Monday, June 10, 2013


Uh, I might be CRAZY!

Last time we chatted I was home from Palm Springs and training for my first 70.3...but things have changed since then!

After a few weeks of great training I realized this year was NOT my year.  After battling my son one morning about getting ready in time so I could get my workout in...I realized that there is no reason to rush this and I can wait ! Wait until both kids are in school FULL time.

So with that...I totally relaxed and I know that my 70.3 will come, when it's right for my family!

I had signed up to do the Dilettante Olympic Tri June 15th since that was in my training plan for the 70.3, but since I decided to hold off on my big race...I decided I would totally drop all races this summer!?!?! Even my yearly race, Rock-n-Roll Seattle!  Is that even legal in the running world?

That was all months ago...

But then something changed...

I got my confirmation sheet for RnR Seattle last week...and I saw something interesting on my confirmation sheet...

Corral: LEGACY
Bib# 435

What the What...

Now I was regretting not running RnR and was totally wishing I had trained for this race!  I mentioned my dilemma on FB and a dear friend said I should just join her and her co-worker for a fun, easy pace run!  I can even run/walk it!  Ok, ok....I can do it.  It will hurt, but I think I will be happy to get the medal I paid for...I mean I earned?!?!  Honestly I was really struggling with paying for this race and not running it or really...not getting a medal!  I have run this race every year, how could I miss it?

Then my friend was talking about training for the Dilettante Tri!  I told her I would take her on a bike ride through the course and heck...lets swim too!  Full on TRI Training!  Through some text she told me I was doing the TRI!  I have always told people anyone can do a SPRINT, even if you haven't trained for it...well....let's see if this is TRUE?  I will get back to ya!  It felt great to get on my bike and swim!  I think I can do time won't be great...but I love the sport.  Plus a great group of blogging gals will be there and I hate to miss out on a good time!

Ok so 5-months of not training!  I have been doing a little CrossFit, but not much running...and NO LONG DISTANCE runs!  And now I am doing a Tri in less than a week and half marathon on less than 2-weeks.

Have you ever done this before?  Am I crazy?  Can someone come pick me up at mile 3?  The sprint Tri will be great training for the Half, RIGHT?

*And remember, YOU can join me at the Dilettante TRI and save $10!  Code: INSANE13

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