Friday, February 28, 2014

It's time to RIDE...

My friend just opened up her own cycling studio The Handlebar Cycling Studio and it's AWESOME!  I finally got to visit this week for two rides, Tuesday and Thursday.  I hadn't planned to do Thursday, but after an awesome ride with, Becky Tuesday I had to come back.  Becky is my friend and the owner!  She is the best spinning instructor I've been too.  Super encouraging and pushes you in such a positive way that you want to do well and push yourself.  I'm not much for stationary exercise, but Beckys class makes it fun.  She takes you on different rides so it's not the same each class.  The music is great and you have some encouraging you the entire ride.  

Becky and I

What I love:
  • The studio is beautiful, hip, fresh and relaxing!
  • It's in TACOMA
  • My friend is an amazing instructor!
  • The bikes are the best!  
  • Computers on the bikes tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your ride!
  • Bring in a Flash Drive to record all the information of your ride you ever wanted to know!
  • You a FREE water bottle on your first visit
  • They supply towels for each ride!  Less to bring for you...
  • Great class options from beginners to advanced to 50-minute all the way to a 2-hour endurance rides! (All rides are the same choose what fit's your needs)
  • Your first ride is FREE
  • You get a killer WORKOUT and burn a ton of calories!  Sweat fest!

The studio is very impressive!
We went to the grand opening last weekend and I was so impressed with it.  The studio is very cool and open.  It's downtown Tacoma and opened a few weeks ago.  The spin bikes are the best I've been on and even have computers so you can see your stat's which makes me happy.  Seeing  your calories, distance, speed, rpm's, watts helps you a lot so you know how hard your working or not working.  It's always bothered me not to know my ride information.  You can also bring a flash drive to record your own information.
Max enjoying the amazing spin bikes 

Remember your ride is FREE!  Yah, FREE so you really should come check it out.  There is also a special right now, 3 rides for $36.  

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