Thursday, May 27, 2010

13, Well Almost! Shoot....

Today my training called for 13 miles. After my high mile weeks I figured this would be easy or at least not a problem. The truth about running is 3 miles can be hard some days and last night I was reminding myself that 13 miles is still a long way. Funny how our mind deals with miles in such crazy ways when you are training for a marathon. I am so sick of running in my neighborhood. It just gets boring and it's not that pretty. Luckily it was sunny instead of raining so I was thrilled with that.

I was feeling good but around mile 6 started to feel a little tired. Not sure what is up with me this week but I feel like I am just lagging. Does this happen to you at the end of your training? I have LESS than a month until my FIRST MARATHON! I am really excited even though I feel tired. I am doing one more long run next week, 24-26 miles at Burke Gilman and then I will taper for 2 weeks. After today I was wondering how the heck I did that last week and how am I going to do it next week, but I know I will do it. I have to DIG deep.

Oh yah...back to my run...I am rambling today! So I went all through Federal Way and back again and still fell short for my miles and I got to Nice Hill and decided to walk it...I did stop my Garmin and then started my running again when I got to the top and went another half mile or so and was done. Now as I write this I should have just ran 4 more minutes and got a PR for my half marathon time but I needed to get the kids and to be honest I just did not want to. Maybe another run later on to get a little more in. Don't you ever regret not pushing yourself a little further? I have pushed myself a lot in my training and now I am not doing it as much. I have been training since January so maybe that's why. Why does running for 4 hours have to be so MENTAL (said with a sarcastic tone)

Why do I beat myself up so much? In good news I had a killer pace. 9:38…that is so GREAT for me. I can tell that my training and my long runs have really helped me pick up the pace. Endurance is an amazing thing. I don’t think I really understood that work until this training phase.

May 27, 2010 Stats:
Miles: 12.77
Pace: 9:38
Time: 2:03:08
Calories: 1605


Lisa said...

That's an awesome pace Jill. I would kill for that pace lol.

I'm trying to believe in the benefit of slow long runs and hope to see a big payoff come my half in October.

Congrats on your run today. You are doing great!


I still get weeks where I feel like that. You are going to do great at the marathon. Great pace on this run! Keep up the hard work!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That is a great average pace for your long run! Excited for you that the marathon will be here in only a month!

Bethany + Ryan said...

i ran 3 miles the other night at 10:33 pace, i could not go any faster! my feet were dragging BIG TIME. the next morning i ran 3 miles at 6:54 pace and it felt easy! you just never know, lol. If i have a run that i cut short, or if i can't go as fast as i want to i never sweat it. push yourself yes, but don't over-push yourself. you know you can run that far, no need to make yourself miserable or risk injury! yes, its very mental. and that, my friend, i can PROMISE you gets SOOOOOOOOOO much easier with experience!!!! You're doing a GREAT job!!!!!

ajh said...

I am always amazed at how different different runs are in feeling and effort. I figure some has to do with nutrition. Good luck on the rest of your training.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

If you go back to this time last year before my first Marathon you will see some of the same thoughts. You start to underestimate the shorter runs and those then end up to be TOUGH. Hang in there. And keep my posted on June 5th..

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