Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you have a HIGH from a long run?

Can you have a HIGH from a long run? Well I guess you can because I do. Does having a HIGH mean it was easy? No, not at all! It hurt, it was not easy but I did it and I am thrilled. I hate posting my most recent runs when I have 4 other runs to log but hey, it’s my blog and sometimes order doesn’t really matter.

I PR’d today, not in time but in distance and that is always something to celebrate. If you read my blog you know that I get a little worried, nervous about new mileage…I don’t think that will ever go away. Plus I went to a new trail which made the unknowns go out of whack even more…I am weird I guess. I told myself when I started my training that I would go to Burke Gilman for my long runs and I hadn’t done it yet so this was the day to do it. I was solo and had a lot of ground to cover so why not go somewhere flat and beautiful. I don’t usually run on trails since I am typically by myself and that is not always safe to do but that is why I wanted to go up North since Seattle would have a lot more people out throughout the day. I was so thankful that my mother-in-law watched the boys so I wouldn’t have to worry about time. Last night I got my stuff together and realized I only had to Gu’s which would not be enough for a 4 hour run, called a friend to see if she had any laying around, but no luck. I had to stop at Road Runners on my way up North to get my GU’s. Purchased my items and used their bathroom. In the bathroom they have all these running posters and one caught my attention, It was a construction sign on an open road that read (not sure exact words but something similar to this) “Running never took more than it Gave. ENJOY THE RUN”. I loved it and thought I would use it when I got into those long miles when negativity can creep in so easily.

Got to U Village and parked and got my gear ready and set-off to find the trail. Luckily a kind gal helped direct me. From the start I loved the trail. This was my longest run in a couple weeks (14 miles and then 9 last week) so I was hoping my body wouldn’t mind the miles we had to log. I decided to break my run up and got out 5.5 miles and turn back, visit my car in the middle and head the opposite way for 5.5 and turn back. The start of my run took me through The U.W. which is an amazing campus, I love it! Then I got to run along Lake Union with views of Seattle, A-mazing!

Space Needle in the distance.

 I was loving it. Ran by the offices of Google and Adobe and under Aurora Ave. Bridge where I will be running miles 18 & 19 of my marathon next month!

Underneath Aurora Ave. Bridge

All the way out to Ballard and then turned around to head back. I was surprised that it barely rained at all which is strange because this whole week the weather has said RAIN and we have had rain or sun every 30 minutes…I figured I would get some showers so I wore my hat but I was lucky to only get few rain drops and the rest of the run was mostly sunny. I got back to my car to dump a couple of my water bottles and my rain jacket and then headed out again. The 2nd half was through neighborhoods and more forestry like. I loved it too. I was feeling really good and was trying to keep my mind on a few miles at a time. At mile 17 I had a little GI issue (thought of Beth at Shut up and Run) and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get to the bathroom fast enough…started thinking about what Beth would do? Bushes? This slowed me down a bit which was a bummer because I felt like I was doing well on time. Not sure if it was my 3rd Gu or if it was the Pesto I ate last night? Tried not to worry about it and figured it really didn’t matter what my pace was. I did make it to the bathroom…whew. Sitting was actually kind of nice. The last few miles are always a little painful and are really mentally challenging. I kept thinking about the poster “ENOY THE RUN”. The great thing about being on a new trail is I really didn’t know how much further I had which in a way is REALLY nice. Knowing sometimes can mess with you, well it does me. At Mile 21.75 I was almost done and I got the worst side stitch but just kept running since I was so close. There were more runners coming out since people where getting off of work and I wondered to myself “What were they doing 3 hours ago?” I have been running the ENTIRE TIME! Strange thought! I finally finished with 22.32 MILES DONE! I was thrilled and was ready to sit down and guzzle my Gatorade. The great thing about U Village (if you haven’t been it’s a great shopping AREA) is there are 3 Starbucks so I was so excited to go get some COLD, chocolate milk. Parked my car a little closer because I didn’t want to walk far and got in line and at that time my legs started cramping as the people in front of me where taking forever! Finally I ordered and they took forever too, not sure if it was me thinking that since I was just coming off an almost 4 hour run or if they were just being really slow. Hello people I just ran 22.32 MILES!

Real runners get blisters! Well when they run 22.32 Miles they do!
 I just have to say that all the encouragement I get from my friends and family is AMAZING. I needed prayers and encouragement today for this run and you guys delivered. Reading your FB comments and your texts were so HELPFUL, more than you can ever know. Thank you Diana, Melanie, Amanda and Kerrie and my FB friends. I hope you know that your words of encouragement really keep me going when it gets so mentally hard towards the end. My ride home I called and told some of you about my run…it’s so fun doing that. I love that people care enough to listen. I’m sure a lot of my friends and family are so tired of hearing about all my running stories, well some of them. Having running friends who love to hear about my successes in running is such a gift.

"Did I just run 22 miles?" FACE!

Lets get to the stats, shall we?

May 20, 2010
Miles: 22.32 
(yah, you read that right)
Pace: 10:23
(Thank you GI issues)
Time: 3:51:53
Calories: 2722

Just an FYI....35 days until MARATHON DAY!  In case you missed my countdown


Rachel said...

wow, kudos to you for rocking a 22+ miler solo! it looks like it had some nice scenery to distract you though : ) just think, only 4 more than that next month and you'll be a marathoner!


WOO-HOO! Great job on the run! You should have just tacked on another 4 and finished a marathon!

Johann said...

That's a great run on your own. Well done! I definitely get high's from long runs. You'll have a great marathon.

Michele said...

Wow congrats on a great run! Over 22 miles by yourself?! That's some big time mental toughness.

Molly said...

congrats on that long run!!! Enjoy those blisters, you've earned them!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I am sooo GLAD you called me and I am over the moon proud of you Jilly. I was thinking...Zoe is doing the Rock N Roll Half, I am not sure if she has buddies she is running with, if not I bet she would run the first half with you. She is AMAZING!! Hugs!

Lisa said...

I'm in awe of you and all the marathoners. The hard work and dedication it takes to prepare for a marathon is just amazing.

Congrats on the distance PR. And a great aberage pace even with the GI problems. It seems you are ready for your marathon!!!

Tom, Lynette, and family said...


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Wow! That's a looong run! So glad you finished!

MCM Mama said...

Great job on the long run!!!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Awesome job! The views are amazing!

We can be blister sisters!!

ajh said...

Excellent job. I never ran that far except in a marathon. It looks like a great place to run! You must be feeling quite confident about your marathon!

lindsay said...

way to go! i don't know if long runs will ever NOT intimidate me, so don't worry :) it feels so good to knock them out though doesn't it?

Alma F. said...

That's a lot of miles all on your own! Glad you had nice weather to enjoy. I love running around that part of town :)
Nice job!

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