Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally, REV3 Olympic TRI RECAP! (long)

I love REV3!  They put on an amazing RACE!  They have plenty of staff that are fun and so helpful.  Their volunteers are just as amazing.  They have an information booth that is always staffed so if you don't know where to go or need a question answered...they can help.  Very organized as far as packet pick-up and timing chips.  Their transition area is the best I have seen and the finish line makes you feel like a PRO!  The bike racks aren't even racks, they are on the ground and give you plenty of room for your bike and your stuff and even have an official name plate for every participant, you the PRO's!
Yah, on the end...right by the exit!

Walking into the expo area was fun!  Great atmosphere!  I immediately saw Harmony as she was walking her bike into transition and said hello and headed over to get my packet which had tons of stickers with my number for the bike and everything else, plus tattoos for my body markings.  Headed over to get my timing chip and change into the Athena division (figured there was a better chance to place).  They also took my picture for the the finish line, they show your picture as you're coming through, FUN stuff if you ask me.  Got my bike are stickered up (I hate putting stickers on m y bike) and set-up in transition...this made it REAL (you would have thought the registration fee would've done that)!

Having a friend do a race with you is way better than tri'ing SOLO.  Harmony joined me in this adventure and I was thrilled to have her and her family there on race day.  It meant that our families could hang out while we rocked our TRI!  Great plan and I highly recommend it.  Our families did the "Little Rev" Race together which was HOT and FUN!  And way further than I ever imagined.  Thankfully my 6-year old has a little competitive streak in him and ran to all the check-points and didn't even want to wait for the rest of our family at the finish because he wanted to be first!  Really?  He still thinks we were first because we were the only ones running through the chute!  I won't tell him... 

Cole is MORE than ready!

Max and Harmony's kids leading
the "Little Rev" race
Love that they give the kids medals!
After the expo we headed back to my mom's house for the night and I hadn't realized how exhausted I was. We walked over to Spaghetti Factory and ate dinner.  We headed back home and I got all my stuff ready for the next day.  Figured out my outfit and fuel and hubby helped me put all my tattoos on. Nuun and water was ready and chilling in the fridge.  I relaxed with a nice bath and headed to bed.  I was ready!

RACE MORNING!  I woke up before the alarm and felt great.  Took my time with breakfast and just took it easy and wasn't feeling rushed which I prefer for race morning.  Dropping the bike off the day before made everything a ton easier.

My family dropped me off and I headed to finalize my set-up.  Walking into the transition area felt amazing and I loved the energy.  It got my so excited for what we were about to do. Harmony was just 2 spots down but wasn't there yet.  You can learn a lot from watching people get their transition area ready.  Everyone has their thing they do!  Putting powder in your socks, placing your helmet a certain know!  Before I knew was time to get the wetsuit on.  I saw Sonya, my friend from the Dilettante Tri who was doing the half and we chatted as we walked to the lake.  It was go time...

My Transition area and my Amazing TRI bag!
The GYST Concept Backpack 2-10 (HERE)

The Swim
I was hoping to get a good practice swim in the day before the actual race, but that never happened.  I was glad to get few strokes in before my wave started which was better than nothing.  Most of the people racing were doing the Half distance and a small amount were doing the Olympic.

The water was 73 degrees which meant I didn't have to wear my wetsuit but I opted to since all my open water swimming had been with it.  The extra buoyancy really helps.   

I was in the last wave, which seems to be typical.  Why do they make Athena's go last?  I was happy that all Olympic Women were going in the final wave so Harmony and I could start together.  My wave started around 8:30 and had about 40-50 people in it (aqua-bike and relays were with us).  Not too bad!  I started in the middle front, which I never do, but the beach was long enough for everyone to spread out.  They counted down and I got in the starting position.  Honestly I was glad to just get this race going...waiting around is no fun...I hate all the nervous energy, so I was happy to get the show on the road.

Getting the low down on the swim!
Important stuff people
Yah, this is happening!
I felt tired pretty quickly and I did a few breaststrokes to calm myself.  Why does this happen?  It took me a while to find my groove, but I finally did after a the first 100 yards.  I made the mistake of wearing my clear goggles instead of tinted ones and I couldn't see anything with the SUN glaring on the water and my goggles got fogged up.  I had to clear my goggles which I have never had too do... frustrated.  Luckily the swim cleared out pretty quickly and I was only in the mix of people for a minute or so.  There was tons of room so it allowed people to spread out.  I made sure to keep sighting so I wouldn't swim off course and add to my goal was to get in and get out.  The last half I started running into the slower swimmers from previous waves and had to swim around people.  I rounded the last buoy and headed towards the beach!  Was excited to get on the bike!

I was disappointed in my swim time, but who knows what the actual distance was?  I had read on a pro's recap that it wasn't her usual time, took her longer...which makes me thing it was longer than .90.  Plus they include your time running to transition.  My goal was 28 minutes and I felt like I swam well.

Swim Stats
Distance: .90
Time: 33:27
Division Place: 1/4
Wave Place: 11/49

Transition #1 
Swim to Bike
Headed out of the water I started taking off my wetsuit, ran up the steps and saw my family!  Ahhh...I love that.  REV3 had a hydration station set-up as we headed to T1 and I had some water then got into transition and tore of my wetsuit, ate a Honey Stinger Waffle (first time), got my helmet and gloves on...made sure my sunglasses were on and headed out for the bike!

Time: 3:48

The Bike
The bike was a FLAT, out and back.  The bummer is that Portland had torn up part of the road which made for a long stretch of BUMPY road, probably a good 7-miles.  The view was beautiful as we rode along the Columbia River and out passed the Portland Airport.  The bumpy road slowed me down a's hard to go fast when it's that bumpy.  I went from 18 mph to 16 mph on the rough road.  A few people on the course kept saying how they need to stop on their dentist on their way home.  Lucky for bike rocks and it handled it pretty well.  It was time to turn around and head back which is always the best part!  Finally I got to ride on smooth pavement again which allowed me to speed up.  Beautiful Mt. Hood in the distance on such a clear day...made for more great views.  I got to see Harmony as I was headed back and was so glad she had her yellow tank on...easy to spot.

I worried how my legs would feel after the bike ride since I had never biked this distance followed by a run...I would soon find out.  Biking flat is nice, but it means you are moving the ENTIRE up means no down to rest your legs at all.  I started seeing some runners on the course I couldn't be a bit jealous that they were almost done.  Couldn't wait to be there soon at the turn around for the run and heading back to finish.  Mentally I started preparing for the 6.2 mile run since I knew that would be the toughest part for me.  I made sure to hydrate well the entire time on the bike so I would be ready for the HOT run.  They were setting up all the run, water stops as we were biking so it was good to see where they were.  I came into the finish and saw my family waiting and they were shocked to see me come in so early.  Also got to see the Davis fun.   A gal passed me as we were coming into the finish, bummer.  The first 17-miles my average pace was 17:73 mph and the last 7.80-miles was 21.60mph!  I will always wonder what I could have done had the road not been torn-up?  Oh shoot...I had to go to the bathroom...clearly I was hydrated.

Bike Stats
Distance: 24.80
Time: 1:19
Pace: 18.80
Division Place: 2/4
Wave Place: 14/49
Loved seeing my boys!

Transition #2
Bike to Run
Took my bike shoes off, got my Mizuno's on and took some more nuun and grabbed some Power Gels to take with me.  I wore the REV3 visor which is a HeadSweats...AMAZING!  I was ready to go out and finish!  I still had to go to the bathroom, but there was no WAY I was stopping and the trisuit I was wearing would take so long to get back on.


The Run

Headed out for my 10k!
I was worried for the run.  Though I have been a runner it isn't my strong point right now.  I had a 6.2 mile, out and back that was on the same course as the bike.  I decided to mentally break it down...only 3-out and 3-back...I can do that.  It was HOT, really hot!  We have not had nice weather in the Pacific NW so that means no TRAINING in the heat...not cool!  The first mile was hard and I felt slow, but wasn't as slow as I felt, which is typical when you come of the bike.  My family watched me in the park which boosted my energy a bit...then I ran past the Davis's!  It's all a mind game at this point, especially when you see how far you have to go on a flat, straight out and plays games with your mind and you have to fight back.  After the first mile I was feeling good and was grabbing water at each water stop.  My legs felt good, but my core and lungs felt heavy...does that even make sense?  Not sure how to explain it.  I came to a water stop that had food and salt tablets and grabbed a salt tablet.  I wish more races had these at water stops!  I kept a few people in sight and tried to stay with them.

Headed back and
still smiling!
I kept getting passed, story of my life....ha!  I kept reminding myself that this is my didn't matter what everyone else was doing.  I started walking through the water stops which was VERY nice.   Still had to pee, but didn't want to stop!  Came to the turn around point and was so happy to be headed back!  I was over half way and was STOKED!  I knew at this point that I was doing well and was going to finish!  I got to see Harmony and she was looking strong.  I started pouring water over my head at the water stops and this was AMAZING!  At this point the PRO's for the half distance were starting there Half Marathon, wow they looked amazing.  I got to see the first place guy and everyone after him.  I couldn't believe how great they looked and fast...that's when I told myself I will never do a half!  But we all know how that is when you are about to finish something...the idea of going further is of no interest.  I felt bad for all those people having to run 13.1 miles and how far they had to go.  I was glad to only have a mile left.  One lady came along side me and said...we are going to make the 3-hour mark!  Woohoo...I really had no idea of my time since I didn't wear my watch for the swim.  Was very happy to hear this!
Hello Davis FAMILY!  Almost done...
I was happy to see the finish line from the road and come into the park and see the Davis family again.  The gravel and grass in the last part of the run wasn't easy, but that point I was just happy to be almost done.  I turned down the chute and was the only one finishing at that time.  I heard them say my name and where I was from and my face was on the big screen...I put my hands up, smiled, saw my family and FINISHED MY FIRST OLYMPIC TRIATHLON!  WOOHOO!!!  It was the best FEELING and having my family there was so exciting.

Run Stats:
Distance: 6.2
Time: 1:00
Pace: 9:39
Division Place: 2/4
Wave Place: 21/49

FINAL Stats:
Time: 2:58:35
Division: 2/4
Overall: 58/96
Gender: 21/42
Wave: 21/49

Oh shoot, I forgot to tell that after the race I went and checked my final time and I had placed 2nd in the Athena category!  I was totally STOKED!  So I got a 2nd medal!  I had to keep apologizing for my TWO medals clinking was rather noisy...It was sweet music to my ears!  I have never placed in any running races so it's super exciting to me to place in my last 2 triathlons!  Woohoo...super fun!

Sitting, shade, water...BEST FEELING!
Having my FAMILY be there supporting me was the BEST

Harmony...WE DID IT!

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful race!  The entire day went better than expected.  Anxious to see what the future holds for more triathlons.  I am loving it!  Can't wait to do another and get better!  Thank for reading the LONGEST post ever!


Runner Maybe said...

Congrats!! Awesome job!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Yeah! Love those Athena medals!

ajh said...

Wow! You did a great job. Nice on the division placement. You did well in all 3 things but the bike seems esp. fast to me. I bet you can't wait to do this again.

Johann said...

I just read Harmony's report. You both are amazing and did so well! I loved reading your (long) report...awesome! Congrats on the two medals!

Marlene said...

FINALLY! :) I have been waiting to read this. You had such a great race, girlie!!! Way to CRUSH the bike. Wowzers!

Don't be disappointed about that swim - you never know how far you swim in these things. I don't think it is nearly as easy to measure as distance on the road. And unless you swim the shortest distance, you could add a lot. Plus that run to transition - I love when races time that separately!

Anyway, you did SO great. Rev3 sounds awesome and I am hoping to add a couple to my roster for next year. Unfortunately most are far away.

Maggie Runs said...

Great job! I love all the pics you did great :)

Ricole said...

You are amazing and my HERO. You are so so SO fast on the bike, I need you to train me and teach me. Oh yeah, and teach me how to swim too! No biggie. :-) You are tearing up the awards this year!

pay per head said...

It is great to hear that they are quite organized and I hope that other events can learn from them.

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