Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Cole

Cole, you are an amazing little boy!  You love baseball, your dad and your brother...and maybe even in that order.  You make me smile and you are always making me laugh with the things you say.  You talk like an adult, but with a little voice.  You walk around saying "I the baby, I the baby". 

 You have strength that I didn't know a child your age could have...not many kids could stay in a hospital room for 3 days, confined to your room and still have a blast.  You are smart and learn quickly.  You have known your alphabet and sounds of all the letters for a year.  You know what you want and do you whatever it takes to get it.  You say things like, "I know everything" and "I'm the best"...I often tell you that you don't need just a piece of humble pie...but probably the entire pie.  But maybe that's what an Athelete needs...a lot of self confidence!

You are like your father and are good at all sports.  You got a couple HOLE in ONE's when we went miniature golfing on Fathers amaze me. You can throw the baseball way better than me and I'm looking forward to what you do in the future with your many talents.  One my favorite things to do this past year is going to the baseball fields as a family and play ball.  Your dad and I often look at each other in ahhhh with how you HIT and THROW!  When we were in Osoyoos last year strangers couldn't get over how good you were for a 3 year old.  We hope your love for baseball will continue.

You talk about having Jesus in your heart and love to pray, that warms my heart. You love playing with your brother and you both miss each other when your apart. You enjoy talking to Uncle Garth, Noni, Grandpa and Auntie. You could care less about going along with the crowd and would rather sleep if you're tired!

Finally, this April you will get to play Tee-Ball!  After painful fits at your brothers games the last are now 4 and that means...we are finally registering you for Tee-ball in the spring...BEST day for YOU and ME!  You will actually be playing many more sports, I'm sure!  We are thrilled to celebrate you!  I hope you have a wonderful 4th year. 
One more year of preschool and then its Kindergarten...where has the time gone? 

I Love you, COLE!



So sweet! Happy Birthday Cole!

Madison M. said...

awww!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!! He is sucha CUTIE!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

They grow TOO fast!! Happy birthday big boy! He is too cute!

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