Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can I be an IRONMAN? No, REALLY?

Do I have to be a good marathoner to even think about doing an IRONMAN?

Is it crazy to think I need to be a good, fast runner to even go after an IRONMAN?  Many triathletes seem to have come from running.  And it seems that they are great runners with great times and they have ran numerous marathons.  And...those are not my stats.  I have only run 1 marathon...and it didn't go GREAT, but I did it.

Is that enough?

Who knows if I will really ever get to a FULL IRONMAN?  It's would be pretty amazing to achieve a FULL.  But I know I can do a half IRONMAN, with training.  I really want to make it happen and do as well as possible.  I feel like if I'm training for the other sports I will become a better runner as well...which will help.  Maybe I should run another marathon?  Maybe more halfs?  What do you think?

If you read a blog long's amazing to see the transformation of the bloggers, friends around us!  You get to know their story which is awesome as you see it unfold daily.  Seeing where people have come from, where they are now and where they are going is so inspiring and encouraging.  Some have progressively gotten faster the more marathons they have ran and are now training for an IRONMAN, others did average in a marathon but were really strong swimmers or bikers and got better with each sport as they trained for their IRONMAN and then there are the elites that are just insanely all things!

Having ran numerous half marathons, 1 marathon and 1 sprint triathlon...not sure where I fall in there...well probably none.  You are probably thinking to yourself... why is this crazy lady wanting to do an IRONMAN if she has only run 1 marathon?  The only thing I can say is...I think it would be a pretty AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT/ACHIEVEMENT and WHY NOT, WHY CAN'T I?  I have thought about running another marathon but then decided I would rather focus on a triathlon!  Maybe an IRONMAN is too much?  Maybe I won't ever do it?  Maybe I will do a half and way can I do a full IRONMAN?  Or maybe I will do a half and be driven to do a full?  Who knows?

I have no idea what the future holds or how I will feel once I train and complete my triathlons this summer.  I'm not even going to guess.  I'm assuming I will love it...more so at the finish line.  I will train for what I can and push myself and enjoy the journey.  I might only make it to a half?  I might make it to a full!

Either feels awesome to be moving towards something I have wanted to do for a long time.  When the impossible becomes possible...the victory is sure to be sweet!

Something that keeps coming to my mind as I read peoples journey to an IRONMAN is that everyone who has done an IRONMAN...they had to start some where!  They started and went after a goal...a dream!  All I can do is try, set a goal and go after it...I can't worry about what I might not be able to do...or all the details that get in our way that try and stop us...

All I can do is start!

To Be continued...


Marlene said...

Let me tell you, I know people (several!) who completed their first Irnoman without EVER having run a marathon.

I think the training is soooo different, as well as the marathon itself, that you don't necessarily need to be an experienced marathoner to successfully complete an Ironman.

You have a strong running base/history and that will take you far!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

too me the swim is the challenge. if you are a good there, and can put in the 26.2 distance after the bike - DO IT!!!

I swim LIKE a brick. which is actually a compliment know that i think about it. i am that bad at it.

I grew up in the Puget Sound area. Live there over 30 years. I will be back in the area for the first time in many years to run Seattle RR in June.

H Love said...

I have no doubt you can go after this. I too am getting the bug BAD. And I have only ran 2 marathons, few halfs, andone sprint tri. It is fun to dream...if it brings you JOY and you can glrofy God in the gifts he has given you...I say DO IT!! (and keep me in the loop) I may want to join you one day!

Alanna said...

You can totally do it (whenever it may be)! My friend is doing her first Ironman this summer - she's done one marathon and will be doing her first half Ironman as training. It's all about training and commitment. If you have the goal it's ultimately achievable!

If you're not sure if it's for you go watch an event or volunteer. Ironman Canada is in Penticton, BC in August which would be close to you if you're interested. :)

Karen said...

You can absolutely do it! I read that some people recommend that you don't do a marathon before you do an IM so... I did my first iron distance last year and did not come from a super athletic background. If I can do it, ANYONE can. I say go for it!

Michelle said...

*chanting* "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!"

Julie said...

I wrote something very similar to this a few weeks ago. My question "do you need to do a marathon before doing a full?" (I did a 70.3 this past season) The answers varied but it seemed that most runners said yes you should, most triathletes said it's really not necessary. I said I would never ever do a full, but somehow it just seems to be the natural progression and I think one will be in my future and if I can do it anyone can.

Carole Sharpless said...

I absolutely agree with Marlene. 100% I have never done a marathon, but I have done 13 Ironman events.

I don't come from a run background at all. It is my weakest of the swim, bike and run. It's funny - I hear people say they need to do a marathon for the "confidence" to know they can do it. ? I completely respect this if this is what they need.... but it is baffling to me. I am no mass ball of confidence - but it NEVER OCCURRED TO ME THAT I COULDN'T DO IT. Not once. Run 26 miles off the bike? Well, it will be hard, for sure. But with the proper training - pppffft, of course I can do it!

I am shocked by how much people seem to convince themselves they can't do.

It never, ever dawned on me that I needed a marathon under my belt to finish Ironman. Ridiculous. At least to me.

You absolutely can do this, JILL!!

100% CERTAINTY!!!!

Go get 'em, killer.

Kerrie T. said...

Inspiring post, lady!

Julie D. said...

You CAN do it!!! Totally believe in you. Honestly, it is something that has always been in the back of my mind and I'm not even a triathlete (yet). :)

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that I had quite a few marathons under my belt before completing my IM. Do you have to do a marathon before? No! However, regardless of the number of marathons one has done, it always amazes me how you have to dig deep those last few miles(22 miles and beyond). It helped prepare me mentally and emotionally for sure. I would not recommend completing a marathon as part of your training gearing up to your IM race but I would do one.

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