Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I think I'm scared of running?!?!?!

Yah, it's true!  I'm scared of running!  What?  Why do I say that you ask?  Well it's not that is scares me but, let me give you an example.

Been running with a friend of mine on Sunday mornings!  She tells me Friday that we should run Saturday since it was supposed to be nice out.  Well, I haven't run for a week so I was a bit uneasy about slowing her down!  Lame...yah...it is! I didn't really respond to her about joining her and then Friday night, snuggled into the couch enjoying a nice glass of white wine...I got a text from this friend...saying "Should I assume you aren't coming or what"...Well shoot, now I have to make a decision and I know I should go but the idea of getting up early, being cold, not being able to have another glass of wine...it was all enough for me to get out of the run.  I explained my reasoning to her with, I haven't run in a week!  She kindly responded with...I don't mind if we run a slower pace!  Shoot...no way out now!  Ok, ok...I will go.

So the reasoning for my title!  Why am I so uneasy about something I know I can do?  What's up with that? (just had "What's up with that, What's up with that" SNL skit in my head)!  I get worried I will slow someone down, I hate that I haven't been running as much as I want to!  Fear totally set's in!  So lame, but do you get what I'm saying?

Like running a race!  I seriously worry about it sometimes?  The more I run races, the less I get like this, but with longer distances I do usually worry about my performance, which is normal...I know!  Running my marathon, I was totally scared even though I had run 25 miles for my longest run for the specific reason of knowing I could do it! 

Nice, matchy outfit!  This could be used for a future race?!?!?! 
The good news is...I ran that morning!  Best run!  It was beautiful!  I love running in the FALL..the air is crisp and you don't get so hot wearing long sleeve!  It's AWESOME!  Plus running with a friend makes all the difference.  Why do I put off running? Why? 

A major highlight...trying out my new Brooks! 

Brooks PureCadence...this is what Brooks says about them:

Lean construction fuses with a responsive fit in the PureCadence. For Guidance to Support runners, this shoe delivers more support through smart, streamlined features such as a wider Nav Band that’s locked in to the medial strike pod. A reinforced heel counter secures the foot and the internal PDRB helps prevent overpronation. The PureCadence gives runners who need more stability the chance to experience the feel of a natural foot strike with a lightweight, breathable shoe.

For their trial run...they were AMAZING!  I have been trying to run on the balls of my feet when I go up hill and these shoes had way more cushion than my adrenalines.  So far I'm in love and excited to see how they continue.  Plus they just look cool and different than what I have been running in for the last few years.
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