterfront RUN!
March 31, 2010
Miles: 7.01
Pace: 9:45
Time: 1:08
Calories: 912

This is such a FUN route!  Way less crowded than last time since it was a weekday.  Portland is many business people biking to work...I guess that is City living for you.  The first few miles I really wasn't feeling it but knew if I did 6 or 7 miles I would feel really good.  I pushed myself at the end to see what I could do. I was thrilled when I saw my splits.  When I have no hills I can go a little faster...nice to know.

Mile 1: 9:55
Mile 2: 9:52
Mile 3: 9:45
Mile 4: 9:57
Mile 5: 9:47
Mile 6: 9:50
Mile 7: 9:09
67 feet: 6:12

City of cool!

Love the bridges in Portland!

Didn't need the HAT because it didn't rain...oh well.

April 4, 2010
Miles: 5.05
Pace: 10:23
Time: 52:29
Calories: 668

I decided to take an easy day and not push it at all and just jog.  What a great day to do it.  I also decided to leave my iPod at home which sounds CRAZY especially if you know me...I never run without it.  It was a GREAT RUN.  I heard the birds chirping and it was so peaceful.  There were so few cars driving by.  It was strange to hear my own breathing and my feet hitting the ground.  GREAT RUN!  I need to slow it down every once in a while to just enjoy the run and my take in my surroundings.  I really tried to focus on going slower than my usual pace which is harder than I thought it would be.  It's so easy to always push and go all out but sometimes a slow jog is nice and relaxing and a great reminder of why I LOVE TO RUN.


Quick Treadmill Run
April 5, 2010
Miles: 2.4
Pace: 9:35
Time: 23
Calories: 322

I hate the treadmill.  I applaud all of you who can log so many miles on the mill!  Wow...

5 Miles with HILLS!
April 7, 2010
Miles: 5.21
Pace: 9:51
Time: 51:20
Calories: 679

I have been purposely  not doing this route because I hate one of the hills, but figured I needed to GET OVER IT!  So I did...I got over it by RUNNING over it.  This is a great route with 3 big hills that make it a great workout.


Today's Run with Diana!
April 8, 2010
Miles: 6.10
Pace: 10:04
Time: 1:01
Calories: 794

I got to run with my friend, Diana.  She had a tough hour of personal training before our run so we only ran 2 miles together.  It was a SUNNY, WINDY run.  I was shocked that as I was going up one of the hills and the wind actually pushed me up a little bit...that so rarely happens...or maybe it's because I have lost weight and I am so light????  Yah...that's it....  I was anxious to run today because I had an adjustment at the chiropractor...hoping it will help with my HIP pain.  I felt a little hip pain as I was running up one of the hills, but nothing after that.  Was only going to do 5, but then threw in another mile for FUN!  Such a great day to run.  Hope this weather hold up until Saturday when I run 15 miles with Kerrie.

Finally I am caught up on my runs!  Sorry to be MIA!  Blogging is TIME consuming.  How do you all fit it in?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 miles is NOT EASY!

But I did it anyways. As I was packing earlier this week to come to my moms I debated bringing my hydrations belt and body glide. I thought there was a slim chance to get an 18 mile run in unknown territory. Though Portland is known for their running trails! I should have just brought them because Wednesday night came along and I wasn't ready to leave to go home yet. With a full weekend of T-Ball, Easter Egg Hunts and movies planned; spending 3 hours running wouldn't fit in. Either I leave Thursday and run Friday morning at home and coordinate childcare or a do my 18 miler while my mom watches the kids. The only problem with that is that I needed to find a long of trail to keep my interest. I hate running in new places for my long runs...just a mental thing which I have talked about before. This morning I decided it would be great to just get my long run done and spend another day with my mom. Plus not having to coordinate childcare for the time was perfect. Luckily my mom has a handheld water bottle that I could use...even though I didn't want to hold water for that was better than nothing. You have to have water for a 3+ hour run!

Around Mile 4 I pretty!
 I researched online a trail that my mom told me about and read reviews as much as I could. It's the Leif Erikson Drive. It an 11 mile trail run that is out and back which had mile marker every quarter mile. My mom has run it before and thought I could do it. I have always wanted to try trail running, just never thought it would be for my first 18 miler. I don't get to do out and backs and figured it would be nice. 9 out...9 hard could it be??? Yah...RiGHT! It's hard.

Found the trail head and started my run...oops... forgot my back to the car...ok we are ready. First 4 miles felt great and were uphill...the first mile was a pretty steady climb. It reminded me of the first 4 miles of Mercer Island... curvy roads. I was running through the forest and it was breathtaking. I thought I need to do more runs like this. No cars, no roads....just nature! I loved it. At mile 5.5 the trail got a little confusing with 4 ways to go and no direction started up a steep trail and quickly realized it wasn't right. Thought maybe I should turn around and head back...maybe it meant it was 11 miles total out and back. Then I found the trail and kept going. After mile 7 it got really muddy. Have you run in muddy areas...a little tricky? My shoes got dirty and wet...not fun...but oh well. Got to mile 9 and had to go a little further since my mile wasn't matching up with the trails markers. I was tired but feeling ok. My hip had started bugging me around mile 6 and once I turned around it started hurting more. I felt like there was a lot of inclines in the first 9, but as I was running back....didn't feel that way as much...shooooot! I was looking forward to those downhills. I still had 8.75 miles to run and I was tired! Trail running wasn't as fun at that moment. These are the time when I feel stuck and am glad that I am not close to my house or a street for that matter because I surely would have called it good at 10 miles or so and gone home. But I had no choice but to work my way back. I kept thinking how I should have just turned around at 5.5 miles and that would have been great and I wouldn't be stuck up here with my sore hip. Started questioning again if I could or should be running a FULL, maybe I should try and PR the HALF. Shooootttt I already told so many people that I was doing a FULL marathon...why do I do that! That's why I train work through those mental times. I walked more then I had planned but didn't know what else to do...Mentally I was DONE! Still had to get down so I just kept running and walking until I finally made it all...the...way...DOWN! I was so happy to see my car. I sat in my car and guzzled my Gatorade so quickly...I love Gatorade after a long, tough run.

Muddy shoes and pants...this in place of my typical face picture...wasn't feeling it
 today!I was so glad to be done. Trail running is fun, but maybe not for an 18 mile run... for my first trail run! Lessons are ALWAYS learned on LONG RUN DAYS! I praise God that I have legs to run! At the same time I ask God why I can't be a better runner...but I realize I run for ME! It doesn't matter my times or speed...I run to be healthy, to stay sane, to inspire my kids and to do something I never thought I could do!

I really hate to sound negative...sometime I feel like I do a lot of that on here. I'm a high disclosure kind of gal...I have to share as many thoughts as I can remember! You are runners and I know I can vent and you might understand where I'm at. I like to be positive but sometimes you just have to be honest...I love running....I hate running....I love running...I hate running!!!!

It's nice to have my weekend ahead of me and my long run behind me!
4.1.10 Stats:
Miles: 18
Pace: 11:16
Time: 3:23
Calories: 2849...LOVE IT! 

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