Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow, Vegas & your HELP, PLEASE!

We woke up Sunday morning to this

I love waking up to know!  So much fun!  The weather has been beautiful here!  A few nights ago I got to witness this...

Pretty amazing and spectacular.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so because facebook was exploding with pictures from people in our area with the same type of pictures.

Vegas!  We are headed there soon, my husband and I.  He has a company meeting and I'm tagging along.  Though I won't see him much due to meetings and dinners...I'm still pumped to go.  Relaxing is my middle name, well...not really, but I love to relax.  Vegas isn't nessisarily my town of choice since I like to sleep and I don't gamble more than a $1 at a time...I guess that's not the Vegas way????  But I think I can find some things to do or not to do.   One of my husbands, co-worker's, wife will be coming so I will have someone to hang with.  I'm bummed that it's not warm enough to hang by the pool, but there will be enough to do between, shopping, movies, shows and coffee.  I plan on doing some running since the pools aren't open to swim, oh I will miss my swimming.  

Do you know any great places to run?  The strip doesn't seem like a great place to run due to the fact that you can't just cross a street without bridges, get my drift.  So if you have any great idea...let me know.  Maybe I could try and have lunch with the sister wives? Or play tennis with Andre Agassi?  I will ride the New York, New York roller coaster!  Love that!

Also...any tips on Good Food that doesn't cost a load of money?  Any shows that you enjoyed and would recommend?  I have seen Mystere and loved it.  Food, shows, sightseeing, shopping, any recommendations are helpful?  Anything...please share!  

We are renting a car so we can get around town very easy!  Cab rides in Vegas aren't cheap.

Also...any good books?  I have recently read, The Help, Sarah's Key, The Hunger Game Series, The Long Run and am just finishing Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  All of these have been A-Mazing and it's so hard to find great books.  I just downloaded "You are an Ironman" on my kindle...seemed like a great time to read it.  Please give some suggestions...I could use them.  I love Autobiographies too!   


Holy Craft said...

Bummer that it isn't going to be warmer while you are there. I just did a quick trip to DC so I have a few book recommendations. I am reading "Unbroken" so good! And the book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" by the girl who plays (and writes for) Kelly in the Office. I'm also have "The Art of Racing in the Rain".

Anonymous said...

Food - Battista's Hole in the Wall isn't "cheap", but it wasn't overly spendy either. Also the pizza place in New York New York was fair priced and AmAzInG! Have a great time!

ajh said...

Hope you like the book. I'm also reading Momentum is My Friend - a good story and funny. The author has a newer book out too.

ajh said...

I just read your other comment. Yes, I am doing my first tri next summer. I am excited, nervous, name it. Will it be your first time for tris too?

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Any cirqu du soleil show will be amazing!!!

As for running, be careful. There are sketchy parts of town once you leave the strip. I'm not sure i would try it without having details of the area. You may be better off to stick with the workout equipment provided by the hotel. Better to be safe than sorry.

Actually there is a girl on twitter I follow, @FamilyNLifeLV she is in Vegas and may know some great running places.

Have fun!!

Julie D. said...

i'm all about relaxing too!! have a great time! I've hread the help, the long run, and hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet and loved them all. I'm reading the murderer's daughter right now and having a harder time getting into it. For an easy 'beach read' I loved True Colors by Kristin Hannah!!!

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