Friday, January 6, 2012

5:30 AM is early!

This week has been FULL!  I have started life-guarding a couple days a week from read that right, AM!   I quit teaching swimming in the fall due to not wanting to deal with 1-5 year olds.  I love them and I love teaching, but 2 years of teaching little kids, I was ready for a break.  It was nice having a break and its really nice to just be life-guarding now.  Whats really cool is I can swim while I'm working!  PERFECT!  With all that said...getting up at 5:30 am is exhausting especially because I can't just go home and sleep.

Yah, I save lives!  It just my job!  
This has thrown my life into a major routine which I was due for anyways!  Lovely how that all works out.  After working I will weight train with my friend/trainer while Cole is in swimming for an hour.  I will swim Monday and Wednesday and run on Friday.  Ahhh....doesn't that sound great?  Yah, I'm totally stoked.  Oh and I finally am  official and registered for Masters Swim.  Couldn't be more excited about this!

So biking, yah...

I need a road bike!  I realized I could still use my mountain/road bike until I find a road bike.  In other great news, I have secured a trainer so I will be able to train on the bike at home!  Oh yah...we are really moving!

Another thing I need to do is start logging my workouts on dailymile!  I have been absent for a while now.  Have you missed me...of course you have, why should I even ask?

I'm really excited because tomorrow I will be running with my brother!  Yes, it was a surprise when he told me the other day he wanted to start running and I jumped all over it.  He travels a lot so we rarely see each other and running is such a great way to catch up.  Its great that he wants to start some active things like running and biking.  I might have found a Tri-buddy....or shall I say a Tri-Brother?  Well, who knows, but I can talk him into it tomorrow.  He said he is scared to run with me!  Is it weird that I'm flattered when people feel that way...for some reason they imagine me as this amazing, fast runner?  I'm sure he has had me on a major running pedestal for the last few years...I'm a little bummed that I WILL be shattering that...LOL. Maybe I should cancel the run?  Ha...ha!


H Love said...

very cool! up early and in the water! sounds kind of dreamy! enjoy you run with your bro!

Anonymous said...

because of all you do...i have you on a pedestal too

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh yeah! Sound awesome!! I miss my lifeguarding, swim teaching, and water aerobics teaching at the YMCA. =( So happy for you routine change that is going to work for you!!!!!

Miss you friend!!!!

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