Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catch up TIME!

Time to play catch up for my last couple weeks of runs!  I created this blog to log all of my runs so I don't like to miss out on one... so here they are!

March 30, 2010
Miles: 4.05
Pace: 10:07
Time: 40:59
Calories: 525

This was SUCH a beautiful run. I had come off of 3 days with no running and I had to squeeze a short run in. I had just gotten to my mom’s house and she told me about a hilly run right by her house. It was the CUTEST neighborhood that was all BEAVER CLEAVER houses...loved it. Thank goodness for STARBUCKS because I had to make a stop in the middle of my run...sorry TMI but hey if you’re a runner you appreciate and nice, clean bathroom that isn't plastic...Am I right? This run had 4 very good size hills with a big one at the end that made me get to the very TOP before Garmin would show 4 miles! Nice!

Big Hill at the end!  Looked WORSE in did! 

Back at my moms...ready to relax.

Waterfront RUN!
March 31, 2010
Miles: 7.01
Pace: 9:45
Time: 1:08
Calories: 912

This is such a FUN route!  Way less crowded than last time since it was a weekday.  Portland is many business people biking to work...I guess that is City living for you.  The first few miles I really wasn't feeling it but knew if I did 6 or 7 miles I would feel really good.  I pushed myself at the end to see what I could do. I was thrilled when I saw my splits.  When I have no hills I can go a little faster...nice to know.

Mile 1: 9:55
Mile 2: 9:52
Mile 3: 9:45
Mile 4: 9:57
Mile 5: 9:47
Mile 6: 9:50
Mile 7: 9:09
67 feet: 6:12

City of cool!

Love the bridges in Portland!

Didn't need the HAT because it didn't rain...oh well.

April 4, 2010
Miles: 5.05
Pace: 10:23
Time: 52:29
Calories: 668

I decided to take an easy day and not push it at all and just jog.  What a great day to do it.  I also decided to leave my iPod at home which sounds CRAZY especially if you know me...I never run without it.  It was a GREAT RUN.  I heard the birds chirping and it was so peaceful.  There were so few cars driving by.  It was strange to hear my own breathing and my feet hitting the ground.  GREAT RUN!  I need to slow it down every once in a while to just enjoy the run and my take in my surroundings.  I really tried to focus on going slower than my usual pace which is harder than I thought it would be.  It's so easy to always push and go all out but sometimes a slow jog is nice and relaxing and a great reminder of why I LOVE TO RUN.


Quick Treadmill Run
April 5, 2010
Miles: 2.4
Pace: 9:35
Time: 23
Calories: 322

I hate the treadmill.  I applaud all of you who can log so many miles on the mill!  Wow...

5 Miles with HILLS!
April 7, 2010
Miles: 5.21
Pace: 9:51
Time: 51:20
Calories: 679

I have been purposely  not doing this route because I hate one of the hills, but figured I needed to GET OVER IT!  So I did...I got over it by RUNNING over it.  This is a great route with 3 big hills that make it a great workout.


Today's Run with Diana!
April 8, 2010
Miles: 6.10
Pace: 10:04
Time: 1:01
Calories: 794

I got to run with my friend, Diana.  She had a tough hour of personal training before our run so we only ran 2 miles together.  It was a SUNNY, WINDY run.  I was shocked that as I was going up one of the hills and the wind actually pushed me up a little bit...that so rarely happens...or maybe it's because I have lost weight and I am so light????  Yah...that's it....  I was anxious to run today because I had an adjustment at the chiropractor...hoping it will help with my HIP pain.  I felt a little hip pain as I was running up one of the hills, but nothing after that.  Was only going to do 5, but then threw in another mile for FUN!  Such a great day to run.  Hope this weather hold up until Saturday when I run 15 miles with Kerrie.

Finally I am caught up on my runs!  Sorry to be MIA!  Blogging is TIME consuming.  How do you all fit it in?


Kerrie T. said...

I hope the weather holds, too. Nice pace on Mile 7! Looking forward to beautiful weather Saturday morning. :)

ajh said...

That first run you wrote about you did awesome on the last mile! Don't you love that? Fitting in blogging is very hard! There is no easy answer!

Judi said...

Love the photos of Portland - I've never been there!

Looks like you've had some great runs.

Fitting in blogging- ahhh so hard! Usually on expense of sleep!


Have fun with Kerrie!

I usually blog first thing in the morning before we start our day and after the girls are in bed at night!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Sounds like you're having fun running! I blog when I have a bit of free time. Wouldn't want it to become a chore!

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