Monday, February 1, 2010

All the things I think about on a run!

Stats for 2.1.10:

Distance: 5 miles
Pace: 10:46
Time: 53:51 minutes
Calories burned: 651

939.19 - 5 = 934.19  miles left to run in 2010

I think about so much on runs and think about what I will blog about but of course when I sit down to write...I can't recall all the great thoughts! One thought I do recall however is how much running like having a child! Yes it's true...the idea of running sounds fabulous just like the idea of getting pregnant sounds WONDERFUL! But then you have a few contractions... (bad running days) and you wonder...what have I done! Then you finish a run and you forgot ALL about the pain and feel AMAZING and can't wait until the next time you run! I can't help but think about the road ahead of me...26.2 miles and I really wonder how I am going to do it. It sounds great but I know it's going to push me to a place I have never been....without an EPIDURAL!

Another thought that is funny is how people will say how in shape I am because I run or they say they don't want to run with me because I am a "runner" and I have ran half marathons and done a triathlon! If they really knew the truth...just because I run and have completed some great things by NO means makes me better. It shocks me how impressed people are of running and how scared they are to do it themselves. I love that people are impressed and think it's amazing that I do it...just don't ever tell them THAT ANYONE can do it. Our secret! The truth is...IF I CAN DO IT...ANYONE CAN DO IT!  When you put a goal out there, focus on something...a lot can happen.

It's fun to see the responses of people when you run! Do you have that happen to you?


Melissa said...

I have had that happen. It's crazy and cracks me up.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

The Marathon is 333% like childbirth, you will see. If they gave Marathon equivalent epidurals I think more people would do it.

Many many people in my office think I am NUTSO...but that is OK I am my own version of crazy and in great company..

Tricia said...

Thats too funny, I was JUST telling this to my hubby (and will put a post up in the future). I told him that right now, since I'm injured and cant run, all I can think about is how WONDERFUL running is. I don't remember it hurting or sucking or anything else, I just remember the glorious freedom. lol

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