Monday, May 31, 2010

My friend PR'd and I have 24 DAYS until Marathon DAY!

(I get a little nervous when type that)

What a great day for a run. Well the morning wasn't that great outside but I waited until nap time and was happy I did because that is when the rain finally stopped and the SUN decided to appear...I almost forgot what the SUN looked like here in WASHINGTON! The weird thing is how humid it has been which is very unusual here. I know you EAST COSTERS are familiar with that, but not so much here.

Memorial Day Run
May 31, 2010
Miles: 6.10
Pace: 9:16
Time: 56:33
Calories: 768

I was really excited to run today mostly due to my friend Diana who had her longest training run to date. She RAN 13.1 miles in the pouring rain, on her own and without WALKING at ALL! Diana...that's called a PR....WOOT, WOOT! This is a huge deal for her and I was so excited to get the call when she was done with it. I was so proud and excited for her. It was a GREAT running day for her for numerous reasons and I could totally hear it in her voice. Runs like today make the bad runs SO WORTH it. GREAT JOB DIANA....I am so PROUD OF YOU! You are going to ROCK at R'n'R Seattle for your very first HALF MARATHON. (Her first official HALF MARATHON RACE)  She is working on getting her BLOG together and after today she was really excited to get serious about it.  I will keep you posted so you can start following her journey.

*Oh and I have a question. 
I was looking at ordering the pace bands.  Have you used them?  Did you like it?  Did it help you?  Should I order them for my first marathon or just enjoy the run without worrying about time?  I think I am for sure going to get the Grace Band...I love that idea. 


ajh said...

Pace bands are fun but I would say not for your first marathon. Just run it and have fun.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

They often give out pace bands for free at expos, but you don't need one for your first marathon if your goal is just to finish - and that's a great goal!

H Love said...

came across your blog through tall mom. I was on track to run the Rock N Roll Seattle half....BUT I am dealing with injury currently.
Still hoping to be there in some form. So excited to follow your marathon journey. I am on my own as well...Portland 10.10.10.

Johann said...

Agree, don't use pace bands for your first marathon. Just relax, run and enjoy.

Julie said...

Rock n Roll Seattle in 24 days is my first marathon as well!! Good luck!

Julie said...
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5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Jill, I am so proud of your improvement! Your pace is seriously awesome!

Now, I have been reading a bood by Hal Higdon, LOVE him. I agree with his directions to just go out and enjoy your first marathon. Goal---FINISH. AND he says to set your time goal, if you have one, 30 minutes slower than you think you will do. I set my goal for 4:30 knowing good and well 4 was doable, but hitting 4:30 would be awesome. AND I did 4:09! Smashed my goal! I went out for fun and it worked!

As for the pace band, personally unless you are really really trying to hit a certain goal I think it is unneccessary. I used the Grace Band and it was wonderful. Every mile had a different person or group of people to think about during that mile. It gave my brain something other than pain and miles to think about. for instance when I came up on 21 miles it was not "Oh man! Mile 21 Im going to die!" It was more like, "Mile 21! Oh yes! This mile i get to think about my husband for the whole mile!" It was really special to me and I really felt like it was praying, at least I found myself praying for those poeple on my band, being thankful for them or thinking about the struggles they had overcome ect. It took me about a week to really organize and decide on my band and who would go where...I will use one again for sure! But that is just my own opinion!

24 days!!!! Exciting!!

Heather said...

Congrats to your friend Diana, what a great milestone!

I have never used a pace band and rely on my Garmin, but I do like the idea of the grace bands.

Tara said...

Good job to your friend! I've heard of several people using pace band and I plan on using them as well someday. I just ran my first marathon and I wish that I had just gone out and ran it "for fun". It is such a great experience and something that you will always cherish. Just go out and enjoy it!

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