Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 and My PLAN!

I've been lazy, but if you've been reading my BLOG long than that won't surprise you!  You know I like my couch time and I have enjoyed being lazy for the last 6 months and especially for the last 2-weeks!  But knowing the new year was around the corner I wasn't worried.  Something about January always gets my moving again and back on track.

I tend not to blog much if I'm not doing much, hence the 6-month break, yah!  I always go back on forth with continuing my blog since I go through posting and non-posting periods, but I always tend to come back when new goals arise.
2013 Goal, Check!

To be honest, 2013 was going to be year with no races, figured just run, swim and bike, enjoy the summer, don't have any commitments.  Yah and then I changed my mind!  Shocker, I know!

My BIG-OUT there goal is an IRONMAN!  Why not, lol!  That's funny, right?  I will do one, but 2013 won't be the year for that.  Going to wait for both kids to be in school full time before attempt that one.  So I think I will prepare for my BIG-OUT there goal by training for a HALF Ironman this summer!  What's even better is that a local friend wants to do one too, which means I can train with someone!  This is COOL and makes me even more excited about it.  I haven't decided which one, but would like to do something local to save money, but who knows?  That's yet to be determined   I'm really bummed that Rev3 isn't going to be in Portland this year!  Bummer...but the bike course was brutal so maybe I'm not too bummed...hills scare me!
Now on to 2013...Bring it!

Any idea's on a GREAT half in Washington or near by states within driving distance?

I also might try and volunteer at an Ironman, figured that would be a great way to see how it all goes down!  Let's be honest, just watching Ironmans make me nervous, but the finish line makes up for it all!  Amazing to see what people can do.

Just purchased my very own trainer (this one), figured I should buy my own instead of borrowing since I will be doing this long-term.  Back to Masters Swim!  And running and some major CORE work!  Last years season made me realize that CORE is a big part of triathlons, I need to really work on that.

Time to train and get focused and get this body in shape for what's about to happen!  I'm excited, looking forward to the 2013 Tri season!


One Crazy Penguin said...

That's an awesome goal! I'm dying to do a half iron man, but I can't afford a decent bike yet. One day!

H Love said...

Great pics! Rev 3 was so much fun (welll except for the bike part0.
I too have 70.3 on my mind. Maybe summer or early fall. Yay for new trainer! Fun!

Jill said...

A good bike makes a world if difference! Keep looking! Tri's are a blast

Jill said...

Uh, that's when I'm doing the summer! Interested? You'll be ready since you're doing Eugene?

fancy nancy said...

I love plans to a half ironman!! Go big or go home right? Happy New Year Jill!!

megan.vining said...

I have heard from friends who are tri-athletes that Lake Stevens in July is a good race, they have been participating in it for years! Good luck!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Go get it Jilly!! You will rock!

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