Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catch up!

Max and I cheesing it up after my "Wish I had BODY GLIDE" run

April 25th Stats:
Miles: 5
Pace: 9:19
Time: 46:37
Calories: 625

When in doubt, Body Glide! Ran with my running skirt for the first time...My dream is to run in shorts...sad to say that will not be happening anytime soon...ouch!

Great run...Love these short distances. Two hills and still had good time.

Mile 1: 10:03 Warm-Up & Hill
Mile 2: 9:17
Mile 3: 9:33 Hill (shocked by this)
Mile 4: 9:18
Mile 5: 8:25


April 27th Stats:
Miles: 4
Pace: 9:35
Time: 38:21
Calories: 503

I was so excited when my friend and neighbor, Kate asked if we could run together. Though we are neighbors we don't get a lot of time to chat so I was excited to be able to spend some time with her catching up. One thing I learned...running fast (for me) makes it really hard to talk, especially going uphill!

Mile 1: 9:26

Mile 2: 9:15
Mile 3: 10:14 (Hill)
Mile 4: 9:23


April 28th Stats:
Miles: 3.06
Pace: 9:00 (This is a first)
Time: 27:34
Calories: 383
I wanted to get a short run in. Had my 20 miler the next day so didn't need to do much. I ran a different course than my typical 3 miler and it didn't have many hills. It was fun to see what I can do without hills. I love seeing my speed improve. I know it's not important but since I have typically been on the slower side, these PACES totally excite me and show me that endurance can REALLY help improve speed. Time to register for some 5k's!
Mile 1: 9:08
Mile 2: 9:01
Mile 3: 8:52
Lap 4: 8:29


Bethany + Ryan said...

jill, body glide does not work for my thighs! LOL. it makes it worse, it makes my legs rub MORE! i have to wear spandex. i only race in either spandex capris or shorts. i do wear non-spandex shorts but only for shorter runs.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Those are some speedy miles! Good job!

Cute pic!

Melissa said...

Great mile splits!!!!
I have body glide, but haven't used it yet.

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