Monday, April 19, 2010

Somone is having a CASE of the MONDAYS!

Yah that would be me. I knew I needed to get a run in today since my last run was my 16 miler on Friday, but me mind was not into it. I was hoping it was one of those days that my mind and body were not feeling the same way. Got the kids to the kidsclub at the gym and got ready to go and I started my run and I was TIRED...what...I just started how can this be? I figured I would go 15 minutes and if I hated it then I would just head back.  At 15 minutes I still wasn't feeling it which is strange because usually after a mile or two...I start feeling better but not today.  I should have brought my would have been a good day to have it.  I was at 1.5 miles and I figured I would go 2 and walk back to the gym. I walked up a hill and then ran a little and made it back to the gym. How can I run 16 miles and then have a hard time getting to 3? Hmmmm....not good. Was it the food I ate? Yah maybe...What a doughnut and mocha for Sunday breakfast doesn't help?
I think a big problem for me is FOOD. I love food, its comfort and fun for me. I am a total sweet tooth and it's hard to control sometimes. I get really snaky at night and just want graze. After the kids go to bed I just sit on the couch and relax with food and TV. I have a problem! I run to stay sane and relax after the kids go to bed each night so I can have some down time. When you are running a lot you get hungry and need to eat for fuel, but it's so hard to balance when food is a struggle to begin with.
What do you do while training? Do you just eat what you want? Do you watch what you eat all the time? Or just when you have a long run planned? Maybe you are a healthy eater all the time? I can get the exercise in now I just need to get the food down.

I hope today was just a case of the Mondays and I will feel better. I do think the lack of healthy nutrition is playing a roll with my energy and I haven't been taking my vitamin D like I usually do. When you are losing so many calories it’s easy to eat whatever, but that can defeat the purpose of what I am trying to do! I need a pick me up. Hope an evening run will help a little...we will see!
Approximate Stats:
Miles: 3.5
Pace: 11
Time: 38
Calories: 415


Ewa said...

Tired? Need a day off?
After running 16mi what you are feeling is not that unusual. Maybe your body is telling you it needs to regenerate.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
As for food... I am not a good person to ask. It is very, very hard for me to control my cravings. I don't think (that is my mind does not) that running entitles me to eat whatever I crave. Something else (and I have no idea what that is) pushes me towards all those things I know are not good for me.
I know this makes perfect sense from survival point of view; the only thing is that I am not in the savanna. I am few steps form my fridge and just a couple of miles from a supremarket. So it is a battle and my mind doesn't win all the time.
Hope you are feeling stronger soon.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I find myself wanting to eat healthier on long run days so that my body can repair itself and get me through another long run, but I don't eat healthy all the time, just most of the time - or at least that's the goal!

Hoping you'll feel better very soon!

Judi said...

I hear ya! I do good for a while and then I get off track. But when I am not eating well my runs just don't go as well. Often before a race I get so nervous I eat more than I should - I really have to figure out how to tackle this problem! :) I like food too much!

Good luck - I guess that is why these running blogs are so great.

Kerrie T. said...

I struggle with the food thing, too. I feel like I deserve to eat whatever I want after working out, but then, like you said, it's self-defeating. I've been tracking my calories (most days) and I've lost or stayed relatively close to the same. I definitely notice when I didn't eat right or drink enough water, though.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

I feel better (running wise and in general) if I stick to eating healthy all of the time. Once a week, I will have a big cookie after dinner. Every other night, I have fruit and yogurt, and two tablespoons of granola. In the past, if I got "off track" at all, it would lead to a steamroll effect. Now, I just stay on track, and I don't have to worry about messing up and having regrets later. After eating healthy for about two years now, I don't even want the junky stuff anymore!

ajh said...

Last week on vacation I ate tons! I ran 60+ miles and gained weight. I haven't weighed myself but pants are tight!!!! I can never eat all I want. I also have a big sweet tooth and find food a comfort. Bad combo! Good luck!

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