Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buy All Things!

My OCD continues!  I'm not in the market for a tri-bike, wait of course I am (I'm always in the market for any and all things), but not really!  But I came across this on the Swim Bike Mom Sell site...

It's like it was meant to be...just for ME!

So I emailed my husband the link and asked him if I could buy it?  He hasn't returned the email, YET, DARN!  I really just think he is ignoring me or he thought I was joking?  So there is still a chance?  
Well probably not, but I'm not giving up that easy.

$1600 seems like a lot of money for things, but for a tri affordable?  What?  No?  Ok so it's still a million $$$!  Whatever, I can still dream.

Speaking of money!  My husbands car broke down today!  Now it's at the repair shop getting fixed.  $900-$1500 for a car repair!  I hate cars, I hate repairs and I hate spending money on both!  How do people live?  
Life is expensive and so are Tri-Bikes!

Why does everything I like cost money!  I remember when I thought running was expensive and then I became a triathlete...that thought is now funny to me!


Colleen said...

I won't lie... triathlon is expensive, but $1600 for a tri bike of that quality is a steal. And it's a sweet looking bike which makes all the difference in the world! :)

Runner Maybe said...

I know nothing about bikes, but its pretty and I like to buy things that are pretty!

Kerrie T. said...

I was having these same thoughts reading Triathlete magazine and all the pretty bike pictures!

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