Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dreams, Goals...2012

It's the stuff that dreams are made of!

Goals...goals lead us to our dreams.  A long time ago I had a crazy dream to run a marathon.  Now when I thought of that dream it was something I never thought I would actually for 20 or so miles, I don't even think I knew it was actually 26.2 miles when I was dreaming this impossible dream.  I just knew I could and would never be able to do it...but wait...I did do June 2010. 

So whats funny about our goals is that they turn into dreams that actually become our reality...well then that allows us to dream more.   So what beyond a marathon did I dream Ironman.  Well to be honest I really never thought I would actually do that...I mean a marathon is one thing, but an IRONMAN, a FULL that is crazy.  And lets be run a marathon you have to be a little crazy, but to do an that is all out INSANE!

I have noticed quite a few bloggers recently that have moved from strictly running to triathlons.  What's cool about your friends is they do things and then it makes you wonder...could I do that?  We have all done that right?  Yes, yes we have.  Before even realizing I had friends doing this...I was thinking about goals for 2012...maybe run another marathon since I didn't do any in 2011.  In fact I took it very easy in 2011 and have missed having something to work towards.  I thought for sure a marathon, I have done that...I know what to expect!  But then I realized I don't always love running and in fact it can be hard for me at times and I'm not great at it.  Why not do something I love like swimming...ok,'s time to get serious and do what I had said I would do a while back, focus on triathlons.  This might seem kind of funny since I have only done 1 sprint triathlon!  That was the Best DAY!  I loved every minute of it.

First mile of my sprint Tri!

My dad and I finishing our first Triathlon together.
September 2009

So that is my do an IRONMAN.  Ok, lets slow down a little bit.  I have no idea if I will actually do one, but I can at least get my feet wet and start doing some sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and see what I think.  If I like it I can train for a half ironman and then we will see if I want to go to Kona and race with Chrissie Wellington for the Ironaman World Championship!  I was in Kona a week before this years championship and watched people I think that totally prepared!  Wouldn't that be nice if it was that easy!

I love to really LOVE it.  And it's one of the only things I can say I love and I'm actually kind of good at.   I have joined the local Masters Swim team in my area and I haven't been more excited about something in a long time.  I do need a new bike and am going to be working on that in the next few months.  Might have to use the mountain bike for a bit.

I'm really pumped to be going after another dream of mine.  Nothing better than working on something new!  I love breaking barriers down by overcoming fears!

I was watching "Biggest Loser, Where are they Now" around Thanksgiving and Tara, one of the finalists a couple seasons back ran Kona Ironman this last October and something she said really stuck with me...she said "Instead of saying, I can't, I said to myself...Why can't I".  I love that!  I like to tell myself a lot that I can't do that because it's much too hard...but really, why can't I?  

At least I can Tri!!!

Though 2012 won't be the year of the IRONMAN, it will be the year of preparing for something down the road...or at least TRI'ing.

2012...Let's Do This!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WOW lady!! Start looking for a 70.3 to get you HALF way there. So proud of you!!

Michelle said...

Love this and sounds like a TON of fun for you!

Colleen said...

Hey Jill - thanks for the follow! I've added your blog to my list too! :)

I loved the transition from running to triathlon - probably saved my knees. And my transition from a sprint to an Ironman (which took a few years) was amazing! I love that you have Ironman on the brain. It doesn't have to happen now... but when it does, it can change your life! :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Welcome back, Jill. Missed ya.

Supporting you 100% without planning to get my hair wet!

Cindy said...

wooohooo, you can do it! i feel the same way...after i ran my marathon this made me realize i can do things that i never thought i could achieve. and if i try and don't do well or whatever, at least i tried, right? i dream of doing a tri but first i have to learn how to swim (one of my 2012 goals!)

Kerrie T. said...

Oh, awesome, Jill!!!!

Julie D. said...

wow, jill. this is an awesome post!! I'm behind you all the way! thanks for the reminder to 'dream'!!! Get after it, girl. You can do it!!

Carole Sharpless said...

You TOTALLY can do this!!!!!

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