Monday, March 3, 2014

Baseball season is HERE!

We are a baseball family!  Everyone in our family plays, but me.  But due to all this action I did buy my first, very own baseball glove last season!  Yah, this stuff just got REAL, well last season it got real!  
Cole, Max & Loren

I'm so excited for baseball season to start!  Max got started this weekend and is on the same team he has been on for 5-years, but at a new level, AA-Kid Pitch!  Should be interesting.  He has improved so much the last 4-years and anxious to see his team play together for another year.

 Cole will be starting his 2nd season and is moving up to coach pitch, I can't wait to him play!  He has a natural ability and it's awesome to see him improve.  It's an exciting year for him.  

Petco Park - San Diego

It's fun to watch your kids play, who knew?  Plus I love going to the Seattle Mariners and Tacoma Rainiers, such great things to do as a family.  Last year while in San Diego we got the chance to  check out the Padres at Petco Park, one of the nicest ball parks, WOW!  We are going to California this spring and I can't wait to check out a couple more. 


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