Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow, not enough time!

Getting out of the house with 2 boys in the AM can be difficult. I teach swim lessons on Monday's and Wednesdays in the morning which makes my timing more crucial! I try to get to the gym and get a run in before but sometimes things just don't go as planned. With kids you need to expect the unexpected. We finally made it to the gym but with very limited time for me to get a 5 miler in so figured I would do what I could. I headed out and started my my garmin...HELLO Garmin are you there? No response! I charged it and took it off the charger the night before and who knows what happened but it didn't want to stay on. Then I was panicked because I have to be back in time for swim lessons so luckily my ipod was kind enough to time me. I ran as fast as I could and did what I could.

Stats for 2.8.10
Miles: 2.5
Pace: 9:11
Time: 23 minutes
Calories Lost: 336

Seems like a fast pace to me but with time and distance I guess that's what I came up with.

Stats for 2.8.10 (2nd Run)
Miles: 3.56
Pace: 10:19
Time: 36.42 minutes
Calories Lost: 466

Since I didn't get the run in that I wanted in the AM I decided to do more in the afternoon. This was my first time running twice in one day. I could tell my legs where tired, but still had a GREAT, FAST first mile but then I stomach felt yucky and I don't think I had left enough time in between my snack and my run. Had to cut this run shorter than planned but glad I made it to a total of 6 miles for the day!

Total Miles for 2.8.10....6.06 Miles

922.13 - 6.06 = 916.07 miles left to run in 2010

Close to 100 miles for the year!

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Ewa said...

Hope your Garmin is OK. I cannot run without mine and my previous one died a quiet death by not wanting to charge or hold the charge. :( Now that was before my b-day - lucky me.

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