Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Tri, SHALL WE?

I have much to catch you up on, but really don't feel like it at the moment!  And speaking of the moment, lets talk about what's on my mind at the MOMENT!

formally Dilettante Women's Triathlon!

What Five Mile Lake Women's Triathlon is saying:
We're happy to announce the return of the Women's Triathlon for a fourth year!  Formerly known as the Dilettante Women's Triathlon, this race is the perfect season opener for the novice or experienced athlete.  An exceedingly family-friendly race, we welcome all to come join us at lovely Five Mile Lake Park on Sunday, June 15th. 
For 2014, we will continue to offer the Sprint and Olympic distances.  We're happy to offer this longer distance for those looking to step it up!  


I'm always excited to help get the word out about this race since its in my backyard, well it's not in my backyard, but pretty darn close.

I ran this race 2-years ago and planned to run it last year, but a family emergency came up and I was unable to race.  But this year I'm thrilled and READY to race, well that is after I get some TRAINING in...Swimming, Biking and RUNNING, you know the drill!


Always amazing to FINISH!

This is an all WOMEN triathlon and is great for a seasoned triathlete as well as a NEWBY!  If you have never done a triathlon, this is a perfect FIRST triathlon.  There is NOT a million people racing which makes it very friendly and fun and way less intimidating when you're swimming, plus they start the race in waves so you aren't swimming with everyone...PERFECT, right!

Tri'ing with FRIENDS is way more fun!  It's the only way I TRI!
Sunday, June 15
Sprint & Olympic Distance

My take on the course...

*Five-Mile lake is a great lake to swim in and very clean.  As well as not freezing (depending on weather)!  Winning!

*The bike-course is very pleasant with very few hills and the hill isn't even that big, THANK YOU for that!

*The run, well who likes to run after swimming and biking...oh's a triathlon so we always end with a run!  But lucky for you it's a piece of cake and an easy-FLAT route.

If you want more first hand information, please read my post from my Five Mile Lake Women's Triathlon 2-years ago.  

So see, easy-peasy!  Wait a second...don't be so quick to get your wet-suit on and your bike have to REGISTER for the race first!

And lucky for you and I have a WINNING-CODE for you to save some you GO REGISTER HERE and use this CODE: INSANEFML2014 for 10% off.

Can't wait to see you out there!  

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