Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I love to run just to run. I don’t get to do a lot of that right now since I am training for my first marathon and also with so many time constraints with childcare. Seems like my time is so limited and I have to plan things just right to make my runs fit in. Yesterday was a FREE day, kind of! I decided that I would just run and enjoy my run and not have any specifics involved…figured 7-9 miles would be great. I also bought some Gu’s to try during the run so I was anxious to see how they worked. The weather was perfect with the sun shining but stilly chilly outside. Started on my run and was feeling good. I changed my route a little in the middle which was fun. Decided to take my GU, Lemon Sublime which tasted pretty good, about 40 minutes in. To my delight I didn’t feel nauseous at all after taking it. I hope that after taking more than one during my long runs will still feel as great. The rest of my run was great and I enjoyed every moment. Wish all runs could be this good. Oh well, the good runs make you forget about the not-so great runs.

May 4, 2010
Miles: 8.26
Pace: 9:33
Time: 1:18:55
Calories: 1034
What is so interesting and amazing about training for a marathon is when my short runs are my old long runs. Running and hour is short for me…even running over an hour seems short. I loved the comment Ewa left me on my post about my HARD 20 miler.  She says, “But when you look back when 10 miles seemed difficult, doesn't that make you smile?” I had a huge smile on my face after reading that and reflecting on my first 10 miler this year and how hard it was. I have to remember where I have been and how far I have come…you don’t think about it when it is happening and I find so much JOY as I reflect on my training and that I can go out on a short run, 8+ miles and love it.

I’m so excited for my run tomorrow with a runner I have admired for some time. She is one of the few people I have watched run around our neighborhood for a long time and she runs Boston every year. I have gotten to know her since we go to the same gym and she is one of my main go-to-gal for running information. She is one fast gal. When she learned I was training for my first marathon sometime ago she suggested we run together which I couldn’t believe…I was so excited about doing that. Someone I have looked up to for so long and watched and admired and now she wants to run with me…woot, woot. After I got over the excitement I started to feel scared…scared that I would be too slow, maybe I wouldn’t be able to keep up…who knew. Well this all happened while she was training for Boston which meant she was deep into training. Now that she is done and has taken a few weeks to recover she wants to run with me. I know it’s a good thing but all my insecurities come out, but I am still going to do it. We are going to do a 6 mile speed workout! I figured an hour…I can handle an hour. She said she is going to push me, but she won’t kill me…hmmmm….sounds good…I hope! I am know it will be good, it’s way past my comfort zone, but those are the times we grow most so I am thinking…BRING IT ON!

I’m looking forward to my Friday run too. Kerrie and I are meeting for our 2nd training run together. It’s our taper week so we are running 14 miles around my hood! We are going to try out a new route which included a trail that I have never run…it will be an adventure. I am really looking forward to a taper week with my running buddy. She has her first marathon in early June! Can’t wait to hear her great story about how she is going to ROCK-IT in JUNE!


Bethany + Ryan said...

that's awesome! you are doing great. its funny what we consider a "shorter" run. no wonder ppl think we are crazy

ajh said...

Work hard on the speed workout. Will be interested to see how it goes!

Ewa said...

She better does not kill you! We would miss your posts. :)
Have fun on your speedy 6.


Lemon Gu scares me! I love the chocolate ones though. Sounds like you have two great runs coming up! Enjoy them!

Melissa said...

I just got some Gu for the first time and I'm scared to try it. Then again, I don't really do runs long enough to try it yet anyway. :)

chris mcpeake said...

have fun with the speed work!!

lindsay said...

i love marathon training for that very reason - 8-12ish miles seems like "no big deal"!

hope your weekend running goes well :)

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