Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Train Less, Tri Faster?

Like any good triathlete I have my training plan put together, well my friend put it together!  How nice is she?  Very nice!  When we met up to talk about Lake Stevens and our training schedule I was looking at it (coming off a 4-month break from any kind of serious working out) thinking 6-days a week?  Uh...
What happened to the Train less, Tri Faster?
Guess they don't have that for triathlons?

I asked where the 3-5 day a week training was?  My friend laughed and said that's an Olympic distance training plan!  Oh, so this is serious stuff, serious training?  Darn...so 70.3 is not a joke, it's not something you just happen to go do because you feel like it.  Many people could go out and do a sprint, make it through an Olympic, but 70.3, you have to be ready for that distance.

I am happy to report that last week I did 5-days and followed it very well and even put in some extra time.

Monday: Bike 25 minutes & Ran 15 minutes (I was only supposed to bike)
Tuesday: Swim 30 minutes (didn't know I was supposed to run too, good thing I ran Monday) 2-days...who knew?  LOL
Wednesday: Bike 20 minutes 
Thursday: Swim 30 minutes & Ran 20  minutes
Friday: Bike 25 minutes
Saturday:  Failed to Swim & Run
Sunday: Same as Saturday (Seahawks were in the playoffs)

I figured 5-days was a great way to ease into it, especially coming back from so much nothing for the last few months.

The plan my friend put together builds for 8-weeks and in March we will start the official 70.3 training.  I think this is great so we can slowly work our time and distance up at a nice, doable rate.  I love that it's about time and HR and not about pace and distance right now.  It's mentally easier running for 40-minutes and not worrying about 4-miles.  That training calendar can be intimidating to look at so the TIME training eases my mind a little ok, a lot.  Not that it will be easy, but I know I can handle it.

Here is to another 3-5 6-days of training!


H Love said...

You can do it! One workout at a time.

ajh said...

I don't follow a plan for my tris. I just run, bike and swim a certain number of times a week. I am often also training for a half marathon too. It's all a crap shoot for me but it worked last summer. I admire the fact that you are doing the 70.3.

Johann said...

Certainly hard work and lots of time to dedicate to your training, but it will be worth it for sure. Keep it going!

Colleen said...

There is definitely a big jump in training from an OLY to a HIM. But you got this!!!

Sorry that the Seahawks lost. I'm in Atlanta now so I can say I'm sorry. :) It was a great game though!

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