Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SnuggBuds Giveaway!

Max Loves them!
I love listening to music!  I think you do too?  Yah, I thought so.

I have a killer deal for you!  How about a FREE pair of KILLER Headphones?  Yah?  I thought you might like that!

At the RnR Expo I checked out the SNUGGBUDS (HERE) booth and fell in love.  I wasn't expecting much when they let me try them out, but was shocked at how well I could hear and how I couldn't hear any background sounds. Their MOTTO "Hear the Difference" is a great one, because you really can HEAR the DIFFERENCE.  I knew I needed my own SNUGGBUDS.

I walked around the expo and came back later to show Kim how great they were and she loved them too, right Kim?  While at the booth numerous customers RAVED about their own SnuggBuds, so clearly people have tried them and love them.  Maybe I should wear them when I'm home and my kids are yelling at me and trying to get my attention when I'm busy?  

Kim and I can't hear you, we have our SNUGGBUDS in our ears!

Lucky ME...The folks at SnuggBuds were kind enough to let me review them for the RnR Seattle Half Marathon.  LUCKY YOU, one of my readers will get their very own pair too!  Lucky me, LUCKY YOU!!!

I used them on my run and loved them!  The sound quality is amazing, the non-tangle, fabric cord with a clip is awesome and plenty long enough.  I was given extra silicone ear pieces to get the best fit for my ears.  They don't slip and I actually forget that I have them in...besides the music that I can hear...LOL.

A little info about SnuggBugs:

Established in 2008, SNUGGBUDS HEADSETS Designs and Develops Quality Headsets with Incredible Surround-Sound for users of iPhones and other Smart Phones, iPods, mp3 Players, Air Travel and Computer Systems.
He was JAMIN...

We got our start by “proving’ the quality of our headset products through in-person, customer demonstrations at events.  Based in Southern California and created by fans of both action sports and technology, the focus of SNUGGBUDS HEADSETS has been strictly geared toward end users of light-weight earbud headphones.  We consistently review our competitors' technology and costs to consumers.  Our belief is that SNUGGBUDS products stand tall in comparison to our competitors' technology and that our customers can receive better pricing, quality and product styles from our SNUGGBUDS line.

The SNUGGBUDS brand was NOT created to generate fame or to hide behind the fame of celebrities who pretend to use our products.  Our brand was carefully built based on our passion and through our customers’ feedback at event sites.  The results of our brand strategy have created a wide and diverse customer base and our products have been enjoyed by runners and sport enthusiast around the world. 

Our light-weight models are designed for a great fit and stay in when you sweat during vigorous workouts!  SNUGGBUDS not only look good with aluminum alloy casings, but these headsets compete extremely well against big name-brand earbuds that boast high quality for three-times the price.
SNUGGBUDS has completely unique styles available for all customers, from the average “easy listener” to the active, hard-core “weekend warriors.” 
How to win: 
Still enjoying the tunes!
(1 comment per entry)

1 Entry: Must be a follower of "Running to Sanity"
1 Entry: Follow Running to Sanity on Twitter HERE
1 Entry: "Like" SnuggBUDS on FB HERE
1 Entry: Follow SnuggBuds on TWITTER (HERE)
1 Entry: Share this giveaway on your FB/BLOG, wherever! (1 for each)
1 Entry: Tweet (copy and paste) "I want to win @SnuggBuds from @running2sanity.  HEAR the DIFFERENCE http://www.snuggbuds.com/

You only have to enter once, but more entries, more chances! Please make sure each entry is a separate comment.  

Winner will be announced on Monday, July 9th!  (day after my OLYMPIC tri)


Trang L said...

Need this in my life! I am/have been a follower of your blog. Good luck on your upcoming Tri! :)

abbi said...


abbi said...

I like them on FB!

abbi said...

And I now follow them on Twitter!

Michelle said...

I follow your blog :)

Michelle said...

I like SnuggBUDS on FB - would love to win these!!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

These are amazing earphones. I'm so glad you pointed them out to me. I need to email their rep. I follow you on Twitter (I don't want to mess up your giveaway count, hehe).

Stacey said...

I am already a follower

Stacey said...

I like Snuggbudds on FB

Stacey said...

I shared this giveaway on FB

H Love said...

Follow on twitter

Alyssa ( luckycharms8170) said...

I want some. I follow your twitter!

amysue712 said...

My first tri is the 4th :D
So grateful for your recaps, they helped me imagine what it will be like.
Anyways, I officially signed up to follow you so I can get a chance at those headphones!

Maggie Runs said...

I would love love love these :)

ashley said...

i"m a follower on gfc!

ashley said...

I'm following you on twitter ohsmiledarling

ashley said...

I'm following snuggbuds on twitter ohsmiledarling

ashley said...


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