Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just swim! Oh I need to run too?

After getting up at 5am this morning and working until 11:30 all I wanted to do was take a nap!  I'm a baby when it comes to sleep...I like it...A-LOT!

I'm a PRO when it comes to sleeping!
Actually to be fair to myself...I have handled getting up at 5am for the last year way better than expected.  Plus it's only 2-days a week and I roll out of bed and go...not to shabby.

I planned to swim today, but something was wrong with the air at work and it was freezing as was the showers!  Ugh...swim was delayed!  But I knew I had to get it in since that's what week 1 of 70.3 training called for.

So to train for a tri I have to work out TWICE in ONE day?

Both Tuesday & Thursday called for a swim and a run?
Woops...didn't notice the run part on Tuesday!  Had to make sure to do both today!

So this brings me to 3-things/thoughts Thursday!

There is 3-things that I wanted/had to do this afternoon while Cole was in preschool.

Want 1...Take a nap, Did it!  It was short, but perfect!

Want 2...Read more of my friend, Chrissie's know Chrissie Wellington's book, "A Life Without Limits"

Had to do 3....Go for a 20-30 minute run!

Getting out the door is usually the hardest part!
I text a couple tri-friends and told them I had to go accountability group! They told me to I listened and went! It was snow/raining...awesome! Plus I needed to keep my HR in check!  Wow, easier said than done...had to walk a couple times to make that happen.  But it was a great, easy run!  I wore my Polar HR monitor, not my garmin so I wouldn't get got up in pace or distance.

I was able to achieve all 3!  Perfect!  Boy can I manage my time...haha!  If only it were that easy!


Michelle Dragoo said...

great job hon!

Kerrie T. said...

Nice job! I need to get a heart rate thingy...

Momshomerun said...

Well done. Good for you for going out and getting your run in.

H Love said...

Off to a great start!!

ajh said...

I too think traveling to a tri where I can't put MY bike on my bike race would be too expensive and bothersome. But right now I feel like there are enough tris around me. I will need to make some choices this summer.

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