Friday, April 16, 2010

16 Miles…Done!

I was looking forward to my run with Kerrie this morning and got everything ready the night before so I could get the kids up, dressed and fed…(Maybe not in that order) so we could get out the door and to the gym to meet Kerrie at 8:30. When I woke up and checked my phone I had a message from Kerrie saying that she was sick and she didn’t think she was going to make it. Felt bad for her. Being sick is no fun especially when you have a marathon to train for. Hoping she is doing better this evening and can get her long run in later this weekend. I had to go at it alone this time. Normally this would not be a big deal since I have done all of my long runs on my own, until last week. Now I think running long runs with friends is way more fun. I had to mentally find some motivation to do it. I felt tired from the start of my run, but luckily the sun was shining which makes all the difference.
  • I split my run into 4, 4 mile segments to break-it up.
  • Tried to go slower so I could enjoy the run and be stronger at the end. Going slower is hard to do.
  • Took me about 13 miles to get into gear…
  • Miles 13 & 14 were fast and I felt good. Maybe going a little slower did help because usually I am so tired at the end of my long run.
  • Why does the last mile seem to last FOREVER?
  • How am I going to run 18 next week?
  • The first 8 miles seemed to go slower than the last 8…the last eight seemed to fly by.

To get my 16 miles in I have to do a loop. I ran into one guy twice and when I saw him the second time he looked at me and seemed surprised. I thought to myself…That’s right buddy I am running 16 miles today…he must be so impressed, right? When we finally got closer he asked me if I had done that loop and with a big smile “I said yep, I am running 16 miles today” Knowing that he would be BLOWN away…well he actually didn’t seem to care at all and wanted to know how many miles that loop is. Um…don’t you want to know how far I am running? I told him I thought it was for 4 or 5…but wasn’t exactly sure. Maybe he didn’t hear me right…SIXTEEN MILES? Oh well…I am impressed and think it’s totally cool that I am running 16 MILES…even if strangers aren't impressed.

Get Better KERRIE so we can run 18 next week!  

4.16.2010 Stats:
Miles: 16.01
Pace: 10:59
Time: 2:55
Calories: 1976


Diana said...

For the record....... I am totally impressed to hear you ran 16 miles! Thanks again friend, for the awesome run this week.... maybe we can do my 9 miles together next week! Love ya!

Lisa said...

Ha ha, the nerve of some people!

I think it's way cool you ran 16 miles and even cooler that you didn't change your mind and not run when you found out Kerrie couldn't. Great job!

Lisa said...

Re the comment you left on my blog. Spin class is WILL love it.

Don't be scared, just do your thing. Its a great non-impact workout and you will sweat like you never knew you could. I love it.

Bring a towel to drape over the handle bars so that 1)you don't have to touch everyone else's germy germs (I'm kind of a germaphobe) and 2)use the top side of it to wipe your face (I always lay the towel tag side down so I wipe with the non-germy side) Yeah, I have issues :)

Have fun. Can't wait to read about it.

Anne said...

Wow! 16 miles is a lot :) ...and I just know you are going to rock 18 miles this weekend! Keep on keeping on :)


Awesome job on the 16 miles! Don't worry about the 18. You will rock it!

Ewa said...

Good job on your 16! You will do great on your 18 too. I like the idea of breaking up a run into shorter segments. Will have to try it one day.
And I so agree that running slow is hard but sometimes you have to. I did not (when I knew better) and now I have an injury to nurse.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I break my run up into segments, too. On a tough run, I'll just focus on one mile at a time and not think about the 15 others I'll be running! 16 is a long way and 18 is even farther, but you'll be rested up (after a week) and you can do it!

Kerrie T. said...

I for one AM impressed. Well done. I know if my running buddy called in sick, I probably would too. :)

ajh said...

Everyone should be impressed with a 16 mile run! You rock!

Hannah said...

I am CRACKING UP at your last paragraph about the unimpressed guy! I'm impressed! I'm impressed! Sounds like we're quite close in our training...not suprising, since we're both doing RnR Seattle! I did 16 the weekend before last, and 18 two days ago.

Love the pictures. :)

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