Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marathon...Say it like you MEAN it!

I was watching a reality show yesterday and the description of this particular episode was about one of them running a marathon!  Sweet...always excited to watch someone who I didn't know a marathon.  And I watched the show...she was running a HALF marathon.  No offense...I hope I don't offend anyone...because I'm not trying to do that.  A half marathon is a big deal for anyone...It's a great distance and an amazing race to run, but it's not a marathon.  Why do people on TV refer to half marathons as marathons?  I was kind of frustrated watching the show.  I was excited to watch the women cross the finish line and be proud of herself...I remember crossing my first HALF MARATHON finish line and it was AMAZING to feel like I accomplished something so big. 

I do remember feeling a little bit of the same with my marathon last June.  At the expo all the clothing for sale said half and full marathon and I wanted something that just said "MARATHON" since it was my first marathon.  I think for those extra 13.1 miles that I would be running...I should have a shirt that set me apart.  I could only find a little magnet that said 26.2.  I was bummed.

What are your thoughts?  Does it bug you...or am I just in a mood? 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is the best picture...out of all of them. And it still isn't clear!  Oh well, I gave up...we had to get to our run!
Just found this on the race website...Yayyy...I picture that isn't blurry.

Black Cat FUN Run, was just that.  From the moment I saw the poster at the gym advertising this run, I knew I wanted in.  It was a 5-mile run at night, through 5-mile drive, which is a beautiful trail at Pt. Defiance Park with some amazing views. 

Diana, Kellie and I decided to wear tutu's and black.  Thank You to Diana for easy, make your own Tu-tu's.  We had a cute outfit and were ready to go.  We got our head lights and gloves ready and were off.  The starting line was non-existent and un-organized!  Luckily the rain held off for the most part, but it was COLD.  Surprisingly it wasn't too dark when we started running.  The first couple miles were a little bit of a climb and I felt winded right away and was hoping I would find my groove, but would end up feeling that way the whole time.  Kellie and I were trying to push it as fast as we could for as long as we could.  We chatted and watched all the costumes around us.  PEOPLE are creative!  A few of the costumes were a little scary with masks, which I'm not into scary, but each their own.  It was fun and as we got to 3.5 miles it was mostly down hill, which was LOVELY!  Kellie took off at the end, which I always tell my friend to do if they can do it!  It got darker as we were finishing and raining, but we pushed it to the end.

This race was a total fun run.  It had no official start and no chip-time, which I haven't done before. Diana kept reminding me, "Jill, it's a fun run"...and yes it was.  We for sure will be doing this race again next year.  WE got a great pair of gloves and a glow necklace...SWEET!  Oh and I forgot to tell you that it wasn't even 5 miles, it was 4.78 miles, which I ran in 44 minutes which was a 9:11 pace.  Feel free to check out the elevation, HERE

Pictures didn't come so easy for this race...I tried, but as some of you know...I'm still learning to take my amazing cell phone pictures.  This phone has taken some of my talent away, but here is what we got.

Oh shoot, you didn't even get to see our tutu's!  Oh well, Esper, Kellie, Diana and I are the only faces you get to see...good thing we are cute!  After our FUN RUN we headed to sushi before we had to get home to our families.  Fun times, Fun Run, FUN Friends!

Extra-EXTRA...I just found a few of the pictures from the Race Site...

Drinking HOT chocolate after a race...mmm...good!

Monday, November 15, 2010

1,000 Mile and Beyond!

Yes, that's right...a 1,000 you see that?

I'm so happy to report that I have run over a 1,000 miles, already for 2010!  I assumed I would make this goal this year due to marathon training, but had no idea it would be the thing that kept me running.  Who knew this goal would be so helpful! 

Mel had mentioned she was meeting with friends for a run and invited me, but 7am...that means I would have to get up EARLY.  Mel was kind of enough to meet a little later and a little closer to home so we could run together.  Surprisingly this would only be our 2nd run together.  I was looking forward to catching up with Mel and also running my 1,000th mile with the creator of the 1,000 mile challenge.  The weather was great, cloudy, but not raining and a little chilly outside.  I had never run on Orting Trail and was looking forward to new sights on the trail. 

Our run was GREAT, all the way through.  We got started and the chatting didn't end all the way through.  I love when runs with friends are so great that you aren't even thinking about the miles.  So much to chat about.  Its crazy how sometimes running can be the only time to get some catch up time with friends.  Life with a family, work and everything else can keep you so busy.  Having a face-to face conversation is always better so nice.  It's what makes running so great.  Love it. 

Before we knew it we had run over the 10.26 miles that I needed to reach 1,000 miles!  Woo-hoo!  We high-fived and like any healthy blogger, we took some pictures!  I was so hot...I was's a gift...what can I say?  After the pictures, STARBUCKS...because you have to celebrate all the time.  Our fun chit chat continued with some YUMMY coffee and some cozy chairs. 

Thank Mel for the CHALLENGE and for helping me get there!  Always fun running with you and so glad we got to connect over the miles.  You helped me to get a PR and then to my 1,000th mile...You are awesome and I'm so grateful for all your help getting me there!  THANK YOU FRIEND!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost there!!!


That's how many miles I have run in 2010, which means I'm only 10.26 miles away from hitting 1,000! Woot-Woot!  Thank you TALL-MOM for the 1,000 mile challenge.  It has kept me running when I haven't wanted to run.  Having a GOAL is so important!  In fact it's time to start thinking of GOALS for 2011.  How is that even possible that 2010 is almost, that is crazy.  It seems like I just organized my 2010 goals!

Can't wait to have my training partner back.  My friend, Jamie has been nursing an injury and is almost ready to run again!  I can't wait.  Jamie has decided not to run Seattle Marathon, but it going to run Seattle Rock-n-Roll with me in June.  Praying that she can stay injury free between now and RnR Seattle.  I have missed our runs together and can't wait to get back into our run/chat time.  It's amazing how you feel like you have so much time with someone when you run together and when you miss out on the runs, you feel like you never see each other anymore.  That's what makes running with friends so's such a great time to connect in a busy world.  Running always gives you time to slow down and catch up with each other. 

THANKSGIVING is 2 weeks away!  WHAT!  How did that sneak up on us.  Who is running a TURKEY TROT?  This will be such a fun tradition!

Monday, November 8, 2010

This was not my plan...

To be out of bloggy land for so long.  Just haven't had the time, motivation or really much to say.  October was a long, hard month.  Not for me personally but for those I love, around me.  I have a handful of friends who had a tough month...all for different reasons.  So though nothing happened to me directly...I was feeling kind of down for those around me that I care for. 

I feel like I have a lot to say and not much to say all at the same time!  Not a common feeling for me...the "not much to say" part!  Maybe it's the time of year, maybe that at 6 pm tonight it was pitch black outside, maybe it's my lack of vitamin, I have been taking that.  Who knows, but either way I wanted to say HELLO to those of you who are out there.

I went on 2 runs this week and it was A-MAZING.  It felt so good to get out and run!  Fall days here are absolutely beautiful!  That is when the suns out.  The clear, crisp air and the beautiful leaves filling the sidewalks make it so much fun to run.  Running with friends has been great on days like these.  I got to run a race a few weeks ago called, the BLACK Cat Fun Run.  It was in a beautiful park that is 5 miles long and we ran it in the dark...well more like dusk, but it was fun.  Diana and I with a few friends ran it and we were tutu' cute and a lot of fun.  Next race will be Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and I am excited to finally get to do this.  I have always wanted to do it, but it never worked out with the days festivities.  Plus Max  is registered for the kid run....can't wait.

Before I forget...I am 25 miles away from my goal of 1,000 for the year.  Though my wiget says 1, not be fooled, that has some biking and a couple other things included.  I want to get 1,000 miles of just running.  It would be great if I could get those 25 in this week, but with my last few weeks for running 2 days a week...probably not going to happen.  But I think, 2 weeks...we can get'er done!  What do you think?

I'm also really excited that there is a running club starting in my neighborhood and I am thrilled.  So excited!  I will be getting involved in that.  We did a training run last Saturday morning and it was a blast. I have never run with a running group before and it was great to meet new running friends who live in my HOOD!  Looking forward to see how that evolves.

So what's up next:
  • Running Club
  • Turkey Trot
  • Santa Run
Fun stuff ahead. 

P.S.  Wasn't the New York Marathon great?  I got to watch it and find it funny that watching running can be so interesting.  The elites...they are amazing to watch.  They cover the same ground that I the half the time!  Talented!
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