Friday, February 26, 2010

Too tired, but maybe I can interest you in a MOVIE?

I'm too tired to report on my last two runs.  I will do it tomorrow sometime.  I have had 2 great was a 4 miler and then I had my longest of the year today...12!  They both went well.  I will do a full report tomorrow.

Thought I would leave you with a few movies that I have watched the last few weeks.  They are about running and if you are like get a little consumed by what you are doing...RUNNING and you want to get your hands on anything that has RUNNING in it.

Here are a few I have watched recently:

Spirit of the Marathon - Six runners from vastly different backgrounds train for the 26.2 miles of glory that comprise the famed Chicago Marathon. Along the way, filmmaker John Dunham provides an informative account at the centuries-old race. Vintage film clips and thoughtful interviews fill out this heartfelt portrait, which also includes appearances by legendary runners such as Dick Beardsley, Paula Radcliffe, Bill Rodgers, Toshihiko Seko and Grete Waitz. 

My thoughts...I love documentry's!  This was a great one!

Chariots of Fire - Two very different runners -- hotshot Jewish Cambridge scholar Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross) and rigid Presbyterian missionary Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson) -- compete for the British team in the 1924 Olympics, facing intense pressure and complex personal tests of faith. Hugh Hudson directs this edifying 1981 Best Picture Oscar winner, which is based on a true story.

My thoughts...Love that it's based on a True Story.  Great movie to watch but it's REALLY slow!  Glad I saw it, but not sure I will watch it again.  There are some great lines that make you think.

Run for Your Life -  Filmmaker Judd Ehrlich's documentary recounts the fascinating life and work of Fred Lebow, the eccentric founder of the New York City Marathon whose love and passion for road running sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Featuring archival footage and candid interviews with Lebow's family, friends and contemporaries, Ehrlich paints a vivid portrait of a man who transcended his own shortcomings to become the figurehead of the sport he loved.

My thoughts...I liked it.  Great to hear the history of New York City Marathon.

Marathon Challenge - A baker's dozen of self-professed couch potatoes are put through the wringer to become long-distance runners -- and ultimately compete in the Boston Marathon -- in this thought-provoking "Nova" special that puts a fresh twist on reality television. In addition to tracking the would-be athletes' progress over the course of a nine-month training regimen, the program also educates viewers about what's going on inside their bodies.

My thoughts... I love watching people achieve something great and this group did.  I cried as they crossed the finish line.  So EXCITING!  It was a good one.

I love watching documentary’s...Could you tell?  My husband came down one night and laughed because I was watching another "Running" movie.  I can't help it...

Have you watched other movies that are based on running?  I know there is a lot out there.  What have you liked?


Ewa said...

Loved all the ones you listed. And then there is Saint Ralph about a teenage boy who believes that if he wins Boston Marathon his mother will come out of a coma. It is a sweet and funny movie.
Running in the Sun about Badwater ultra. Amazing.
A Race for the Soul about Western States. Loved it too.
I think it is going to be Netflix time this weekend.

Alicia said...

I've seen spirit of the marathon (loved it too!) and run, fat boy, run (British comedy).both great!


I have seen spirit of the marathon ... like 8 times. I love it. I really want to see Marathon Challenge ... sounds good.

Left you something on my post yesterday!

ajh said...

Runners' World log bookr lists several running movies and I tried to see a lot of them. Running on the Sun about the ultra 0hhh I am blanking from lowest US point to highest is an excellent movie!!! If you like documentaries one of my favorites is Young at Heart about senior citizens in western Mass. that sing. It sounds so so but it is OUTSTANDING!!! I love movie reviews. Thanks.

Hannah said...

I hear you about being consumed by RUNNING. Totally there!

I would love to see Marathon Challenge! It sounds awesome!

I have tried watching Chariots of Fire so many times, and just can't get into it. Bad runner. Bad runner! Shame on me!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Glad you survived your longest run ever! Hope you get a chance to laze around and watch a movie!

Melissa said...

I need to put these on my "to watch' list. Thanks for the reviews.

Tammy said...

I was going to suggest "Saint Ralph". Ewa beat me to it!

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