Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tri vs Road Bike?

Oh yah...its about to get real serious here!

Ok, well not so much, but maybe?

It's crazy what focus does to me!  I become obsessed about things when I get focused.  I wish I had tons of money so I could get want I want when I want it?  Wouldn't that be nice.  Oh I could take the high road and say something like...oh but the saving and earning and waiting is all worth it, builds character...uh no, I will take it NOW please.  Unfortunately that isn't my life so I have to shop, think, save, shop and research to find the right thing.  I have started my bike hunt.  Hoping I might have a connection for a deal on a bike through my brother-runner, but we will see.  Either way I started shopping to find my bike.

For $3,200 you could have this bike!  Sweet deal, huh?

Totally was going with a tri-bike, makes sense, since I'm going to be doing triathlons, right?  Well slow down a little Jilly, Jill!  Pays to talk with people and since I'm really good at talking about all my current obsessions and then some...people get to hear everything that's going on in my head.  Oh poor friends!  Anyway...was talking to my friend who is quite the athlete and she said wait on the tri-bike and go for a road bike.  A tri-bike is strictly for Tri-s and aren't that comfortable for joy riding.  Which if you read my tidbit above about money...I can't really spring for all sorts of bikes at the moment and need to limit my purchase to one bike, right now.  And my proposed sponsors haven't gotten back to me...maybe they haven't heard about my 2012 goals yet?  I know bummer, right.  So good thing I decided that before I went into start checking these cars, I mean bikes out.  (It's sad that you could actually by a car for the same price of these bikes!  Sometimes I wonder what the world has come to when we are spending this kind of money on a bike...who gets the last laugh?)

What, you don't have $12,700 to buy me this bike?

Have any of you ever walked into a store where you had NO idea at all what you needed?  Running stores couldn't be like that for non-runners? Could they?  Deer in headlights...I know nothing about bikes and it's a whole other world in those bikes shops.  I want 2 tires, a seat...some handle bars, Can you help a sister out???  (And it's not a cheap sport either.)  Had no idea I could get completely fitted for a everything can be fit for you personally?  Wow...are we at Nordstrom or the bike shop?  Is there even a difference?

The first place told me about some bikes but wouldn't let me test ride or get the size I need, unless I was buying? Really? no, this place was not like Nordy's!  Gosh...were they on to my plan to just use them for my correct size?  Maybe someone told them about me?  Shoot...Either way I thought that was lame, so I went to another bike shop and they were totally helpful.  Sized me for a bike and let me test drive and I love it.  Nothing makes you feel like a kid the same way biking, swimming and swinging does!

A nice bike makes all the difference and I was ready to trade in my Honda Odyssey for the bike, but then I was snapped back into reality and realized the bike would never hold both kids, the dog, my hubby and my phone charger?  Plus...way too many memories in the Odyssey to give it up like that!  Can I get a HOLLA-BACK!

I am keeping my eye out for a bike to borrow, shopping craigslist and hoping brother-runner can hook a sister up!  Something will work!  I will keep researching and gaining knowledge in the bike world. I think my hubby might have to join in on the research because his idea of $100 bike was a LOL moment and then his other great idea when I pulled out the mountain bike....he was totally serious when he said this "We can just get new handle bars for this bike"  Really, really?  Are you serious...yes, yes he was!  I tried to explain that a road bike and mountain bike are a little different!  Maybe I know a little more about the bike world than I realized!

Until then...I will put some miles on the SWEET mountain bike on the trainer!  Hey...I'm making it work!  Gotta do, what you gotta do...clearly!

You know you want to enlarge this picture and see this sweet ride!
Really I don't see a TON of difference from the 2 bikes above...2-tires,  a seat...handle bars and we can just switch those out!  LOL..



Ha! J suggested the same thing to me.

I went with a tri bike for three main reasons.
1. I have a commuter road bike. (road bike with straight handlebar)
2. I am only racing tris, not road races.
3. I found two tri bikes on closeout that were within $50 of the road bike I was considering. I paid $899 for a 2011 Fuji Aloha 2.0 - It's an entry level tri bike. I love it. Once you know your size, check ebay, craigslist and the closeouts.

Marlene said...

Ohmigosh tooo funny!! The bike shopping process was overwhelming to say the least! I decided to go tri b/c that's the reason I'm getting one, and I would like to do looooong distance... people kept telling me that the positioning on a tri bike will leave my legs ready to run, moreso than a road bike.


Julie said...

This is very funny!
Good luck with the search!

Deb said...

Good luck with the search. I got a road bike, which I love, and have no regrets. Though, I must admit that I will probably want a tri bike in a few years.

Having said that, I think I would want a road bike in less time if I'd done it the other way around.

H Love said...

Clear as mud!! I want to do tri's one day as well. Need to get a bike and I definitely wany want one of those snazzy trainers. Very cool!

Jessica said...

Hey lady! I have a TREK HYBRID!! It's a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. I spent a lot of time in Bicycles INC. with The Hubs trying to figure out what we wanted. I wanted a bike with the possibility of Tri training, but comfy enough for leisurely rides to. I LOVE mine, and it was around $400!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ok, so yes. All of it.

Really, I have a road bike and a tri bike. They were purchased about three years apart though. I got my road bike at the end of the season clearance. It was a $1500 road bike for about $900. Pretty sweet deal. I like having both for now so that I save my tri bike for races and I train on my road bike, sometimes. I can have one set up on the trainer at all times. Also, when you ride with riding groups they don't always like you to use your aero bars, too dangerous in a group. They make you ride in the back. Something about not wanting you to take out the whole group when you crash. What ev....

Anyway, you can go with a road bike ad add the aero bars on it if you want. A tri bike is a little different than a road bike, as in handles differently and build for speed. Hence my near death crash only weeks after getting my tri bike. Either can get whatever you want!!! And it will be awesome!!

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