Friday, January 25, 2013

Skinny & Fast in California

That title has nothing to do with me and everything to do with California.  

I am moving!  I have decided I am moving to California where I think I would be skinny because I don't eat as much in the heat!  I would be a faster runner (which would help the skinny part) because the sun and warm weather makes me want to be outside!  And when it's warm and shorts weather your legs need to be in shape!  

It's clearly a WIN-WIN, right?

As I put my swimsuit I realized me legs are white and not just white...but scary, pasty white and not in SHORT and cute summer clothes shape...I was convinced more of the MOVE!

Ok so maybe those are lame reason, but after spending a few days in Palm Springs I was convinced that I would run more and swim more and bike more...wait, that makes me a triathlete, yah...awesome!

In Washington we have had foggy, cold and soggy weather...very DIFFERENT than Palm Springs.

Lunch at the Airport..excited for sun!
I was there for my husbands company meeting.  He works at Redfin...its an awesome online real estate company!  Headquarters are in Seattle and everyone that has come back from the company meeting has been sick.  I'm sure it's because of the extreme weather change from warm to cold!  Dry to to lame...wait...maybe the last was a little extreme?

Touchdown in Palm Springs

Always happy to hang with Molly...

Our view from our room...breakfast and coffee!  Grapefruit trees all around...HEAVEN!
Pj's and flip flops...ahhh

Time for a run!

How could this ever get old?

An hour at the spa for a massage and more time at the spa pool...ok!

More of the fun spouses...WE LOVE Redfin and tagging along for these meetings!
More sun please!

We have to leave...but enjoyed the last few hours in the sun!
We came home to foggy, cold weather!  So I don't think my husband will let me move our life down to Cali yet!  But I'm totally jealous of you all who do!  I love the sun and warm weather!  Yes, I'm sure it would get old...but really probably not!  Since we've been home my oldest son has been sick and hasn't been to school all week.  Well at least I had a vacation before the week of sickness   


Kerrie T. said...

Dude. It's too effin' hot down there to run outside year round. Go back in August. You'll see.

Becky @ RunFunDone said...

Ha! Fact: I was skinnier and faster when I lived in California. Unfortunately, I'm not joking. BUT I always said when I lived there, "Nice weather doesn't make up for mean people!" Now that I live here I think, "Well, maybe it does..." I LOVE the people here in Washington, it's so much easier to find friends that I have things in common with, but I do miss the sun!

BP Merewether said...

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