Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OCD, maybe a little?

My personality can DRIVE me BONKERS!  I have been so unmotivated the last 6-months since my Olympic Triathlon.  So typical for me to have a goal, work towards the goal, complete the goal...


What, this isn't normal?  

Well not for most of the bloggers I read and the friends I know (I envy you).  Well some can relate and you know who you are!  I'm not alone, but I still don't think it's acceptable behavior, for ME.


What's crazy is the minute I make a GOAL, I'm all in and totally become OCD, OBSESSED!  Like for example this picture at work this morning!  I'll let you be the judge, but you might see what my goal is, right? Do ya?  Ok then...

Since I had to give back my friends bike trainer over the summer (wait, maybe that's why I took a break for 5-months from doing much activities? Uh, probably not) I decided to get my own, since I'm going all KONA Ironman on ya!  Well, I'm working on it at least!  What I mean is that triathletes need a bike trainer, so I got one...of my own.  No more borrowing, begging and stealing from friends!

Oh and I have stocked all my tri friends blogs to check out their past 70.3 or 140.3 experiences/race recap posts.   Oh and if you've done Lake Stevens Half Ironman...I've probably read your bike report a couple million times in the last week (the hills scare me)!  And bike and swim too...sorry, slight stalker!  (Don't be scared,'re not the only one)

With all that said, I'm back, I'm ready...and even though I'm sitting on the couch typing this, that doesn't mean that I don't mean business, but I haven't ordered my Bike Trainer Desk...YET!  

Still waiting for the reviews on this bad boy! 

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