Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheering my friend on for 8 MILES!

My friend, Diana who I have mentioned before is training for her very first HALF MARATHON. I am so excited for her and was thrilled to be able to run with her while she ventured out to conquer her furthest distance, 8 miles. We decided to run a great route of out and back, but this did include “Mile-Long Hill”. It was raining when we got to the gym but slowed down to a drizzle while we ran. The first part is nice because it’s downhill, but then we go straight up “Mile Long Hill”. We took it slow up “Mile Long Hill” and did it…it was exciting to see her run all the way to the top with no stopping. Way to GO DIANA. She has 2 girls that are 11 months apart…The oldest is 2 so she is one BUSY Mama so we don’t have a ton of time to sit and talk so running is a great time to chit-chat and catch up. It was so much fun to run with her and help her achieve her DISTANCE record. I realized that running my own distance record is amazing, but just as amazing is helping a friend run her furthest distance. This whole running with others is so ROCKING MY RUNNING WORLD…I am getting addicted. We finished our 8 miles and high-fived and hugged because we were both thrilled that she did it.
Running has truly changed my life in so many ways and watching someone else get the running bug and go after a goal of running a half marathon is so exciting. Being a part of someone’s training and helping them get there is so rewarding. Some parts of running are no fun and then there are the parts that are great….they are life changing and keep you going. Those are the reasons I run…for those times and days that are life changing that make you want to keep running. Running a challenging hill, running further than ever before, beating your time…it’s all so rewarding.
4.13.2010 Stats:
Miles: 8
Pace: 11:05
Time: 1:28
Calories: 1005
4+4= 8....SWEET!


Judi said...

Great post! I love running with others too! I have been on both ends - running to help someone else and having someone help me! Sharing the gift of running is a wonderful thing!

ajh said...

You are lucky to be running with this friend and being such an inspiration!

Michele said...

Yay! I love running with others too! It's so nice to have others truck along with you on those long hard days... as well as the easy days!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
Running with friends is the best!! The time goes by so much faster:) It is great of you to be helping must be an inspiration:) Nice job on the 8 miler!

Molly said...

I only started running with others last fall in a weekend group, it's so much fun!! Love having people around who understand the running obsession! : )

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

LOVE IT!! I so agree I LOVE to run with friends and help them accomplish their goals..

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