Friday, January 13, 2012

Trainer Time!

Monday was the day!  

I finally got to hang out on this sweet ride.  Don't be jealous of this beauty or my dirty carpet!  I'm just living the dream!  

When I first set-up the wasn't hard, at ALL!  Clearly something was wrong.  Spoke with the owner of the trainer, my friend and we got it all figured out.  A little tightening...and the workout was ON.  It was not so easy anymore and the sweat started pouring out!  It was awesome to be able to wear a sports bra, watch TV, sit-back, relax and enjoy the ride.  Best Day!  35-minutes and 300 calories later...we called it a day and got off the bike!

Sweaty after that workout...job well done I would say!
Cole woke up while I was cooling down and just watched me on the trainer!  And of course he wanted to ride the trainer or put his own bike on it.  Do they make bike trainers in kid size?  Yes-no...probably not, but if so Cole would love to try it.  So Cole did the next best thing...only after throwing a fit, crying, whining, moving the van out of the garage and then...he could ride his bike.  

Cole on his new Baseball bike!

What's better than burning 300 calories on the trainer?  Watching my son follow in my footsteps, bike pedals..well his bike pedals.  I love being an example to my kids!  It keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on!

1 comment:

5 Miles Past Empty said...

YES! I love the example! And clearly Cole is destined to be fabulous like his momma!!!! =)

Jonathan is hogging out trainer right now with his bike on there. I think I need to kick it off and put my own on there....

Sweet set-up! And now no excuses!!!

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