Monday, January 23, 2012

Next stop...Vegas Please!

I love vacation!  Love it...

What I don't love...not knowing if I will be able to leave for my vacation. 


As you have heard, read, seen from national news, we had quite the Winter Blast this last week.   It happened on the morning we were leaving for a 4-day trip for my husbands annual company meeting.  GREAT!  Seriously I have never seen it as bad as it was.  I even doubted what the weather man was saying because they can make things bigger than life and we see nothing.  But they were right, this time.  At midnight....there was no snow and by 2am the snow had fallen and was at least 4 inches thick and still coming down.  The problem we had was for a 7:30 am have to get to the airport so early and they don't clear the roads until at least 5 or 6am!  Our friend was going to drive us but with the unpredictably of the weather and the early hours, we sucked it up and payed for parking! 
Headed out from our house!
This would be I-5 Northbound!
Right before that car up ahead.. did a 360 in front of us...NICE!

Who's excited to be up at 3:30 am so we can get to the airport?  We are ...clearly!  I did get to enjoy a wonderful black/white mocha from Dilettante!  If you have never had have to try anything they have.
Coffee, ice cream!  It's the BEST!  
Never seen anything like this before!
De-icer...aka ICEMAN!
And hours later...we are in sunny weather!
First stop...
Later that night...Gelato please!
Do you know where we are?  You guessed it...Hoover Dam!
Of course I spent the entire visit and remainder of the day sharing Dam jokes...I make my self laugh.  
Arizona and Nevada
Yah, I'm a sweet photographer!  Well I think so! haha...


My friend Molly.  Our husbands work together and they were busy the entire time so we got to hang out!
This just seemed funny?  Not a sign you see everyday...if ever!
Did I mention where we stayed?  Tropicana!   Don't be's not a place I would stay again.  That is where the company meeting was so not like we had an option.  But was FREE which is the best price for me!  So I'm can't really complain.  They have recently remodeled, but it has a ton of crazy smells in there...and not good!  Even if you remodel, I guess that doesn't solve everything?  Bummer.  

Sums up our day!
Beautiful sunset while enjoying a YUMMY coffee at The Coffee Bean!  Kind of ticked because I had the best CARAMEL LATTE there, so GOOD! But we don't have one in Washington!
So sad, but probably better for my waste line!

English's!  Such a sweet restaurant.  This is a cod slider...yum!  And yes those are french fries in the slider.  I like to eat very healthy...if you couldn't tell from my pictures.  I would have shown a picture of the full meal, but I was a little embarrassed that my friend might wonder why I'm taking pictures of my food.  There wasn't time to explain...we had a movie to get to. Obviously I wasn't to worried about taking the picture when she was on the phone!
Finally a night to hang with my HUBBY!
They rented out Gameworks on the strip for our last night.  I felt so bad that Loren had to be in meetings all 3-days, but it was nice to be able enjoy our last night doing something fun.  We had a great night, dancing and hanging out with everyone!

My husband works with some fun people!  Had a great time with them!
Trump Tower!  Sweet Hotel and SWEET View!  Had no idea how nice it wold be.  Our friends stayed another night so we barged in  helped them get settled in before we had to fly out.

So I guess Southwest Airlines and Vegas winds don't work well together.  Delayed flight...numerous gate changes!  Getting caught with water in my water bottle...There was nothing easy about either of our flights!  But we finally made it home!
Max made us a little surprise!  So sweet to come home too!  I love homemade gifts!
Like I said...I love vacation, but Vegas in not my desired destination.  I know a lot of people love it, but for me...not my scene.  I love hanging out by the pool and enjoying warm weather, but January is not warm and the pools are closed, so relaxing by the pool didn't happen.  Vegas is cheap to fly and book a hotel, but it stops there.  The food and anything extra is so expensive.  Plus I don't gamble and party until the early hours...yah maybe I'm getting old, but I LOVE my sleep.   The vacation was great for relaxing, sleeping-in, meeting the BEST CARAMEL LATTE EVER, taking baths in a big tub, reading and hanging with friends.  I also fit in a few workouts, but I couldn't use the locker room unless I wanted to pay $18...really?  You can use the gym as part of your stay...but the locker room was additional!  The spa lady acted shocked, when I acted shocked!  Maybe I'm weird for thinking that was crazy?

With all that said...

Little getaways are great no matter where you go, so great for couples.  I love reconnecting and having time together...there is nothing better!  We had a great time and made some fun memories!      

Where do you like to vacation?  

Do you like to stay BUSY on vacation or just RELAX?


fancy nancy said...

Right now my dream vacation would be warm and cozy by the pool somewhere! I would much rather have a relaxing vacation but since having Em that doesn't happen! It's ok...I'll relax one day! Looks like you had a great time!

Tricia said...

so fun!

Jen said...

Right now I would take Vegas or anywhere warm in a heartbeat. I am over this Winter Blast 2012! LOL

Michelle said...

We went to Vegas once and I won't be going back. It's just not my scene...even if it is cheap. But I DO like getting away for some mommy and daddy time!
You look stunning! Glad you made it out of Seattle. We are iced in over on this side of the mountains!

Colleen said...

So glad that you were able to get out! :)

I love love love Vegas. I could sit and people watch (and eat) all day long! I love relaxing on vacation, but for some reason, that never happens how I imagine it!

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