Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My jeans never felt so good...after a RUN!

(rambling post)

Every fall I gain weight!  I know its going to happen, I try to prevent it, but no luck...well at least up until this point, but hoping 2012 will be different.  The weather is awful in the fall and dark early and cold and the only thing I want to do is sleep, watch TV and wear pants with elastic!  (you can hear the motivation...can't you!...but with all that said...

Running makes my Jeans feel good!

You know the feeling right?

You know I'm right!

Though the scale hasn't moved and your jeans were tight yesterday...you go on a run, come back and put your jeans on...they just feel better.  Now this is completely mental, I'm sure...but don't jeans or any clothes for that matter...feel better after you workout?

I just bought a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my boots.  Why are they called skinny jeans?  Aren't they just jeans with a tapered leg?  I guess fitting skinny into the description of any clothes so I can feel worse about not being skinny works for those darn clothing designers.  Why?

Anyway...my point is I put my tapered jeans (skinny jeans)...on the other day, felt fat...muffin top and all...(oh muffin top...you know you are the best part of a muffin) then the next day I went for a run, came home and put them on again...I'm pretty sure that my run helped my drop a pant size because those jeans were hanging off me...weren't as tight.  And that is not because they had stretched out or anything!

It is so mental though, I swear.  After running a long training run of 16 miles for my marathon I remember going to lunch and wearing my jeans and just feeling skinnier.  It is the best feeling.  I remember thinking, nothing makes you feel skinnier than a 16-mile run.  

Eating well and exercising often, puts me into a better mood and makes my clothes feel better, even if the scale doesn't always show it.  Not doing one of those things...doesn't ever make me jeans feel lose!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I'm inspired! I think how your clothes fit is more important than the number on the scale.

Oh-I've only ever run 16 miles once. Makes me want to do it again, for my jeans, and the right to eat a bunch afterwards.

Marlene said...

HECK YES SISTER! I feel so lean and long when I'm running... mental or not, I like it! :)

Oh, and I gain weight in the fall/early winter too... so annoying. Working on losing it all now.

Ewa said...

OK, I am going for a long run tomorrow. :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You crack me up.. but you are soooo right!! Hmmm should I try skinny jeans with my new boots?

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