Monday, June 10, 2013


Uh, I might be CRAZY!

Last time we chatted I was home from Palm Springs and training for my first 70.3...but things have changed since then!

After a few weeks of great training I realized this year was NOT my year.  After battling my son one morning about getting ready in time so I could get my workout in...I realized that there is no reason to rush this and I can wait ! Wait until both kids are in school FULL time.

So with that...I totally relaxed and I know that my 70.3 will come, when it's right for my family!

I had signed up to do the Dilettante Olympic Tri June 15th since that was in my training plan for the 70.3, but since I decided to hold off on my big race...I decided I would totally drop all races this summer!?!?! Even my yearly race, Rock-n-Roll Seattle!  Is that even legal in the running world?

That was all months ago...

But then something changed...

I got my confirmation sheet for RnR Seattle last week...and I saw something interesting on my confirmation sheet...

Corral: LEGACY
Bib# 435

What the What...

Now I was regretting not running RnR and was totally wishing I had trained for this race!  I mentioned my dilemma on FB and a dear friend said I should just join her and her co-worker for a fun, easy pace run!  I can even run/walk it!  Ok, ok....I can do it.  It will hurt, but I think I will be happy to get the medal I paid for...I mean I earned?!?!  Honestly I was really struggling with paying for this race and not running it or really...not getting a medal!  I have run this race every year, how could I miss it?

Then my friend was talking about training for the Dilettante Tri!  I told her I would take her on a bike ride through the course and heck...lets swim too!  Full on TRI Training!  Through some text she told me I was doing the TRI!  I have always told people anyone can do a SPRINT, even if you haven't trained for it...well....let's see if this is TRUE?  I will get back to ya!  It felt great to get on my bike and swim!  I think I can do time won't be great...but I love the sport.  Plus a great group of blogging gals will be there and I hate to miss out on a good time!

Ok so 5-months of not training!  I have been doing a little CrossFit, but not much running...and NO LONG DISTANCE runs!  And now I am doing a Tri in less than a week and half marathon on less than 2-weeks.

Have you ever done this before?  Am I crazy?  Can someone come pick me up at mile 3?  The sprint Tri will be great training for the Half, RIGHT?

*And remember, YOU can join me at the Dilettante TRI and save $10!  Code: INSANE13


Amy N. said...

I'm legacy 640 - we've done a bunch of the same races. Isn't it funny how you can run so many of the same races and not even know it?

Excited to meet you at the party!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I agree- I suffer from a little bit of crazy too. I think we all need to be a bit crazy in this sport. Good luck

Marsha said...

Oh my gosh, I used to be a runner and loved it; loved that floating sensation. Then age caught up with me, plus a couple of surgeries. I don't know if I can come back, but I love reading blogs like yours; they inspire me. I got started again after some colon surgery because I found fitolddog.

I don't think I'll ever be up to a Tri with basically little to no training though!

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